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Bees are amazing, and new NZ brand Lumojo know this, man:


Bees are amazing. Did you know that if we didn't have them, we likely wouldn't have 80% of the fruit and veges we take for granted on our supermarket shelves? We need bees. While we're sharing facts, did you know that to produce just 500 grams of honey, about 2 million flowers have to be visited? The average worker bee only makes about 1/2 a teaspoon to a teaspoon of honey in their whole lifetime. 

Makes a pot of honey that much more special, don't it. New NZ brand Lumojo are giving bees' work the reverence it deserves by putting it in beautiful ceramic vessels that will last as long as the honey inside. (That's forever-ever. Honey never spoils.) 

Liz Urquhart, a top food-industry exec before she founded Lumojo, has developed four different Lumojo varietals, and they come in either a set of three teeny ceramic taster jars (with different coloured glazes inspired by the floral origin), or in a classic 400gram size (um, that's about one million, six hundred thousand flowers'worth, or roughly the work of 800 little honey bees). 

The Lumojo packaging and brand identity were designed by one of NZ's best studios, Alt Group.

Lumojo  online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

Seriously good graphic design work from Queenstown studio Makebardo


For Cargo Brewery, Queenstown 

Work for The Empanada Kitchen, a Queenstown food truck that also produces artisan condiments

We haven't been posting nearly enough good New Zealand graphic design lately, but this makes up for the drought. Queenstown design studio Makebardo are just quietly out here doing some seriously NICE branding projects.  

(Discovered via Good Design Makes Me Happy)

Abroad - another creative New Zealander living away from home:


A B R O A D   |   Where we meet New Zealanders living and creating overseas...
This time, we chat to Emily L'Ami, founder of Bodha Modern Wellness, now calling Los Angeles home.

First, a little about Bodha. Bodha is a boutique collection of modern ritual and aromatherapy products, designed by Emily and made by artisans from Japan to New Zealand, with the intent of helping you come back to yourself.  The Bodha collection - organic incense, brass incense holders, botanic oils, beautiful ceramic oil diffusers and more - are all very thoughtfully-developed, contemporary interpretations of the traditional ritual items Emily has been using for years, to calm, ground, purify and refresh. 

Emily's husband, established NZ designer Fred L'Ami, created the Bodha brand and packaging

Perfection in the form of a brass incense holder

Art direction and photography all by Fred,
who has a studio in LA and also still works with a selection of NZ clients

Where do you live and who do you live with?
I live in West Hollywood, Los Angeles with my husband, graphic designer & photographer Fred L’Ami.

Tell us about Bodha – what was the journey to creating this brand?
Bodha’s a modern wellness brand dedicated to helping people come back to themselves through the power of ritual and aromatherapy. I started Bodha because I feel like people are overwhelmed by daily life and are desperate for small easy ways to reconnect with their inner world. Rituals work on the subconscious while aromatherapy is the fastest way to simulate a response in the amygdala (our emotional centre) - together they’re a powerful combination that can instantly help you feel a sense of grounded calm.

Tell us when and why you moved away from NZ?
I’ve lived away from NZ a couple of times now – London, Vancouver and Sydney with stints back in Auckland and Wellington. We moved to L.A. just over a year ago after winning Green Cards in the Diversity Lottery. The Green Card means you can live and work in the U.S. with no restrictions, so I could bring Bodha here and Fred could start his own studio – it is a huge opportunity and luxury to have these visas so we knew we had to give it a go!

Emily and Fred's home in West Hollywood;
Emily packaging Bodha products in her home studio

What are your fave things about living in L.A.?
There’s a sense of freedom that comes from living in such a huge and diverse city. L.A.’s having a real renaissance at the moment and you can feel it, there’s a creative energy and a lot of positivity that’s infectious. The constant sunshine is also pretty great although you truly begin to miss weather – I dream about the smell of rain.

What do New Zealanders take for granted?
Access to social services, especially health-care. Knowing there’s no safety net adds a level of anxiety, plus everyone is always telling you horror stories of some friend that got sick and is now completely bankrupt.

