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Hanlon and Howe - modern/nostalgic goods by Paul Mossong


Photography by Claire Mossong (Wildwood) 

This is Paul Mossong (and his dog buddy Jeffery - um, I just want to do a full post on Jeffery please). Paul is an independent designer and maker of utilitarian goods characterised by their strength and simplicity. He's mainly busy working on commissions (furniture and fit-outs) for clients under his brand Hanlon & Howe, but occasionally he thinks of a product he wishes existed, makes one for himself, and then ends up getting so many requests from friends and family that he puts the new product on his website. So it was with his fat-slab Butcher's Block boards and cake stands, all handcrafted to order from reclaimed timber, finished off with a coating of coloured paint. His next product was a Maker's Apron, a handsome but heavy duty coverall (oilskin, leather and brass) that's proving popular with florists, bakers and coffee makers. The most recent good good in the Hanlon & Howe stable is his Cold Drip Tower, available in custom colours.

Check out the Hanlon & Howe website to see Paul's custom projects, and more handcrafted products.
P.S: Buying local for Christmas is awesome. 

Wellington's Eva Street - 3 inspiring artisan businesses down one little lane...


Painting of the new Eva Street laneway sign 

Down a narrow, street art covered lane in inner-city Wellington are three small artisan brands doing big things - Six Barrel Soda Co., Fix & Fogg and Wellington Chocolate Factory


First stop, No. 1 Eva Street, a cafe/soda shoppe and the HQ of Six Barrel Soda Co., NZ's loved boutique soda brand (needs no introduction, I'm sure).  Six Barrel's founders - mates Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart - make their soda syrups from right here, concocting all-natural mixers for eateries and at home. You can visit and watch the soda being made, try a tasting board of any 3 sodas for $5, and buy from their library of soda syrups and their ready-to-drink range. They're steadily growing, having recently started supplying eateries in Australia and further afield internationally. But don't think it's not all continual hard slog, because it is. They both still ride the bus to work, and their growth hasn't come without challenges - like having to contend with a copycat business in Australia (with virtually identical branding - shame on you). You wouldn't guess any of this to speak to them, they're super generous, positive people who give as much support as they tell us they receive in Wellington. 


At No. 5 Eva Street is the nut buttery of Fix & Fogg. I've told you this story before, but it's worth repeating. Fix & Fogg's Roman Jewell had a successful, secure career as a legal professional - yip you read that right - when he left to make peanut butter. That is... small batch butter, with a obsessive focus on providence of ingredients. Roman and his wife Andrea started selling their peanut butters at Welly weekend markets, which grew to selling through a few delis and cafes, which grew to selling right around the country. Along with super crunchy, smooth and chocolate peanut butter, their latest flavour is Smoke and Fire (crunchy peanut butter with organic NZ-grown cayenne chillies, manuka smoke from Central Otago and Spanish smoked paprika. I've heard it's insanely good.)


The third neighbour on Eva Street is Wellington Chocolate Factory. Visit to see them crafting their organic, ethically-traded, bean-to-bar chocolate, using techniques that date back to the 18th century. This is real deal chocolate making, the way it's supposed to be. Each of their flavours comes wrapped in packaging designed by NZ illustrators - there's 9 so far, some of which focus solely on the single origin of the cacao bean. Wellington Chocolate Factory founders Gabe Davidson and Rochelle Harrison want you to experience the nuances of the beans that beget the choc, the way a wine lover might appreciate a grape growing province. 

There's so much more I could tell you about each of these businesses. Like how Fix & Fogg donate jars of peanut butter every month to Auckland and Wellington City Missions and Ronald McDonald Houses, or how Gabe and Rochelle have just returned from a life-changing journey to Bougainville by sailboat, to work with the war-ravaged country's leading cacao farmer. They're all doing good by doing good

Wicked inspiration for 2016 - create something you're passionate about, make it the best it can be whilst not compromising what's important to you, work hard to be successful, and then share your success. 

Huge thanks to Wellington photographers Tim and Nadine Kelly
who shot this story for Fancy

Fine Form - Gidon Bing's beautiful ceramics need to be in your home


 This might be the perfect gift for you, coffee lover - large percolator (holds 4 standard cups)

 Beautiful desk trays

Love that French Green glaze

Gidon's Japanese Bowls come in different sizes and colours


Love these small Lab Bowls (they also come in medium and large sizes) with their little spout

Gidon's collection includes 3 different pendant lights. Love that bone coloured crackle finish.

I've been waiting a while to share these beautiful photos with you. Taken by Toaki Okano, they're the perfect simple set-up to showcase NZ sculptor Gidon Bing's latest collection of ceramics, finally now online to buy at the just-launched gidonbingceramics.com (designed by Brogen Averill).

