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Sunday morning - take me to interior design CHURCH! Fancy Spaces for you:


Ah yes, this is good. Love the black bench seat. Defo needs some 'dressing' now though... what would you add to this space?

Ooh I do my tp the same way - tucked into a storage sack. Love the vintage sink on industrial piping, and the way they've taken the tiles right around the built-in bath.

Inaugural Fancy conference! No stink little notepads in the conference pack, I promise you'll all get hardcover blank journals and black ink pens. We'll be holding it here, a boutique accommodation on the coast of North Sweden called Sagverket - The Sawmill. (We've featured a couple of pics once before - ssssh). In other news, I love the way black chairs look with a blonde timber table, and I'll always be mad for an Ay Illuminate pendant light. 

One of Sagverket's front rooms where we'll enjoy a working lunch of rösti and stroopwafels.  

I'm always drawn to kitchens where the crockery and serveware is displayed neatly on shelves, like this little beauty. Like how they've also displayed a few cookbooks and a matching stack of tea towels. Not sure I could really live with it like that though...

Amazing apartment, with internal black steel doors, feat. one of my fave posters by PlayType.

More things arranged neatly, this time in a beautiful vintage San Fran set up. Special mention's gotta go to the reclaimed Douglas fir island bench with that sunk-in marble chopping surface. Also, who says the sink needs to be in the middle of your working space? Love it off to one side like this.

I know, right? Totally. 

Vintage, done right, will always beat modern.

Plants and cute framed art - winning combo.

I'ma leave you here for the morning, thinking about how lovely sage green is and where to find brass pendant lights and bar stools like that...

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Great things come in little (well-designed) packages: NZ's Noble and Savage Tea Merchants:


Photography by James Stanbridge

Yeah, so... it turns out that sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. In the case of new NZ tea brand Noble and Savage, some very good taste has gone into the brand and packaging, and just as much good taste has gone into the good taste.

The design has a nautical note, tipping its hat to the tea drinking pioneers who first sailed the tradition into New Zealand. Looking good in brilliant blue, sailor. Design is in the details, and there are plenty of those - little nooks in the stickers (with a brew guide so you know what temp and time brings out the best flavour), a very cool, classic string-and-button closure on the back of the box, and inside, the loose leaf tea is enveloped in a matte gold envelope, with a little tasting card tucked in the back. Why shouldn't everyday rituals be a little bit spesh, right? 

Tea is making a deserved comeback as people like me (proud lover of good coffee) discover that proper, premium loose leaf tea can be super flavourful, aromatic and full-bodied. And I just found out, too, that the caffeine hit your body gets from tea is much more gentle yet much longer-lasting compared to coffee - espresso stimulates the heart and gives you a kick for 30-60 minutes, where tea stimulates your brain, and the effects last 1.5-3 hours. Better living, everybody.

There are 16 different teas in the Noble & Savage range - black (their black tea with chilli flakes, rose peppers and white chocolate is, erm... amazing), green, white, and herbal teas, including teas designed for summer cold brews. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and brew myself an Orange Sky. 

Noble & Savage  online store /   Facebook  /  Instagram

Stone Soup


Spotted this very cool new - and free - independent magazine, and thought you might like to know about it... Stone Soup is the project of a group of collaborating NZ creatives, all expressing themselves through food. There's chefs, photographers and writers, along with creatives from other spheres (like established musicians, designers and artists, all foodies too) and together, they're capturing New Zealand's amazing food culture in the pages of each issue. Volume One - Summer - is out now, whereever you get decent coffee or books.

Stone Soup's founder, photographer Aaron Maclean explains what they're trying to do:

We'd like to help out with what to cook slowly when you're friends are coming over on the weekend and you want to enjoy the act of cooking with a glass of wine in hand, tunes and aromas filling your house and taunting your neighbours to do the same... But we’d also like to show you how to forage or grow some of what you eat, look at the environmental, societal and ethical aspects of food, about the resurgence of makers and what motivates them to fire ceramics, forge knives, or ferment cabbage. The passion for real ingredients of our most innovative chefs and the farmers who make them possible. The contribution our immigrant communities have made to the diversity of flavours our pallets now get to experience... We hope we can create a space where not only creative talent but readers can direct some of their food obsession.

