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Today in yaaaaaas - the Arbor Planter by Wellington designer Alex Buckman...


Today in yaaaaaaas, the Arbor Planter by Wellington designer Alex Buckman

Alex is a masters graduate of industrial design and also works at Weta Workshop in their 3d modelling team. The Arbor Planter is made locally and comes in white, black (#wishlisted), pistachio and custom powdercoat colours and available.

Alex Buckman website  /   Instagram  /  Facebook

Need treats? A Friday Pick n Mix for you...


Need Friday treats?

Oversized blank journals for president! Furniture and homeware icon Normann Copenhagen has launched its own stationery collection, called Daily Fiction. Sorry to just stick the tip in, but it's only available in some of their physical stores for now... 

The 2016 Australian Interior Design Awards are currently being judged. The Australian industry continues to grow from strength to strength. I think we can safely say, guys, that if interior design were an Olympic sport, Australia would be snatching up all yo Golds. Oh, I hate that I love you, Australia. 

This beauty is one of the finalists in the Residential category, designed by Whiting Architects. Photography by one of the best in the business, Sharyn CairnsSee all of the finalists here.

Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy, and I feel like loving you. This is the Hup Hup chair by Skeehan design (young Australian designer Tom Skeehan) There's something about a folding chair that always gets me. 

New newness from iconic Swedish brand Kahler - the ceramic, timber, leather Fugato bluetooth speaker. Comes in other colourways too. Get on my desk.

Love seeing more and more of these beautiful small brands starting up; brands created out of following passions and turning what and who we love into a business. What a time to be alive! Haha. But really though. The Husk Mill is a new Australian line of handcrafted cacao teas and tisanes, developed and by two childhood friends, Cherylea and Elaina. I was drawn in by the packaging, natch, but the story behind the brand is also inspiring - read it here

The really really ridiculously good looking Atomic Coffee Flagship:


Atomic Coffee has been at the leading edge of NZ's world-class coffee scene since the days of lattes in bowls (hehe, remember those? A coffee as big as your head. Good times, good times) and their Kingsland roastery is a truly an icon of Auckland coffee culture. 

Being at the crest of the third wave coffee movement seems like the perfect timing to give the fit-out a massive makeover, and that's just what they've done, with a completely new interior designed in collaboration with Material Creative

Come for the coffee, stay for the coffee... (this is one of the only places in Auckland with a dedicated brew bar, serving single-origin, soft brewed coffee three ways) served up with polished concrete, marble and copper, against black, black and more black (the foil for which is loads of light and glass). 

Photography by Josh Griggs for Fancy - we're so lucky to have him.
You might like to follow Josh on Instagram.

Other stories Josh has shot for Fancy:

Sneak your peepers at the new edition of NZ's Homestyle magazine...


Styling - Alice Lines (Homestyle Editor), Photography - Wendy Fenwick

Beige is back and it's far from basic. It's warm, grown up, and - done right - super clean. 
I wish this was my lounge, I love every. last. thing. in this room. 
If you dig this, you definitely need to pick up the June/July issue of Homestyle.

Styling & set design - Juliette Wanty (Homestyle), Photography - Wendy Fenwick

So many faves in this issue! Love the Laundry Goals feature, all about making the practical, pretty. This set-up is Joe Manganiello-level hotness. Ply cabinetry with brass handles for the win!
And there's plenty more where this came from...

Never not going to love white-painted floorboards and white walls...

The artwork above Gretchen’s fireplace is a photo she took herself in Queenstown, and she’s going to be selling framed prints of it. Limited edition of 20 - contact her via her website for more info.
Photography - Duncan Innes

This amazing home (a 1930's bungalow in Auckland's Grey Lynn) belongs to food stylist - and clearly, woman with great style overall - Gretchen Lowe, of My Weekend Table

Plenty more of this home, and other NZ and international homes, plus a look around the studios of an artist and a fashion designer, and waaaaaaaay more - trust - in the new June/July issue of Homestyle magazine, out on shelves this week. 

The STUNNING home of NZ's Douglas and Bec...


Thank you to Sight Unseen for their generous permission to share these images, beautifully captured by Auckland-born, NYC-based photographer Pippa Drummond

Stop everything. Mute your phone. Don't move. This is something special, guys. It's the converted-barn, out-in-the-countryside home of one of New Zealand's most loved designers, Bec Dowie of Douglas and Bec, who lives here with hubby Paul, their daughter and their fur-friends. The walls move, guys. 