Gidon produces everything from his small boatshed workshop in Auckland, and ships worldwide.

This is what we mean when we say buy once, buy well. The aesthetic is utterly timeless - they're going to look as contemporary on your kitchen bench in ten years as they do today. And I don't normally mention price around here, but it's all much more affordable than I assumed for such fine, sculptural work. Beautiful things to bring mindfulness to everyday rituals like squeezing a lemon or watering a plant.

Am considering getting married again just so I can put a bunch of these lovelies on my gift list.

Gidon Bing online store  /   Instagram

A look around Felicity Donaldson's new city studio! (Wundaire Ceramics)


NEED this planter, kay?

Making collaboration mugs for Auckland eatery, Ceremony

Felicity Donaldson hand makes the coolest weirdo cosmic ceramics under her brand Wundaire.

You've no doubt heard the name before, because Felicity's work has been pretty in-demand since she took her first planter pot out of a pit fire. It's been a super busy 2015 for Wundaire - there's been a handful of collaborations with likeminded creative brands (including some of Auckland's best new eateries, and jewellery designers Meadowlark), plus Felicity has J.U.S.T opened her own studio in Brooklyn, Wellington. Right next to floral stylist Twig & Arrow, the brick-walled space is actually an old stables, now all fit out with purpose-designed shelving, sink, kiln... (thanks in part to Felicity's super supportive mom and pops, Pauline and Russell. Nice one Russ!)

She's stocked her online store'specially for you to go and take a look, but her best best is co-lab and commission work rather than off the rack, so Felicity says, get in touch with her! 

Next year, Felicity will be taking Ceramic Handbuilding workshops at her studio - plus she'll have open days once a month or so, so sign up to the Wundaire newsletter (bottom of page) if you want a heads up on those scenarios...

Photography by Tim and Nadine Kelly
(yet another super talented Welly City woman)
for Fancy

~ WIN ~ Get Shit Done in 2016 - We're giving away $150 to spend at @migoals - aaaaaaand, GO:


It's that time of the year... yaaaaasss - The time you get to buy fresh, blank new diaries and journals and make plans and schemes for the new year. My FAVE! I love list

And lucky, lucky one of you, you'll get $150 to spend on your choice of stationery from the masters of Getting Shit Done, Mi Goals

There's 2016 diary planners, special Bucket List books, goal-focused journals, desk pads, and of course their signature product - the little Get Shit Done pocket notebooks. All in a huge selection of colours and styles, with simple, clean type or hand-drawn typography by Bianca Cash

Visit Mi Goals and have a look around

and tell me what you'd spend your $150 on

(Open to all NZ and Australian readers)

Happy New Year, design-lovers! We're B-A-A-A-A-A-C-K - with the new range from NZ brand Penney + Bennett:


Happy New Year, buddies. Did you have a good holiday? I'm easing you sleepily into 2016 with these plump little bedtime babies. They're from Penney + Bennett's new collection, The Night Dynasty. What I love most about Penney + Bennett (aside from that they're a NZ brand) is the size of their cushions (nice and big), and the fact that their designs come in silk or linen. I'm a linen fan, me - although they do say sleeping on silk is better for your hair. Perhaps we should do beauty tips with every post this year? Sleeping on good-looking textiles reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Because you're worth it.

You should totally check out the full new collection over at Penney + Bennett's website.

Like sleeping in your favourite tee - NZ's new bedding brand, Dehei


Bedding is having a moment and it's all about pattern on pattern on pattern. But where does that leave lovers of simple and timeless? Auckland's Daniela Schmidhalter went looking for somesoft bedding with a clean, minimal aesthetic and when she couldn't find it, decided to create it.

What's special about Dehei bedding (dehei means 'at home' in Swiss) is that it's all cut from a lightweight cotton knit - like your fave worn-in t-shirt. Suuuuuper soft and comfy. Such a good idea, Daniela.

I'm a founding member of the grey marle gang and also dig that light oatmeal, but there's also a yummy charcoal grey and a coffee marle too.

Pick n Mix


2015, you were cool and whatever, but 2016 isn't messing around!

Door handles desperately needed a re-design. These beauties are designed by Bonnemazou-Cambus, a French husband and wife team.

Reinterpreting the tradish quilt for a contemporary home owner. Me loves Louise Gray quilts - especially used as a wall hanging.

I love everything, errrrrrrrrrting that Australian brand Middle of Nowhere are doing - and these are some of the new things they're doing. Extra big YES to that little Jeeves trolley on castors.