Grabbing a coffee at their fave WeHo cafe, Blue Bottle 

Emily makes the most of the LA weather at a 'secret' Malibu beach

How do you spend your weekends/down-time?
Exploring the city and its surrounds – there is always something to check out – a new gallery, a new hike, a new restaurant. Most weekends we’ll head to a beach or a canyon for some much needed nature time. I especially love the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu where there’s lots of little hidden beaches and beautiful clear Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful oil diffusers in blush pink, almond white and french green.
The tealight is concealed (we love that, they're not the prettiest of things) and the small inlet hole doubles as an on-off switch - put your finger over the hole to extinguish the flame

Your oil diffuser was designed by Jamie McLellan and they’re all hand-cast and glazed by Gidon Bing, both here in NZ.  How did the creative process work, being on opposite sides of the world?
The creative process was the same it just took a bit longer shipping samples back and forth. In lots of ways the enforced time lag was really beneficial because it slowed things down and gave us time to reflect and create something we’re ultimately all really proud of.

Working with kiwis is so much easier because there’s this inherent set of shared values and everyone gets sarcasm! It also just feels good to support your country in some small way. I love New Zealand so much and want to do everything I can to show it off to the world!

What’s coming next for Bodha?
We’re working on a candle that ionizes and purifies the air as it burns. I love the ritual of lighting a candle and the sense of atmosphere they create but unfortunately most candles aren’t very healthy to use in your home. There’s still lots of testing and tweaking to do but the initial samples are great - we can’t wait to share it!

Bodha Modern Wellness   online store   /   Instagram

Time for some new flavour - Friday Pick n Mix:


I adore this lookbook imagery by small Illinois-based kids' brand Wolfechild.

This image photographed by Eve Wilson and styled by Jacqui Moore for Inside Out magazine. All other imagery from The Weekender, Daylesford 

Still daydreaming about a couple of weeks away somewhere amazing, like this place - The Weekender in Daylesford, Victoria. It's a restored Victorian-era cottage, belonging to (and clearly also designed by - it's freakin' perfect) Australian designer Suzanne Cunningham, of One Girl Interiors. What a project! Renovating an old cottage exactly in the style you love, having it as a country escape from your busy Melbourne life, and letting it to guests to enjoy too. #lifegoals
This one is definitely going on the To Do list for when I next get to Melbourne.

Delicious brand and packaging by Australian design studio Swear Words (bonus points for their name) for new Australian organic and fairtrade chocolate brand Pico. The genius packaging visuals, inspired by Swiss poster art, give a little nod to the Swiss chocolate making heritage. 

I've never wanted something in my bed so much. New and very luxe tassled throws from Kip & Co.

My radar stays on for simple, beautiful, modular shelving units - and it went bleep bloop bleep red alert for this design, the Arch system, designed by Scandinavian studio Note (and it's babe'n young designer Charlotte Ackemar). If you're in Sweden (shout out to our 148 readers in Stockholm County, can I billet at your place sometime?), Arch is for sale at Fogia.

Danish brand Woud have launched some seriously yummy stuff for 2016. One of my faves was this Rain rug, priced at around NZ$330 and achieving that hire-wire-balancing act between being simple and clean whilst still having a distinct design. I also love their Pause bar stools - with a very cool colour palette that includes this olive green, a natural light blonde and a deep blue, plus the solid brass foot rest - nice touch! And of course, you know a love a good bench seat (I designed one), and Woud's Diagonal bench is beautyface.

A look inside the Autumn issue of Homestyle...


Styling - Alice Lines & Imogen Tunnicliffe, Photography - Simon Wilson

Photography - Duncan Innes

Styling - Alice Lines, Photography - Larnie Nicolson

From the Dulux colour feature (with Okarito white - that's what I have on the walls at my place)
Styling - Alex Walls, Photography - Wendy Fenwick

A little eye candy for your Monday thanks to the new Autumn issue of Homestyle - which is out on shelves this week.

This issue's focused around creating cosy spaces at home during these colder months, and includes tours of 4 inspiring NZ homes, and loads of different styling features full of ideas to steal.

Ooh and here's something F for Fun for you to do: Homestyle and Citta are giving away a $1500 gift card to spend at Citta in a Style, Snap & Share competition. Switch up and style a space at your place, then share it on Instagram for your chance to score the $1500 homeware/furniture prize.
See here for more deets.