Once you're done here, go see even more of the home (including the amazing kitchen) and the full accompanying feature - it's really worth a read - to discover more about all the little interior details, over on the always-inspiring international design blog Sight Unseen

And while we're all here... gotta share these recently-launched pieces from Douglas and Bec's RD collection - the new RD stool and dining chairs.

New fave and bestest - the RD bar stool (also comes in a beautiful black-on-black)

Yip, it's Pick n Mix time:


You can see why designers love working with photographer Brooke Holm

I have been stalking this new Melbourne cafe The Penny Drop ever since its designers, Huntly, started sharing progress pics. Well it's finally open and even better than the BTS would have you imagine. Ticking all our boxes with warm minimalism, terrazzo patterns contrasting with marble, and the use of circular forms with my new fave, half-circles and arches. Oh, and those copper disc pendant lights THOUGH. Though.

Huntly is a relatively 'young' interior architecture practise; the work of Kylie Dorotic and Alicia McKimm. If this is the standard they're at within just a couple of years of starting their studio... hide all yo interior awards. Ones to watch for sure. 

Today in ceramics appreciation news... these handmade containers by Esko Studio. Not only do I appreciate the clean Scandi-Japanese good looks, I appreciate that though they're designed in Sydney (in the home studio of Mandy Simpson), they're actually made by artisan ceramicists in the mountains of Ubud, Indonesia. Mandy has a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and works closely with small community makers. Esko also donates 10% of net profits to charity. Accidental Word of the Day: Appreciation.

Cinnamon Projects is a boutique scent brand by designers Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. They actually run a creative agency together, but also just so happened to design a freaking beautiful range of incense and accords (perfume oil). I am in love with their solid brass, sculptural incense holders (especially the simple Linea burner) and... actually, just all of it. It's all right on the money in every single way. (Special hat tip to the type kerning, guys)


Been meaning to share this for so long - Plywood House by London-based architect Simon Astridge (via Archdaily)

Made of Tomorrow and the Friday Studio


Designers Matt Genefaas and Daniel Craig

Made of Tomorrow's collection includes a range of stationery

The boys have designed a Felt collection of duffels, laptop cases and cushions

Candles in three scents

Cards, ceramics and candles sittin' pretty on Made of Tomorrow's new Fold shelves 

Dan gets orders ready for stockists and online customers

Matt is a designer and photographer who juggles work for a NZ magazine with his own brands
 (12+ hour days are not uncommon)

Dan and Matt's workspace includes a small infinity wall for their own product shots

One of the new Made of Tomorrow Fold shelves - in two sizes, three colours (black, soft grey or white) and all with the suspended hole at top, to fit a planter.

One half of the space is The Friday Studios - available for hire,
and designed for brand photoshoots and workshops

Black Fold shelves in small and large in a styled corner of the studio

Photography by Michelle Weir - Studio:Weir for Fancy

Daniel (Dan) Craig and Matthew (Matt) Genefaas were partners before they became business partners. Matt is a graphic designer and photographer, but Dan hadn't found a career he loved yet. He did have a natural gift for art and design though, and a love of interiors. 

Together they make the perfect duo to run their homeware brand Made of Tomorrow, each bringing ideas to the table and then taking care of specific aspects of the business to make those ideas reality. They design and develop, style, photograph and market, and supply not only to customers through their online shop but to their growing number of stores throughout NZ... and now even in Australia! They're currently working on new ranges for 2016, including new products in the Fold range - to complement their very modern, minimal Fold shelves. Dan and Matt also own and run Crawlers (a hugely busy and successful brand selling framed insects, insect art prints and more). 

Late last year, they moved the businesses 'out of home' and into a dedicated showroom and creative workspace for Crawlers (Crawlers is Dan and Matt's other brand - a hugely successful business selling framed insects, insect art prints and more) and Made of Tomorrow. 

The location was also large enough to house a studio space for photoshoots and workshops, so Matt and Dan got busy renovating - painting the floors bold black, creating a full-sized infinity wall for professional product photography, and setting up a light, bright blank canvas for workshops. The Friday Studios is available for hire (and, if you need it, Matt is available as photographer).

These guys are inspiring on loads of counts. They're an example of how, these days, you can legitimately make a living as a slashie (Matt still works for a NZ magazine as a designer and photographer, whilst also working on the couple's two brands, and the studio hire business); you can make a living doing what you love and doing it for yourself (just be prepared to work seven days a week and almost never switch off); and you can build a brand with your partner (it'll soon show you how strong your relationship is, and can bring you together even more). 