They're busy at work now on Volume Two (and a Stone Soup website), which will be hot on the table right before winter. In the meantime, you can get with Stone Soup on Instagram.

~ W I N ~ Designer Picnic Rug from @IntrepidHomeNZ


Summer is still looking reeeal good, honey - there's loads of sunny weekend days and balmy daylight-savings dusks left to enjoy. So, to help you do that, we have one of these boho-babe picnic rugs from Intrepid to give away.

Intrepid is a new NZ home brand and these stunning picnic rugs are their debut product. They're water-resistant and hard-wearing, come in two sizes and more than 10 different designs, and roll up into a cool canvas-handled knapsack. Nice!

Hawkes Bay couple Richard and Emma spent years travelling the world together, then came on back to NZ (excellent life choice, guys) and decided to start a home brand. The concept is to bring the best bits from the 50-some countries they visited here to New Zealand, for your place. (I also wanna mention that they've committed a fixed % of their annual turnover to an African charity that feeds needy children. Do good to do good, people).

Just 2 steps, and you're in the draw:

Follow Intrepid Home on Instagram or Facebook

Send us an email to enter@newzealanddesignblog.com 
- and include your postal address (you'll need a NZ postal address to enter)

Good luck!

Your weekly design feast - it's time for another Pick n Mix...

Hey, babies! Let's look at nice things together, shall we?

All photography © Tom Blachford

Woah, woah woah. Mammoth cafe, in Melbourne, designed by the unstoppable amazingness that is Techne Architecture & Interior Design. Love all the blue (blue-grey terrazzo tiled floor, pastel blue powdercoat on the Dowel Jones chairs, and that electric blue counter!)

Simple-but-non-standard shapes from Sydney ceramic design co, Anekka

It's been a while since we've had some full blown brand inspo. Dig this suite for FineFolk, by Design Ranch. Not sure what the teeny black envelope would be for, but I must. have. one.

Always try to keep one eyeball on what designer Caroline Gomez is up to... and she's up this trio of serving boards, Block. That sexy concave though...

Peekage at the new collection from those Swedish folksies House of Rym, coming in 2016.

Your first look at Citta's new Winter'16 homeware collection...


Get in my house. Now.

Citta's David Moreland has designed a whole new range of lighting for the new collection

I love these new stools...
...they're my fave piece from the new collection. Be mine, Valentine?

NZ's Citta Design have just launched their new Winter 16 collection - Beautiful Utility - inspired by the colours and culture of Berlin as it was in the 70s. It was a city of contrast - the modern and thriving West Berlin, alongside the gritty grey Soviet-lead East Berlin. The new collection captures that contrast so well - with controlled, structured shapes and forms and a masculinity about the collection, offset by clean lines, feminine colours and beautiful natural materials. There's plenty here for lovers of black, white and grey, with lots of lovelies in sage green and peachy pink too.

The grid pattern is still big for 2016, but Citta have changed it up a little with their more elegant elongated grid, which features on everything from reversible bath towels and reversible duvet covers to coffee cups and platters.

Our favey faves have to be growing collection of expensive-feeling throws and blankets, the new stools and sets of drawers (those stools and those drawers make me die dead - RIP me), and a new sideboard. True fact - Citta are killing. it. with their furniture these days.

For (Coffee) Lovers Only - new and noted from NZ's Taus Ceramics...


Tim of Taus has top quality taste in maker's aprons, love that pink! He's also been crafting a bunch of new things which I wanted to share with you, all things that have that winning combo of contemporary, clean lines but with a throw-back vintage vibe... 