D I N E / D E S I G N - Ceremony, Auckland


We love seeing good mates and good people doing good things together. This good thing is Ceremony, a hella-good-coffee-and-a-sandwich (in the American sense) joint in Grafton, Auckland - owned by friends Connor Nestor and Charles Williams. Along with bursting brioche-bun sarnies, there's lots to love here - like Nice Mugs handmade by Wellington's Wundaire, an interior wall that's devoted to rotating mini exhibitions from local illustrators and photographers, a good-looking interior designed by Nick Sayes at Daniel Marshall Architects, a glass lighting installation by Angus Muir and service that makes you feel like you're an old mate of Connor and Charles.

More photos and a full story in the latest issue of Taste Magazine, out now.

Ceremony  Instagram  /   Facebook

A Day in the Life... of Auckland floral stylist Eden Hessell, aka The Botanist


Eden Hessell is one of those super inspiring women who seems to do - and juggle - it all. 
An in-demand floral stylist for weddings and events, Eden's mornings often start as early as 5am, getting ready to head out to Auckland's wholesale flower auctions. Then it's into the city to The Botanist (at Auckland's City Works Depot), the eatery she works from. Eden's days are filled with creating the most insanely beautiful botanic arrangements - living walls and archways, wedding centrepieces, corporate and retail displays, and little and large bouquets of love sent by courier around the city. (You can order one for someone special online here.)  In between, she meets with upcoming wedding and event clients, steals 10 minutes for some fresh air with lunch, fits in a little 'gram, and grabs a coffee or three to keep her humming. On the day we visited, she'd also arranged a boot-load of the most amazing pinky-silver, wild-growing maple. After work, she picks up her little man (Jude, 4) from daycare and heads home for much-deserved chill time with Jude and Jason. 

Ooh, also - like to learn the art of arranging? Eden's now hosting floral styling classes (including bubbles and canapés on arrival and a bouquet to take home after class) - contact her here for more info.

Photography by the best ever Swift and Click for Fancy 

Thank you, Fisher & Paykel - being proudly designed here in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes and families, you are the perfect partners for our Day in the Life series.

big long weekend = big long edition of Fancy SPACES


Great itty bitty apartment kitchen and laundry by Into Architecture. Loving: the white sink mixer and sink, deep green feature wall, concrete ceiling, leather draw pulls...

Bath of my dreams. Also, can I just say how much I appreciate the new direction we're going in with towels? 

Literally floor to ceiling white paint, and I'm not mad at it one bit. (Some say painting floorboards is sacrilege - what do you think?) 

Scandi, planty, brighty, alrighty.

How sweet is this? Also, idea to steal: hang a blankie/throw on the wall as a piece of art, until it needs to be used.

Laura Seppanen, you sure know how to style a space. Blonde wood, white and little moments of patterned blue looking real good in this cool kitchen and dining space.

Hey, you handsome devil. 

How nice is this little one's space? Soft grey is so elegant, and I love the 'grown up' linen bedding.

Jonathan Tuckey's hallmark is transforming historic buildings into modern liveable homes. This space was an old ironmonger's quarters in London's Hackney. That kitchen sink is one of the best we've ever seen. (Follow the link to see more inside this home...)

Ply so fly. 

Annnnd a very Scandi apartment bedroom to finish. Hope you enjoyed this extra-long edition of Fancy Spaces. I found these beauties while sitting on a beach in the Coromandel, hope you are having an equally yummy long Easter weekend.

1 /  2 /  3 /  4 /  5 /  6  /  7 /  8 /  9 /  10  /  11  /  12  /  13

Another well-designed life tool from NZ's George & Willy...


George and Willy's super popular paper roller just got a little bro. They've called this mini, home-sized version the Daily Roller.  Need!

Eat with your eyes - new city eateries designed by NZ interior architects, Material Creative


Blood red double doors at the Art Wok entrance, with brass handles
- just as you might see on an antique oriental chest or cabinet...

the glass lighting throughout reminds us of chinese lanterns

Antique Chinese calligraphy brushes become installation art

NZ interior architects Material Creative have been busy designing a raft of new eateries, and here's two of them. Above is Art Wok, a new eatery in Auckland serving authentic Chinese food and giving New Zealanders a whole different experience of Chinese cuisine than the corner takeaway of the past few decades. Think all premium, locally-sourced and free range produce, and an approach that sees the entire experience - from the interior fit-out, to the service, to every single dish served, as a work of art. We love how Material Creative have articulated a traditional oriental palette using modern materials and contemporary patterns, and the more unexpected, fun touches they've added - like the neon sign lighting the way to the bathrooms, and the wall lights made from two china plates.