We're excited to see what these two (and Made of Tomorrow) do next...

Photography by Fancy contributor
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir

Quickies - Some new newness from New Zealand designers:


Cook, food stylist, Petite Kitchen founder, co-owner of Auckland's Mondays wholefoods cafe, and just all-round freakin' inspiring NZ woman Eleanor Ozich has released yet another beautifully-designed cookbook, Sweet Delights. It has lay-flat stitched binding, a copper ribbon, and is completely written, styled, photographed and independently published by Eleanor. We love Eleanor's aesthetic - it's moody and lavish, with real depth and richness, but still feels accessible and homely. If you buy direct from Eleanor (here), a signed copy is only $29

New Field Kit from NZ men's brand Triumph & Disaster. Because a boy who's clean and organised is a man. Get it from our friends at Paper Plane.

New look for one of our most loved NZ artisan brands, Six Barrel Soda. Plus the soda kings now have a signature cola, Cola Six, which will make your tongue do the running man (the legit running man, not that awkward white-folk-shuffle you've seen people doing in that Running Man Challenge lately.) The new look was created by Wellington graphic designer Caspian Levers.

Another stunningly put together NZ book launched recently, The Raw Kitchen, published by independent NZ publishers Beatnik Publishing. It's the debut title from Olivia Scott, founder of Auckland eatery and catering company The Raw Kitchen (most well-known for her cult status raw cakes). 

Come for the blush pink and gold foil cover and contemporary layout, stay for over 100 seriously y.u.m recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free( plus a detox plan, raw food 101 tips and more).

Introducing Auckland's new Salon De Cake...


A ceiling-to-floor white linen curtain divides the space in two, hiding the cake decorating area from sight during the day, but allowing Jordan to open up the space for baking and decorating classes.

The Caker's pastel and gold-foil packaged cake mixes are sold throughout NZ,
and are about to go global

Photography by James K Lowe

Thursday - time for another inspiring story of a sister doing it for herself. You're probably well aware of Jordan Rondel - The Caker - and her crazy-good cakes. She's been at it now for 6 years, has published two cookbooks in that time, and now heads a full team of young women pumping out cakes six days a week. Plus, of course, there's those beautifully-packaged cake mixes that sell nationwide (ands are about to go global.)

So it would come as no surprise that The Caker outgrew their little space on K Road, and - as of yesterday - opened this new space, just two doors down - Salon de Cake. 

I'll let the team explain the name in their own words: "The old French salons were where people collaborated together on points of high culture - and that is what we want our new space to be for us. Salon also means 'living room' in French, perfect because in the new space we really want to invite our clients into the home of The Caker."

The Salon de Cake is designed to play many parts - it's a cake shop from Monday to Saturday, serving minicakes (previously The Caker was made-to-order only!) alongside Coffee Supreme and Noble & Savage artisan teas to takeaway; it's a kitchen for Jordan and her girls; it's a parlour of sorts, in which to enjoy a tasting or host an exclusive little event of your own; and it's a workshop space for The Caker herself (the first class with Jordan Rondel is happening on June 14th - tickets here).

Jordan and her sister Anouk collaborated on the design, decorating the space with a The Caker's specific pantone pink, with accents of white and gold. And because their business was born from the concept of bringing together and sharing with those we love, the girls reached out to their family and friends to provide key pieces of furniture and art. Most notable are the tables and chairs, made by the girls' father, Stephane Rondel. Stephane is an established French furniture designer, and these chairs are actually an iconic design, featuring as permanent exhibitions in two international museums. 

Visit the new Salon De Cake at 446 K' Road, Auckland.

Anaesthetic - a NZ design duo in Sydney...


Anaesthetic's Mariner Stool - LOVE this.
           Brass Constellation Light, matching the star pattern of a Southern Hemisphere constellation

Leather pendant lights for the win!

Assembling their leather pendant lights. Each socket has an A. stamped into the brass

New supersize Bezel pendant lights 

Kiri and Ben outside their Camperdown studio

Photography by Samantha Heather, with thanks 

Can I just start today by saying I freakin love that I get to do this as a J.O.B! I love discovering NZ design talent, and new interior products, and sharing them with you. Ok, back to what you came here for...

New Zealanders Ben (33) and Kiri (30) Wahrlich met in Christchurch while they were both studying design. Fast forward 10 years, they're living in Sydney, operating their own design studio - Anaesthetic - from a big open-plan studio/showroom in inner-city Camperdown. 