We want one of Tim's new coffee sets please. Love the teeny blue stamped cup icon, and that distinctive lip on both the coffee pot and the cup - go back and have another look. Nice, right? And if you're into pour over coffee brewing, then say hello to the best-looking cone dripper we've seen yet. Simple, handmade, lifetime-lasting stuff - for sale through Atomic Coffee if you need one right meow. Finally, we love Tim's Coffee, Please mugs and their old school diner feel. 

Tim is sold out of all of these lovelies right now but he's taking orders for his next batches - so contact him through the Taus website.

More, More, Moreland. New from NZ furniture designer David Moreland:


Just when I was thinking the NZ design scene couldn't possibly get any doper right now, here comes furniture designer David Moreland to prove me wrong. Feels so right to be so wrong, Dave.

David's Helix tables (top) have a highly engineered, industrial aesthetic, but thanks to the design, still look clean and light. They're also a bit of a Choose your own Adventure book, where you pick your base (white or black powdercoat) and your top - clear glass, smokey grey glass, or timber top.

The Area tables come in a coffee table and side table style, and in either a matt white or natural oak, with or without a black edging.  

Available via the David Moreland website.



It's a totally indulgent spaces today - just two Scandinavian homes - in all their clean, white glory.
One for my monochrome lovers pairs white with black, the other with soft grey and moments of blue. (Blue's on its way back, BFFs.)

I would come in here at night and steal the mottled marle rug, that plant, and the leather armchairs... 

Love the floorboards, the circular mirror (yip, we're still on circular mirrors - I like the simplicity of this one), the white wall-attached clothing rack... and pure white linen.

OK - next house: 

No. words. necessary.

Awesome design/craft workshop in Wellington - The Neighbourhood Studio


Eloise Evans, dreamer of awesome dreams and maker of things happening

The Neighbourhood Studio's bright, beautiful workshop

NZ illustrator Flora Waycott uses The Neighbourhood Studio as a making space

The Neighbourhood Studio has a
growing group of goodies for sale - all made by local designers
Beautiful details, collected by Eloise over the years

Albert helping. So helpful, Albert.

Albert going in for the 75th snuggle of the day

Eloise (middle) with illustrators Flora Waycott & Greta Menzies
- these babes all teach The Neighbourhood Studio's classes and workshops

Ahhhh! It's an amazing time to be alive! Ok, that sounded intense. I just mean that there's so much inspiring, super cool stuff happening - you literally can do anything you want; make your life whatever you want it to be. And this new business and project in Wellington is one example of that...

This is The Neighbourhood Studio, a creative workshop and screen-printing space in Wellington. Behind it is Eloise Evans, just in her early 20's. She graduated from Massey Uni in 2011, and though she wanted to get into textile design (her course of study) full-time, she found access to screen printing equipment basically non-existent, and certainly not in her post-student budget. She also missed that sense of community you get at Uni. 

The idea for a community screen printing studio started percolating - a space with all the equipment needed to make, and to work alongside other creative people. The concept is already successful internationally - there are similar studios in Melbourne, NY, London, Toronto... and Eloise decided it was time for Wellington to have one!

She started buying and storing secondhand specialised equipment while on the hunt for a space.
A light-filled building came up in Newtown, amongst a bunch of industrial workshops, and Eloise (with her boyf, dad and stepdad helping and Albert the dalmatian supervising) spent 4 months transforming the space into her (your!) dream creative studio.

The Neighbourhood Studio is set up to offer designers and artists access (affordably and flexibly) to the equipment, material and space they need to make - whether working on a project start to finish in the studio, or just popping in to expose a screen or buy some supplies. The studio is open Tuesday to Friday by appointment, with an all-welcome open day every Saturday. 

Take a Class
The Neighbourhood Studio has just kicked off a series of workshops - there's 1-day Screen Printing Basics and Natural Dye workshops coming up, as well as 6-week mini courses which guide you through making your own projects, and other classes too - check the website for more, or follow The Neighbourhood Studio on  Facie or Insta to stay in the loop. The teachers include Wellington illustrators Flora Waycott and Greta Menzies who are both amazing and inspiring in their own right.