Our fave part: these wicked yellow cupboards with the huge half-moon timber handles.

Material Creative projects often include furniture designed and commissioned by the MC team. 

Photography by Jeremy Toth

And this is new cafe The Food Crew, designed by Material Creative with a hint of a ski chalet vibe. Shout out to the Scandi-blonde elements and that timber-panelled wall with the shapes cut from it, and the kick-ass mustard cabinetry with the huge half-moon wooden handles.

I was just going to show the two, but can't resist a quick share of another of Material Creative's recent projects, Bird on a Wire in Ponsonby, Auckland

Pick n Mix


One of the best things I've seen in ages - the (very new) Botanic Shelf by Weekday Carnival. When blogger Riikka Kantinkoski couldn't find the perfect shelving, she got together with fellow blogger and friend Pinja Rouger and they designed this botanic babe ruth. With its light oak frame and variety of moveable brass shelves, it's a good-looking home for your plants, giving them maximum light and the vertical space they need.  We love multi-function.

I said this before, but this - T H I S - is the sofa of my dreams. The Savannah, designed by Monica Förster for Danish brand Erik Jørgensen.

We need this brand in New Zealand, kay? Thanks. Twig Teas - nothing but cold-brewed tea. Love the packaging, natch, but also dig the concept. Cold brewing isn't just cold tea, nope - it's a process of steeping tea leaves over a long period of time, which draws a different flavour profile from the leaf. Compared to hot brewing, there's fewer bitter catechins and caffeine, so you get a much sweeter (without sugar), smoother taste. Educations with your refreshment!

L.O.V.E the new 2016 range of planters by Melbourne's Ivy Muse, designed by good friends Jacqui Vidal (who also owns Signed & Numbered) and Alana - hi, name twin! - Langan, an established interiors stylist. Yes, all these images were styled by Alana (and photographed by Annette O'Brien) . All the Ivy Muse stands are handmade start to finish in Melbourne (ahem - not China or India #justsaying). Especially obsessed with all the Ivy Muse cube planters that can double as side tables.

Blacklist diaries! Arrggggh!! I want them all! But I especially want The Daily List, which is an Any Year Diary, which means I can start Monday and start my year over again! #newyearnewme #freshstart #letspretenditsnotApril. From Paper Plane.

If you have work to do, don't go looking through the 2016 Australian Interior Design Awards shortlist. I lost at least an hour, although you can hardly call it losing when you find gems like this eatery, Gerrale Street Kitchen designed by Sydney's H&E Architects (and plenty more besides).

~ WIN ~ One of my fave brands, Baggu, is finally going to be available in NZ, at @LETLIVltd - WIN the Baggu bag of you choice on Fancy:


I've always loved design-lead US brand Baggu and their super affordable, always-awesome range of big bags, totes and clutches. I own a couple of Baggu pieces, and I've put that black static pattern bag up there in my cart a bunch o' times recently, but dipped out because I didn't want to pay shipping from America. But, at laaaaast, Baggu will be available here in New Zealand from our friends at LETLIV

So... you're getting the chance to win your choice of Baggu goodness from LETLIV

look through the first drop of Baggu that's on it's way to LETLIV...

then email me at: enter@newzealanddesignblog.com
and tell me exactly what bag or clutch you'd choose if you win.

A little Pick n Mix for your fine ass...


The Danish radness that is Ferm Living have just celebrated their 10th year, with the launch of some very cool new homeware and furniture - including a range of wall planters, a shelving system that everyone needs, and gold foiled wallpaper. And can we just take a moment to put both hands up for the styling? 

Nesting boxes are ridiculous and confusing, because if you nest them, you are essentially wasting two of the boxes. And if you use them all, they don't nest. That said, I am totally going buy these ones for my office. I'm a big fan of France's playful Papier Tigre.

Who doesn't love a good re-arrange switcheroo. These half circle and quarter circle cuties by AYTM (get 'em from DesignStuff in NZ/Australia) are designed to pair and mix, with a right-on-time colour palette of navy, brass, blush, deep green and soft grey.

Get in my wardrobe. Right. Now.  
(Sorry to just stick the tip in, but they're not available in NZ.) Hotel Hangers by Nomess Copenhagen.