Anaesthetic's focus is lighting; and Ben and Kiri work mainly with interior designers and architects on lighting design for eateries, hotels and bars. But they also have an online store with a selection of their lights available - including all the ones pictured here.

We love their Constellation lights, with each star represented by a bulb, and brass connecting rods reflecting the lines typically drawn to illustrate the constellation pattern. Ben and Kiri chose constellations unique to the Southern Hemisphere, like the Southern Cross. The leather pendant lights come in natural, tan and black, and their new Bezel light throws a Moiré pattern thanks to the intricate design cut into the brass. There's also a new collection of solid, heavy brass lights - Duomo - coming soon.

Mos def ones to watch...

The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book...

Fearon Hay Fantasies - A one-century old Auckland waterfront villa gets a modern extension


Photography Simon Wilson; Styling Amelia Holmes

The work of NZ architects Fearon Hay features heavily in my home fantasies. I thought you might like a little dream fodder to break up your week too, and have been meaning to share this beautiful Fearon Hay project, the Harbour Edge House, for aaaaaaages.

This beautiful old villa is one of Auckland city's early waterfront homes, built c.1910.
Leading NZ architects Fearon Hay re-worked and extended the home, creating a whole new wing.
A sky-lit kitchen was placed between the original structure and its new twin – the central space conceived as an internal courtyard, of sorts, between the new and the old. 

Pick n Mix time, besties:


New fave. I'm obsessed with these trolleys from Australia's Industriax

From the Chairs I'd Like to Meet and Sit On files, the new Type chair by Berlin's Robert Fehse.

Artist edition woven blankets by Slowdown Studio. Slowdown's founders, Australian fashion designer Claire Tregoning and LA-based graphic designer March Hendrick, collaborate with artists to produce limited edition cotton throws. These babes are from Collection One - excited to see what they do next...

New York indie brand Quiet Town make ethically-sourced, locally dyed home goods for your bathroom. Digging the masculine, nautical vibes of their canvas shower curtains.

Happy Weekend! Here's some Faaaaaancy Spaces for your interior perving pleasure:


A chef and painter's cottage (see the rest of the house here). You guys know I love a bench seat anywhere in the house (be it modern or vintage) - and especially in a bathroom.

Hello, handsome! You know you're getting old when the thought of lots and lots of storage to keep the kitchen tidy turns you on. Also, added to my wishlist: raw linen tablecloth. 

Australia's Mim Design bring the badassness errrrtime. 

You may say that kitchen shelves are not a 'space'. I say shoosh, it's my blog, and I love these shelves so much, I can't stop staring at them and imagining re-arranging them. They're the kitchen shelves of Ali Cayne, New York-based restauranteur.

Any home owner who has a dedicated nook for day-naps clearly gets life.
This homely home is amazing (see it all here)

Super sweet little Scandi kids' room! Steal this idea: position a single bed at the end of the room (opposite the door) and arrange cushions along the wall-edge, makes the bed look like a couch or daybed during the day.

Dirty pink, I love you.

Walls painted concrete-grey, floorboards painted white, black dining chairs that don't match, open kitchen shelving, huge glass vases, black kitchen trolley, grid tile splashback. Yes, once again I am literally just listing the things I like.

Still loving linen (and have now just put a valance on my shopping list)

O hai, adorable vintage bathroom! 

1 /  2 /  3 /  4 /  5 /  6 /  7  /  8 /  9 /  10

New newness from NZ's Mavis and Osborn


Pink's all grown up, call it Rust

Love this tumeric shade - Mavis and Osborn have a whole collection of homeware in it

Gorgeous styling by Amber Armitage and Photography by Aimee Magne (Hope & Organic)

New Zealand's Mavis and Osborn have launched so much good goodness and new newness! 

There's linen throws for a better-looking bed, soft house shoes and linen house coats, leather-accented aprons, laundry baskets, thick waffle towels in face/hand/body sizes to spec your bathroom waaaaay up, Useful bags and more, all in Mavis & Osborn's fresh but grown-up colour palette. 

Everything is designed and made here in New Zealand - and that matters a lot, guys. Mavis & Osborn work on small runs, and use local makers to bring each product to life.

A B R O A D (where we meet inspiring NZ designers living overseas) - Melbourne's The Club of Odd Volumes:


A B R O A D  -  Where we get to know New Zealand designers living overseas. Let's meet Sarah and Matt Johnston (both from NZ but now calling Melbourne home), founders of The Club of Odd Volumes.

