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~ WIN ~ The Forest Cantina's Garden Kitchen cookbook AND Wundaire ceramic serving platter


I'm so proud of my friend - the completely beautiful, totally self-taught and crazy-talented cook and food stylist Unna Burch (from The Forest Cantina) - and her debut recipe book, My Garden Kitchen

My Garden Kitchen packs in 100 of Unna's fave recipes that fit into two broad categories - quick and easy gourmet noms you can cook on weeknights, and 'slow food' dishes when you have more time on the weekends. Love that! 

You can buy your copy of My Garden Kitchen for just $45online here (208-page hard cover book with a french jacket sleeve... it's beautifully made) - shipping is worldwide.

~ W I N ~

We have a signed copy of My Garden Kitchen to give away, plus NZ ceramicist Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire has custom-made us a special serving platter to include with the prize, too. (Unna used all Wundaire ceramics in the styling of My Garden Kitchen).

To get in the draw, do these two steps:

Head to Fancy's Facebook or Instagram,
find the post about My Garden Kitchen, and share/re-gram it 

2. email your name, and whether you shared on Facebook or Instagram, to:  enter@newzealanddesignblog.com

Paws up for design-led (NZ) dog brand, Camp Cloon


This is Clooney, he's the CEO. I can't even.

It's in the details...

Three woofs for this design-led dog gear brand, Camp Cloon. Camp Cloon is based here in NZ but ship world-wide. So.... go fetch!

Camp Cloon online store /   Instagram

A little something to inspire you this Monday... (short film by Firetale Films)


At the risk of blogging too much about Unna and The Forest Cantina... I really want you guys to watch this and be inspired. 

To be inspired to maybe go and buy Unna's book (you'll love it), but also to be inspired to find whatever it is that makes your heart sing and then go do it. Do it a lot and don't stop. (Because here's a secret - after a time, you'll be known for that thing. And you'll be super happy.)

Beautiful short by Welly-based Firetale Films (who are also doing what they love, telling stories through film).

Ima let you finish but this is one of my Top 5 homes OF. ALL. TIME. (From the new issue of @insideoutmag) Check it out:


Styling by Joseph Gardner (new fave) and photography by Prue Ruscoe for Inside Out magazine

How amazing is this home? Trick question. It's clean-lined and light-filled and not over done and I am totally here for it. I think we need a name for this new breed of contemporary Australasian style... it borrows from Scandinavian but has a more sun-bleached disposition as befits our NZ and AU climes. Let's call it... Antipovian. (I don't think that'll catch on somehow, haha.)

Anywhoodle, this just one of the many blow-your-face-off gorgeous home tours in the new All Things Spring issue of Inside Out magazine, which is on shelves now.

Solstice: impressive new collection from NZ homeware brand Kanuka


When things look this good, you don't need a lot of word-faff, so I'll keep this short....
I'm really impressed by the new textural Solstice collection by New Zealand's Kanuka Collective. Everything by Kanuka is made here in NZ. Check out theSolstice collection lookbook on their website (shot at The Brake House - one of New Zealand's most prominent architectural icons from the 70's).

New APT Shelving from NZ designers Well-Groomed-Fox


Photography by Toaki Okano & Styling by Sam Smith and Catherine Wilkinson
for HOME magazine (see all the HOME magazine design award finalists here).

Heeeey girl, hey. How nice is this new Apt. shelving system! Photographed in black and a sexy soft grey, but also available in custom colours and even in a natural timber frame with powder-coated shelves. Designed by Emma Fox-Derwin and Nigel Groom of well-groomed-fox, it's a worthy finalist in this year's Best (NZ Design) Awards and a finalist in the HOME magazine 2015 Design Awards.

Time to shine yo fancy shoes, guys, I think you might be getting some new goodies for your mantlepiece...

Finally, a new Pick n Mix for you! (You: Jeez. (rolls eyes) About Time.


Oh, hai... 

Nordic folk brand House of Rym have a new collection, and these were my faves.

Photography by Lisa Cohen & Mark Roper
Weekend daydreams = a home like this: original heritage exterior, contemporary interior. Don't wake me. (This accolade-deserving home in Melbourne is by Robson Rak Architects).

I appreciate new folk. Cool things from Brooklyn-based Amelie Mancini.

Ultimate gift for the design lover who spends a lot of time in the garden. Or... for me. For my place. By Australian brand Lepaar.

Even though it's for kids, Bobo Choses is one of the brands I always keep an eyeball on, to see each new collection.  Unknown Mountain Journey is now online, and they have a new Woman collection (clothing), a range of super cute bags for kids and a capsule homeware collection too. Cartwheels!