Scroll back up and look again, this space is freaking spectacular. It's a new organic tea bar in Sydney called The Rabbit Hole. My Things to Do in Sydney list needs its own notebook (any excuse to buy a new notebook.)
All the design Oscars need to go to The Rabbit Hole's interior architect Matt Woods, his work is KILLAH. (Photography by Dave Wheeler).

eyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyes for days. These custom gold-painted prints by Cristina Martinez would look supah cute in a nursery.

Think of Trouve perhaps like Kinfolk's cousin, but focused entirely on creatives - their work and their lives. The theme for the current issue, (Volume 4) is the creative process. 
In this issue, we set out to study the process—the creative actions and routines that fill and enrich our days and inspire our work and those around us. We visit with painters, chefs, printmakers, and potters; from loft-like studios, to at-home headquarters, to homes juggling business and customers while picking up cookie crumbs and crayons.
You can buy Volumes 1 through 4 on their website here.

Concrete is the new black - homeware from NZ's FUME


NZ indie brand FUME do concrete right. From plain to lightly and heavily marbled, solid black and even soft pink, and as candles (in scents Rush, Mirth, Hope and Constance - love the names), little planters, large concrete mats and smaller plates and dishes. Shop online here (some of their collection also available from LETLIV).

Sweet sweet branding - Wellington's Montfoort


Deliiiish-ious branding for Wellington streetfood vendors Montfoort, cooked up by boutique branding studio Playhaus (by designer Andrew Helms). Sah Good.

January Edit - Fresh Starts


new lighting = new look
marble-style pendant from NZ's mr ralph

relax more
driftwood candle from NZ fashion label commoners

three and four
wash your face
norm wall mirror by menu, available from letliv and
manuka leaf exfoliating polish (how good does that sound!) from NZ botanic beauty brand maryse, available from simon james

drink more water
mae ceramics x infinitedefinite limited edition speckled tumblers

six and seven
make your bed (and make it nice)
penney + bennett linen pillowslips from paper plane and
the softest linen throw, from nz's citta

put away your things
kiondo basket from citta

Good Times Pick n Mix:


WANTNEED. The best beach umbrellas we've evah seen, from new Australian brand Sunday Supply Co.

Just when you think you didn't need another candle... you were wrong! You needed a minimalist-aesthetic candle, in it's own little cloth bag, that smells like clean sheets. 

Is it ok to have show tea towels that you don't ever actually use, that are just for display? I think if we both do it, it's ok. I won't judge you. Love these hand-printed ones by Confetti Riot

Photography by the amazing Lisa Cohen

Micro-hotels have been on my mind lately. I didn't get away anywhere over Christmas and I neeeeeeed a little break somewhere amazing. Like this: The Estate Trentham (in countryside just out of Melbourne), designed and run by legendary Australian interior stylist Lynda Gardner. Sit by the fire, have a long bath, pick your own salad, veg and fruit from the guest's garden... As well as the main house (a white early-1900s federation cottage), there's a beautiful Barn which can be hired separately for events. You can book online at The Estate Trentham's website, which is as beautifully-put-together as the accommodation.

Desk things and table things and shelf things and bedroom things. Good Thing collab with the best contemporary designers to reimagine everyday objects, for their growing collection of good (and refreshingly very affordable!) homeware things. I predict this brand is going to be sort of a big deal.

Dream seat. This is the Smith chair (pictured in a natural leather and a light rose leather - ugh) by Melbourne's Barnaby Lane.  In completely unrelated news, I'm selling all my other chairs on TradeMe.

Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...


Photography Jansje Klazinga

I could comfortably sit here all Sunday, while someone brings me coffee every 90 minutes
(See more of this house here)

The new home of Swedish blogger and stylist, Annaleena Karlsson. Love those black Muuto Cover chairs.

(Photo by Derek Swalwell for My Domaine)

Relevant to my current kitchen interests. The marble ledge shelf with things-arranged-neatly makes this home feel a bit like a restaurant... and I dig that.

Having your own scullery space is like reaching a Bonus Level in life. (LOVE the internal black door, too). This combination of tradish Shaker style with contemporary colours and elements is a good choice.

DIY, anyone?

I may or may not have picked this purely for that meowy little face. (Also, for the patterin-clashing linen and wallpaper too)

You so pretty, gurl. Let it not be said that all I like is black-accented Scandi minimalism. 

Love a good bench seat, as you know. And things arranged neatly on a ledge, as you know. And butler sinks. And mixers with the pull out spray function. 

Perhaps my fave light that IKEA have ever produced, so nice. Also appreciating blonde timber with a darker grey (crinkled linen tablecloth for the win).