The Neighbourhood Studio website   /   Instagram   /   Facebook

Huge thanks to Fancy collaborators,
Wellington photographers Tim and Nadine Kelly
who make simple images into stories

Sweets for my Sweet - another Friday Pick n Mix:


More sweets for my sweet (that's you!)...

If I should ever flatline, come to my hospital bed and put some Minka Inhouse ceramics in front of me, because they're giving me life. 

I try to keep one beady eyeball on Australia's Whiting Architects at all times. This is the new Melbourne flagship home of Swiss whiteware brand V-Zug, showing other showrooms how showrooms can be done (that is, done like freakin' gorgeous, aspirational homes). 

I don't know how I feel about this bedding set from new Brooklyn-based homeware co Aelfie. 
I think I feel really, really good about it...

Growing up, my mum had a huge glass jar filled with sea-shell soaps that we weren't allowed to use - I always thought that having 'show soaps' was the stupidest thing ever. Turns out I'm becoming my mum...  New York's PELLE not only design beautiful architectural lighting and furniture, they also hand-make perhaps the best looking soaps I've ever seen.

One of our long-time faves, Lightly (Melbourne designer Cindy-Lee Davies) has launched a range of rugs. Handstands!

Too many cute kids' wear/ware brands to keep track of! Here's another one for your notebook:  Walnut and Walrus

Photography by Brooke Holm
Loved Australian artist Kirra Jamison has opened her own yoga studio, Good Vibes.
The calming, clean, contemporary interior she's designed is giving me lots of them. 

Meet our Contributors - Tim & Nadine, Wellington Photographers


Portrait of Nadine and Tim by fellow photogs Benjamin and Elise

Want to meet the couple behind some of our best-looking Wellington features? Yeah, I thought you might like that. So let me introduce you to photographers Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen. And here's what they've shot for Fancy: Precinct 35 - Wellington's newest design store, Wundaire, The Neighbourhood Studio, andEva Street (the inner-city home of Six Barrel Soda, Fix & Fogg and Wellington Chocolate Factory

Tell us what you do and what lead you to this point?
We are a photography duo based in Wellington who spend our time travelling around NZ and beyond capturing kick ass weddings. We tend to live in NZ over summer, and then in the NZ winter we venture overseas to other parts of the world where the sun is still shining and awesome weddings are happening.

We are high school sweethearts (I give you permission to wretch at that) and we’ve both always been obsessed with photography. But to be honest, we were never interested in pursuing wedding photography. Back before we started, the only wedding photography we had seen was cheesy, staged, and fake. That style of photography didn't interest us. So we never considered it until we were guests at a friend’s wedding, took photos for fun in the candid way we like, and as a result enquiries started coming in. So we took the leap, started our own business, and that was the beginning of this freaking awesome ride that has been the last 3 years of our life.

This job has taken us all over NZ and the world. It allows us to meet, work with, and become friends with insanely cool people from absolutely everywhere; and we get to creatively capture these ace people's awesome day in a natural, unobtrusive, and fun way. Being able to do photography this way is what makes us tick.

feels like the beginning of a wicked adventure... 

Four eyes are better than two - what strengths and perspectives do each of you bring to a project?

Tim brings a calmness to every project that I couldn’t bring if I tried. He is such a calm and considered person, stress isn’t really in his repertoire. This means that the projects we undertake always have a calm and welcoming atmosphere which helps put the couples and clients at ease.

One characteristic I (Nadine) bring to the scene is how much I love meeting new people and getting to know them... it is really important to us that the people we are working with feel as relaxed as a friend would in our company.

We are all about unobtrusively capturing moments as they actually happen. So having more than one of us means we are able to be in more than one place at a time to capture the story as it takes place.

 That settles it. I need a do-over.