The Club of Odd Volumes is a curated online store, producing tees and sweats, kids' tees and baby onesies (eeeeeeee), cushions, totes, tea towels, pillowcases and more, all featuring the work of The Odd Collective - a twice-yearly-updated roster of 20 independent illustrators and designers. And because they're artists themselves, Sarah and Matt also produce their own in-house Club Merch too, which is consistently freakin' awesome. 

Working with 20 artists at a time means there's an awesome variety of different aesthetic styles, subjects and mediums to choose from. And because the entire online store changes up every 6 months, keeping the clothing and textile designs freshy fresh. 

As just a two-person team, Sarah and Matt really look after their artists; they're not some factory churning out key rings and cringy merch. They're always looking for new talent to join The Odd Collective, so follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for the next artist call-out.

Sarah and Matt run the Club from a warehouse in Melbourne's Collingwood, and live upstairs. Lucky! And lucky us getting to have a nosey... 

Get out of town with your inspiring selves. So cool, you two. 

We are super thankful to have had professional photographer 
(a fellow NZ'er living in Melbourne)
take time out of her schedule to shoot this story for Fancy.

Go follow Danelle on Instagram - her feed is tasty.

Show us ya' Pick n Mix:


 6 reasons to smile this Friday...

One - Indoor/outdoor planters that neither bore the pants right off you nor try too hard, from Yield.

2. Literally just a sphere crafted from white ash. Because beautiful. Available from Melo Studio.

3. The work of two young Adelaide architects, Graham Charbonneau (with a sensational beard) and Dave Bickmore - together they are Studio Gram - and in particular, this project, a pasta bar called Oggi.

3-and-a-half: Couldn't not share this detail from another Studio Gram project, Abbots & Kinney patisserie in Adelaide 

4. The contemporary cloche. Shrine, in brass (also comes in black or white) by my faves, Menu.

5. All the handmade ceramic lighting from Melbourne's Bruce Rowe (Anchor Ceramics), but most extra especially these beautiful ceramic wall lights

6. Dutch furniture and lighting brand Frama has branched out into a small apothecary line. The minimalist packaging is Italian grey smoked glass, not plastic. Yaaaaaaaas.

(Photography by Hannah Trickett of Hannah in the House)

Sunday = Fancy Spaces:


 Wowowowowow ply and pink bathroom! (Rest of the house here)

If in doubt, keep it simple. 

Ink is a fave for this winter. Also, I just purchased this exact light for myself - hurry up, mr postman!

The office of Adelaide architects Studio Gram. I'd like one of these old vintage office doors with the mottled glass pane in my house. For real.

Hey lady, I'm jealous of your big, black, framed-glass, internal door.
(Fun Fact: This home is in a place called North Zealand, Denmark)

The amazing home of this blogger. Her mum made that sliding door for her, out of old windows that used to be in the family's summer house. Even bettererer.

Grey and white with... (will she say it?) pops (argh, she said it!) of black is an easy contemporary combo. Plenty of white to keep it Scandi-fresh, or more grey to make it more grown up.

Not strictly a space, but #FloorTransitionGoals. Scalloped concrete-to-floorboards in NYC's The Musket Room.

Another day, another brass tap and white subway tile combo. Don't judge me.

Just loved this little day-bed reading corner - and those mist-grey painted floorboards.
All done for today - which space was your favourite?

1  /  2 /  3  /  4  /  5 /  6 /  7 /  8 /  9 /  10 

Your morning muse - first-look at a short film from NZ design & lifestyle brand, Tessuti. (By


This morning, I'm sharing with you the first in a series of short films from New Zealand design and lifestyle store Tessuti. Watch, lovelies...

We love what our friends at Tessuti do. The Tessuti store is curated with such consideration and aesthetic focus, it's quite unlike any other homeware store in the New Zealand market. If your taste tends to simple, clean, and textural; you'll love owner Ali's choices. She selects products for Tessuti that aren't easily found elsewhere, from premium New Zealand and international brands and makers.

This dreamy sequence was directed and filmed by Veronica Crockford-Pound (website here, Instagram here) and styled by Ali McIntosh of Tessuti. The model is Juliet Lloyd.

~ Tessuti online store /  Tessuti Instagram.

Loveliness from Leden...


Leden - by NZ designer Lydia Batts - has recently debuted lots of new textile loveliness, including linen tea towels (they're extra-large in size which we love), tablecloths and merino baby blankets, and a new collection of botanic-inspired art prints. 

Leden online store  /   Instagram