This is a real thing that exists. It's a public library, built right on the sand in Nandaihe, China. Designed by legends of architecture Vector, the building houses a tiered reading hall, a meditation space, bar and activity room. The cast-concrete walls have been imprinted with wood grain, to soften the aesthetic. Oh my god, this is beautiful. Imagine the calm you'd feel here. Can we have more of these please, public libraries in beautiful locations? (See and read more over at Dezeen)

It was only a matter of time before one of Australia's very best makers (and stylists) would have her own book.  Tamara Maynes' The Maker is one of the most beautifully designed and curated books on modern craft I've ever laid hands on. See that curved bottom edge? So yummy. It's a big thick box of inspiration for anyone who dreams of making, with 274 pages of ideas, encouragement and projects to try, and spreads that are just babe'n to look at - thanks to photography by Eve Wilson (book imagery above by Caitlin Mills) and layout design by Tracy Lines.
Buy a signed copy here.

Happy Sunday, lovers x Here's a few Fancy S P A C E S:


Fave bits: bleached floorboards, simple black cabinetry, got hobs for days, and that massive vintage china cabinet. I want a massive vintage china cabinet for all of the things. 
Also, copper has been way overdone recently, but this is a perfect, considered usage. Approved.

The home of Australian illustrators Inaluxe (go see the whole home tour over at Apartment Therapy)

Amazing beachfront home (much more of this one over at SF Girl By Bay). Especially lovin' the oven, and that outdoor pendant light up there.

Mean green.

You guys know I love a bedroom bench seat. Bonus points for white-painted floorboards and nude linen. See the whole home at Decor8.

Someone needs to start a blog that only features studio apartments (like this kitchen/dining/bedroom/living room). I love seeing itty-bitty space design. 

Steal this idea: One outfit hanging on the wall looks cool. (You know how they tell you to put out your next-day's outfit the night before - does anyone do that?)
Also, you can have a sideboard in your bedroom - there are no rules.

Yaaaaaaas. Minimal, but not austere. Super clean, but super soft.
Also, I spy brass bedside-light/shelving.

What are all these Scandinavians doing with so much wrapping paper in their homes? Every second place has a basket full of paper rolls next to their desk. Do they go to more birthday parties than us? Are they organising lots of lucky dips?

And finally, because Sundays are for crinkly autumn-toned linen.
And kittehs.

1 /  2 /  3  /  4  /  5 /  6 /  7  /  8 /  9 /  10  /  11

Amane and Me ceramics:


The beautiful mind behind Amane & Me is 29 year old Amane Cárdenas. 9 to 5 she works as a graphic designer in an Auckland studio (she moved here with her partner and her daughter 5 years ago, from her home in Mexico City), but after hours, she spends time on her personal project - the imaginary world of Amane & Me.

She brings her cast of characters to life through illustration, on clay, fabric and print. Along with these ceramics, Amane & Me produces tote bags, and an annual zine. An online store is in the works, but for now, you can buy Amane & Me at regular craft markets around Auckland, or by following the Amane & Me Facebook or Instagram.

Wishing back the long weekend, and a road-trip with one of these...


This long weekend, the husband and I took off on a roadie around Napier and the East Cape. 
Four days and four nights of pacific ocean surf, sunrises that turn valleys golden and sunsets that stain the landscape pink, roadside organic limes, bush-clad gorges, hidden waterfalls... Good God, this country is beautiful! That super cute couple in the photo up there agree with me. That's Beth and Joel, the 20-something duo behind new NZ outdoors brand Feldon Shelter.

You know how much I dig a story of following your passions; of creating a business out of what you love - so let me share this one with you...

After travelling and working abroad for a couple of years, Beth and Joel returned home, knowing they needed to get to work, but wanting to build a business of their own; one that would let them continue to enjoy their travel-loving lifestyle.

When fate put a roof tent in their path, they just knew. While the roof tent concept's been around since the 60's, there wasn't a tent designed here in New Zealand, and built specifically for NZ's unique conditions. So Beth and Joel created one. And, as they'd both yet to explore every corner of New Zealand, they headed out to road-test their first design.

They've spent the past year and a half designing, testing and refining - and travelling from Northland to the deep South - and then, just a month ago, launched Feldon Shelter and their Crow's Nest 2-man tent,.

The Crow's Nest features a built-in ErgoCell Queen mattress so it's super comfy, and was designed with small vehicles in mind - so they'll fit on a 4x4, but also a little hatchback. There's a very impressive list of specs and features built into every Feldon Shelter, you can read more about those here

Until you're able to head off on a roadie yourself, you can live vicariously through Beth and Joel's adventures - they record all their trips and share beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook, plus they have a travel journal (and online 'camping handbook') on their website.