This one stops me in my tracks

When are you at your most inspired?
We are most inspired when we are working with adventurous people in an environment that we have never worked in before. For us, this job is all about the people and the story.

moments from life

What was the most gratifying/rewarding project you've done recently?
That would be living and working in a small town in Vietnam teaching English in public schools. The warmth, beauty, and generosity of the people there was absolutely astounding and incomparable to anything we have ever experienced before. We have been to Vietnam three years in a row because we have fallen in love with the people there. We took only a handful of photographs from our time there, but they are some of our favourite images.

Just a few of many images captured on recent travels

If you just got engaged and want to commemorate this time in your life, or you're planning your wedding, or you're a brand who needs to tell your story in an seriously good quality, real and engaging way, you should mos def get in touch with my pals Tim and Nadine. (Really really) good people, doing (really really) good work.

Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen   website   /   Facebook  /   Tim's Instagram  /   Nadine's Instagram

NZ made for NZ weather - Okewa Rainwear


Ah windy Wellington, I personally love your crazy gusts and horizontal rain. Yeah summer, you're awesome and everything, but sometimes I wish for it to rain. There, I said it.

I know at least two people who feel the same way. Nevada Leckie and her husband Nick. They're the designers behind Okewa, the best looking rainwear you've ever seen. At the time they conceived Okewa (which means big grey raincloud in Maori), Nevada was working in the fashion industry, getting around Wellington city by foot. She tried to find a coat that was both well made and beautifully classic, something that would look just as good as the outfits she was trying to protect from the rain. When she couldn't find it, she enlisted husband's Nick's help (and his architect's eye) and together, they designed their own. 

Okewa got off the ground thanks to Kickstarter crowdfunding, making the first production run happen and seeing coats sent to over 20 countries around the world. As you can see from these pics (of Nevada and Nick out at Makara Beach recently, modelling a couple of Okewa styles especially for Fancy) the coats are the perfect simplicity-is-the-ultimate-sophistication. In classic colours including charcoal, military olive and dark ink, an Okewa coat is that one amazing coat you have for virtually your whole life, so well made and considered in its design that it looks as current in 20 years as it does today. For Nevada and Nick, it's about longer-term, more thoughtful fashion consumption. Buy once, buy better.

Each coat is cut from very lightweight (great for travelling), technical two-layer Japanese fabric and made entirely here in New Zealand by a family-run manufacturer. If you'd like to see all the little details, there's plenty of imagery on their website. They ship their coats right around the world, to anywhere people want to stay looking sharp when the heavens open.

Okewa rainwear online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

Photography by Wellington's
Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen

NZ boys' brand Harlow



Rad little designs from NZ boys'-only brand Harlow, and designer Susan Vaz.
(No, mum, this doesn't mean I'm pregnant. I just ate bread. Stop asking.)

Harlow website  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

Enjoy ~ Your Friday Pick n Mix...


The very real possibility that Trump might end up POTUS makes me silent scream. To relieve the terrors, I find good and awesome design. Like this...

New prints from old mate, Tom Pigeon 

Destined to be a design classic - the new Julie chair, from American designer Julie Tolvanen. Julie and her Finnish husband Mika share a studio located in an old bakery in central Helsinski, where they design furniture, lighting and homeware for some of the world's best brands. 

Any one ever think, I just have too many journals and notebooks now? Cool. Me neither.
Might have to buy a couple of the reversible/double-cover crazies from new stationery brand Write Sketch &.

Shelving unit of my dreams

Inspiring the shit right outta me. Based in Toronto, Canada, MSDS is the small studio of the unfairly-good-looking 38 year old Jonathan Sabine and 33 year old Jessica Nakanishi, who have been working together since 2011. Everything they design is lit, and yes, I'm jealous.

One of our faves, Brooklyn-based Fort Standard, has another winner with these copper containers. Keep 'em polished or let them develop their own patina over time.