Yaaaaaaaas. Everything yes. The lighting, the french windows, the black cabinetry, the rug yes.

1 /  2  /  3 /  4 /  5  /  6 /  7 /  8  /  9 /  10

Tamago Ceramics


I'm loving the new wave of ceramics coming from New Zealand makers. My latest find is Tamago Ceramics, by Wellington architect Lucy Wise. Pictured are her three-legged Tamago planters and the itty bitty Starling vase - so named because Lucy worked to get the sand-speckles looking like a murmuration of starlings in flight.  Can't wait to see what you do next, Lucy...

Homestyle Mag - new issue preview ~


Photography by Lisa Gane

His and His. Photography by Duncan Innes

Decorate like no-one's watching...
Styling by Juliette Wanty, Photography Melanie Jenkins / Flash Studios

The new Feb/Mar issue of Homestyle is out and it's chockablock full of real chocolate chippies - very cool, contemporary New Zealand homes, the very latest homeware, meet-the-maker features and more.

The cover girl for this issue is the home (top three pics up there) of a young Cantab couple with a super inspiring story. They built the whole place themselves - it took them literally years - on a tight budget, and in the weekends around their full-time jobs. This issue is worth getting for their story alone.

Terry Curtis, designer and owner of The Weekend Trader


Photography by Sarah Starkey for Fancy

WOAH those brass pendants light. They will be mine - oh yes, they will be mine. Weekend Trader has been on my bleep-bloop radar for a long time, but I always just assumed the fine furniture and lighting in their store was imported from Europe or the States. Not so!

I was super impressed to discover that Terry Curtis (that's Terry up there, with his main fur-man Rocky) designs everything himself, and works with all local makers and fabricators (all made within 50 kms of Auckland CBD) to bring his growing collection of lighting, sofas, tables and more to life. He styles it all alongside a very considered edit of homeware from international makers in the big beautiful Weekend Trader space at Auckland's City Works Depot. Stop in, and give Rocky a pat from me.

Weekend Trader online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

Long Weekend Fancy S P A C E S - - -


Aga dreams...

These white linen light-shades are my current fave. Bold as hell, yet soft. (The original and most famous of them is the Ay Illuminate - available in New Zealand from our friends at Tessuti)

The other view from this room... love those horizontal black handles on the white kitchen cabinets. (Also, I spy a black fridge)

Another Scandi linen light! What I love about this laid-back space are all the 'ugly' chairs that don't match around the table, and the sun-drenched bench seat.

Black fridge meets bleached blonde floors, fall for each other, have life-long romance.

Layered rugs looking good, and pink is still cool (P.S: Pantone, you are about a year late)
Spindleback chairs, black festoon lights, white grid tiles, light timber floors, and ooh, another black fridge... it's like we're playing Scandi interior Bingo! 

Freakin' perfect little bedroom, bike and all.
Steal this idea: a botanic bunch, hung above your bed. Looks just as good as it dries. 
Easy, pretty art.

Do not disturb - I'm washing with all my beautiful-amber-glass-packaged products.

This is the freakin' amazing design hotel - Alex Hotel - in Perth (more pics here)

1 /  2 /  3 /  4 /  5 /  6 /  7  /  8 /  9 /  10  /  11

Botanic prints from NZ's Leden


One for my homies who love plants but tend to kill them - watercolour botanic beauties by NZ's Lydia Eden, and her brand Leden

Fresh pickings - branding from NZ's Studio South for wholefoods brand Huckleberry



Country Road, take me home, to the place, I beloooooooong... 
Nice things and nice styling from Country Road's HOME 2016 collection. The soft grey saucepans and pots, the wooden salad servers and the marble platter are all on my wishlist.

Potty for pots - and liking these marbled handmade babies from Melbourne's Capra Designs. Especially the blue!

Appreciating Sydney's Skittle Lane espresso joint - with branding by Swear Words.
(Photography by Shirley Cai for Broadsheet)

Uashmama have invented yet another product with their washable sturdy paper bags - the french-industrial style Bucket. They come in about a million colours - would be perfect for a planter, or for magazine storage, or in the laundry.

aaaaaaaaaaah! Someone buy this and send me sexy pxts of it everyday. Hold sofa by Australia's Studio Grace.

Originally from Tokyo, designer Masayoshi Oya moved to Sweden to study at two of the country's best design schools. His brand Studio Yama, brings together influences of Japanese craft with contemporary Nordic design. Love it all.

Everlane's HQ is #studiogoals, with a design aesthetic as clean and classic as their apparel. Those 20 foot high ceilings and massive industrial windows though...

Happy long weekend, design buns x