Feldon Shelters are available to buy online - or you can visit their workshop in Auckland's Kumeu, for a full rundown and a play inside one of the tents.

Knot by knot - modern macrame by NZ's Nalani Gloor...


Nalani Gloor started Knotty Bloom as a little creative side project. But - as things we love often do - it's bloomed into its own business, with a sunny studio space at home, an online shop, and stockists in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. 

Originally from California, Nalani moved from Melbourne to New Zealand with her partner Jesse just over a year ago, the two deciding to dial down the big city pace and enjoy a more laid back beachside lifestyle in Tauranga.  Nalani's mother taught her the art of macrame when she was quite young. She picked it up again a couple of years ago, and says she hasn't been able to stop since. For her, it's both a daily meditative, calming practise, and a natural extension of her interior design work (Nalani is a degree-qualified Interior Architect). 

Every one of Nalani's pieces - from teeny knotted plant holders to massive modern wall hangings - is made using locally-sourced New Zealand-made fibres. 

Knotty Bloom online store  /  Facebook  /   Instagram

Learn the art of Shibori...


 Photography and styling by Bonny Stewart-Macdonald

To the several thousand of you from Wellington who stop by Fancy every week... Your local (Newtown) learn-and-make space, The Neighbourhood Studio, are kicking off a series of one-day workshops teaching the art of Shibori. The first in the series is happening May 14th, and you're gunna learn how to dye fabric with natural materials, and create repeat patterns using traditional Shibori techniques.

More details or book your place (spaces limited to 8 people), go here.

For the rest of us, I just though these images (shot and styled by Wellington photographer Bonny Stewart-Macdonald) were too yummy not to share...

Wellington foodie & stylist Unna Burch is self-publishing a book - and she needs our help to do it:


All Photography by Bonny Stewart-Macdonald

Super loved and lovely Wellington cook and food stylist Unna Burch (The Forest Cantina) is going to self-publish her second cookbook - and guys, she needs our help to do it! 

H O M E - Family Style Recipes and a Guide to Suburban Self Sufficiency will have hundreds of pages of new recipes, beautifully styled photography, and plenty of inspo and 'how to' tips on getting more from your backyard - growing a garden, and keeping bees and chickens.

Unna's Kickstarter campaign is live here - she has 30 days to raise $50,000.

You can pledge as little as $5 (and it's pledge-now-pay-later, as you're not billed for your pledge until after the 30 days is up). The more you pledge, the more awesome goodies you'll get in return. From a screen-printed tea-towel for a $15 pledge, to free signed copies of the book, exclusive invites to the book launch party, through to Unna coming to your place to give you a private cooking class or cook a dinner party for you and your friends!

Let's help make this happen, aye! 

                                                       Go to the Kickstarter campaign

Young Wellington ceramicist Paige Jarman...


Photography by Wellington's Bonny Stewart-Macdonald, thanks Bonny!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Paige Jarman. She grew up always making things, and went to Massey Uni to study textile design. Her final (4th) year of study was super full-on and she burnt out. She didn't know what she wanted to do with her qualification, and she couldn't bring herself to make anything. It was half a year before she would make anything again, and she enrolled in a small pottery course at the Wellington Potters' Association on a bit of a whim - just for something fun to do. But she fell in love with it, and began spending all her spare time learning new techniques and making, making, making, in her shed at home. It didn't feel like 'work'. She loved how it felt to crack open the kiln to see a new batch of freshly fired work. She had a full-time job by this time, but approached a well-known NZ potter, Katherine Smyth and ask if she could be her studio assistant for a summer. She learned so much about how a pottery studio works in a commercial sense. She started making her own pieces and got stocked in a couple of shops. The interest in her handmade little bowls and plates grew and grew, with regular orders coming in, and Paige was able to step down to part-time work. So it's a Happy Ever After, but the story's not even done yet. Paige's dream is to eventually be full-time with her ceramics, and to have her own dedicated studio space. 

You can get Paige Jarman ceramics from our friends at Paper Plane or MEKKA, or contact Paige directly through her website.

Connect with Paige on Instagram. (Ooh, and while we're at it, connect with photographer Bonny on Instagram too.