Yet another freakin' cool Melbourne eatery - the organic gelato delight dealers, Billy van Creamy. Love the pink-dipped walls, plants for days, and the ice-cream art by Melbourne illustrator Billie Justice Thomson.

Fancy S P A C E S for your Sunday...


The home of photographers Kalle Gustafsson and Sara Bille. (Links below if you want to see more of their home. Hint: you do want to.) Cute, unique use of the subway tiles to demarcate the dining nook.

Always daydreaming about a big bright studio. Preferably with a big white roller door, big black steel-framed windows, bottle green chairs and bench seats, like this one.

Kids room coolness x

There's a part of me that would like to live in the country. And that part of me would also make bread from scratch and have a kitchen just like this.

LOVE this little space!

This sweet, simple bedroom is in one of the homes featured in the new Kinfolk coffee table book, Kinfolk Home. Photography by Jonas Ingerstedt

Australia architects C+M Studio just get. it. This is their latest project - the redesign of a quintessential Sydney worker's cottage (again, more pics in the links below). Photography by Caroline McCredie

A Scandi cliche in so many ways but I don't currrr, I love it. 

I just want to turn the light on in here... feels a little dark. And replace that poofy light. Then it's perfect.

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I'm in love with these - I'm writing their names all over my school books and in my refill margins. Alana 4 Luxe (new brass-look clothing rack at $699) and Alana 4 Sylph (black ceiling-hung rack at $199) from NZ's I'll Hang It Here

Studio Love: My Deer Fox's new leather-assembly shop, Auckland:


Super cute l'il kitchenette

I want a pegboard tool and leather wall, too...

We love a monogram

MYDEERFOX bags are all assembled to order, with brass hardware

MYDEERFOX buckets make my heart go boom

MYDEERFOX is all grown up. It's now operating from its own headquarters (the MYDEERFOX Assembly Shop) at 2/19 Khyber Pass, Auckland. Designer Lisa Li moved in to the studio late last year, after designing the fit-out all herself. She's there Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 till 5, assembling each of her butter-soft leather totes and bucket bags (and more) as they're ordered - even hand-monogramming orders, we love that.  Of course, if you can't stop by the new space, some of the MYDEERFOX collection is available to buy online and Lisa ships worldwide.

Also, ahem - pink. leather.

MYDEERFOX  website   /  Facebook  /   Instagram

Photography with thanks to Fancy collaborator,

New things to desperately want so much that it hurts, from NZ's Douglas and Bec


New Line floor lamp - in winter 2016's most sexy cast, Camel.

Line floor lamp with white painted timber base, raw brass rod and white blown-glass light

Perfection with that low shelf

One for each side of my bed, in blush hand-blown glass, please 

A new iteration for the Line collection of pendants

The best things take time. New Zealand brand Douglas and Bec (and my #WCE Bec Dowie) launched their new Line collection back in May last year, introducing a whole stable of new products but promising even more in the collection still to come. Well, Well, Well....come to the newest additions to the Line collection - from top: the dressing mirror my bedroom needs, finished with brass details and a small shelf; new colour and material combinations in their Line Floor Lamps; the Line Wall Mounted Light 2.0and the new Compact 04 style of Line pendants.

Fancy Spaces


Like a breath of fresh air...

Love a dash of mustard, especially in autumn/winter. That mist grey on the walls is lovely too, really helps make the windows a feature. I just think maybe they don't have enough cushions?

Another beautiful home conceived by one of my fave interior designers, Australia's Doherty Design. Clean and simple without being clinical. And this is the kitchen...

I cannot.

This kitchen is everything. The deep green Nerd bar stools from Muuto, leather cabinet pulls, white grid tiling, the window ledge busy with plants... the image above also belongs to this same house - go look, it's amazing...

Dreamy little one bedder...

This hodge podge (haha, now there's a word I haven't used maybe ever) kitchen is adorable! Perfectly put together is overrated. 

If you like this kids' room, I bet you'll squeee over the rest of the house...

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