Hand-forged brass magazine (or book) holder. LOVE THIS! Limited edish, from Annaleena.



Marble and leather and black grout and brass, that's what little girls are made of.

I like where this is going....

I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it. 

The interior design internet needs more of this - this being proof you don't need a huge architectural space - or an expensive one - to have style. 

If you love a good before and after, this one is inspired. I'm especially appreciating the rug-in-bathroom thing, and the fact that the designer used on-trend accents without it looking too trendy. (A little piece of my soul dies every time I say Trendy)

You know you've made it when your home has a Landing
(Love the black wall that extends from first floor to second, and the bleached-look floorboards). 

And this is the same house... master bedroom. Shout out to touches of copper without going overboard, blankies that look like the deep blue sea, and a white tongue and groove feature wall.

I'm going to DIY the shit out of this bed

I full-time L.O.V.E this - a before-and-after bathroom that shows you don't need lots of Rutherfords to makeover your space. 

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Our pick of the Best of the BEST - from NZ's @bestawards Design Awards:


Grab yo plus-one and let's check out some of the award night nominees for New Zealand's annual design honours, the Best Awards... well, some of our faves anyway...

(More to come later in the week, too...)

Lloyd Osborne and Shabnam Shiwan for Karen Walker (the Osbourne-Shiwan studio is up for a bunch of awards actually.)

Masters of design communication Studio Alexander.

Up for Best Packaging, the new Triumph & Disaster hair dobeys, designed by DD/MM/YY. (Such a great studio name).

Young NZ designer Ryan Romanes worked on complete re-brand for Australian organic skincare line, Mieux Derma. He's up for the Design Craft award for the work in the campaign shots above. (I added the flat lay packaging shots because it's my blog and I can.)

Inhouse doing it up all sexy and dramatic with their shortlisted packaging for The Boneline. (If you like your good looks served with intelligence, learn more about the reason behind the name and the art direction here)

Love this work for Union Green, a new residential community in development in city-fringe Auckland. Super nice work, Natalie Moinfar.

New from COMPANY


Company's Trestle Desks all have shelves in the legs and solid brass hinges

New sliding draw - for items and items and items

Or maybe you'd prefer no drawer, that's cool. No judgement here. I like things real simple too.

Kids' Clothing Rack (from the Pop Factory Shop summer '15 catalogue)

Kids' Wardrobe with one shelf or two
Happy Tuesday! Just popping in to share some new things from COMPANY with you. New trestle desks with sliding grid shelves, and The Wardrobe - a simple, super-functional clothing rack and bedroom stow space - in Adults and Kids sizes. 

Our Part-II pick of the BEST from this year's NZ @bestawards...


We picked some more of our personal faves in this year's Best design awards...

Ummmm, excuse me, sir - but how great is the use of the R and G characters to create a rose icon? (I'll wait here while you go have another look). The young and hungry Studio South do it right every time.

Superb yumminess by Minna Pesonen for Lonely. Up for Best Small Brand Identity.

I think this new font by student designer Alex Turner is sort of brilliant (read the quote above - so true) and defo deserving of the overall Student award.

Just by looking at the each of the (polished concrete, warm timber, marble, ivy) letters, can't you tell (feel) almost exactly what these new Auckland apartments will be like? That's good design, Cheshire Architects.

I'm so impressed by the refreshed layout of HOME magazine. It's an intelligent, inspiring contender in the higher-end shelter mag race worldwide, and it's all ours, New Zealand! Plus the layout is beautiful - it feels like a Gestalten coffee table book. Art direction by those Tom Sellecks over at Inhouse.

End-of-the-week handstands and a Pick n Mix for you...


Happy Friday!

Arro Home have released a fresh collection - New Wave.  (On their online store now)

Perfection in the form of a brand identity for this US-based Italian restaurant. Designed by Christine Wisnieski (who has lots of good work on her site)

Simple, functional, sweet-looking. That's a trifecta. (Measuring cups from Father Rabbit)

Pretty and useful. Pretty useful! Tray

So, I love enamelware enough already. And then you go and do some in soft grey. Double rainbows right across the sky. (Available here)

MINNA is an independent textile brand from NY-based designer Sara Berks (who has an awesome dog pal) Love the way you do what you do, when you do what you do, Sara. 

Australia's Blacklist has moved into stationery and IT IS ALL AMAZING. (Available from my homies at Paper Plane store). I'm personally a daily Thankful For writer-downers, so especially loving that little pink and gold Grateful journal.

Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...

Not sure if this is a small cafe, a summer house, an at-home office or... something else. But I loves it.

Ugh. #kitchengoals.

Supah cute twin set! Perfect for my imaginary twin girls, James and Moss.

Aside from the lighting fixture reminding me a bit of the dentist (the terror!), this is perfection.
Hallway/entrance bench seat deliciousness (Also, double doors always beat single doors - because you can open them with a flourish like 'Ta-daaaa!')

Predictably, I LOVE this. 

I would do just about anything to have floorboards like this. Shall we look at the kitchen in this house? Ok then...


Exposed rafters, polished concrete floors, crazy-deep industrial shelving on a huge white kitchen island... Yes, I am literally just listing the things I like. What do you want from me? It's Sunday, the day of rest.

Reasons I am starting to really love green, #43

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NZ makers Mavis & Osborn are now bringing their soft minimalist style to homeware:


Just popping my head to the blog quickly today - to share these simple, beautiful new things from NZ lifestyle brand Mavis & Osborn. Very cool to see them extend their soft minimalist style to homeware, especially the made-for-my-house black linen laundry hamper (also comes in grey marle and off-white) and linen bento bags. Go have a lookeroo at all their goodies, here...

Shit lady, we've got some seriously good designers in NZ. (Alternative Title: Brand work by Roaring Fork studio)

NZ furniture design by Drooney


NZ furniture designer Duncan Rooney has re-branded (now known as Drooney) and has launched a suite of new pieces. Loving the excellently-named RAF chair in black below.

Black, concrete, blonde - you sexy, sexy threesome

Archetype bench, coffee table and stool (please also make a dining table, kay, thanks)
Spool light

 Drooney store   /   Facebook

Two NZ>AU sisters and their very cool homeware brand, Hello Polly:


Helloooo to you, Hello Polly. Hello Polly is an online homeware store curated by sisters Sarah Kelk and Helen Adam. Sarah and Helen are originally from New Zealand; but now call Australia home.
I mean, I guess it's OK Melbourne, because you're pretty cool and you have excellent cafes, so if anyone's going to steal them I can see why it would be you, but just remember they did grow up in Invercargill, kay? #Justsayin'

After travelling and working around the world (as an interior designer and gallery/design store curator amongst other things), Sarah settled in Melbourne in 2011. Wanting to introduce Australasia to some of the amazing independent designers she'd come across in Europe, she launched Hello Polly. Her sissarol Helen had already been in Melbourne a few years by then, with an established career in fashion (including for brands like Gorman). The two started working together more and more - Sarah bringing her love of painterly patterns and Helen inspired by textiles - eventually creating their own Hello Polly line of homeware.

The Hello Polly collection IS MY FAVE. (ahem) and includes cushions, throws, and paintings by Sarah. Also, how cool would it be to work your sister? Sisters are the best (I have four of them!). One minute they're like "Can you stop breathing on me? Ugh. You're breathing weird." or PMS-screaming about who snaked the last of the coconut yoghurt, and next minute they'll be like: "This eyebrow pencil is a better colour on you, you can have it." 

Want this painting quite badly.

Some of the gang from Hello Polly's sophomore range of cushions

As well as their own Hello Polly range, Hello Polly stocks a stupid-good catalogue of homeware, stationery, art, kids' stuff and more, from independent designers. Go on, go have a look!

Wee-aw-wee-aw-wee-aw that's the sound of the police! Pick n Mix!


Good goodies, picked for you...

New styles from Radical Yes! got me like woah.

#Wishlisting the newest Gestalten hardcover, The Great Wide Open. 352 pages of weekend escape  and lose-yourself-in-nature inspo...

It just keeps getting better. Pin your little heart-eyes out with Kip & Co's new SS15 collection, Summer Storm.  

Love this new series of watercolour leafy goodness by My Deer Art Shop. (Also available in Australasia through Simple Form)

My BFF spirit animal furniture wifey Jardan just launched their Apartment Collection (focused on small-space living) - it's their largest collection of new furniture to date. Someone give me mouth-to-mouth...

This bag has me planning a weekend away. Good price too, I thought.
(Also, ahhh... I love anything that I can have monogrammed.)

Want this print from cool Californian print-making collective, People I've Loved.

Happy weekend, you beautiful bits of shiny stuff!

Happy Sunday, lovers of homes and interior design and spaces and the general good life:


The perfect spot for a duvet day...
Photography by Tia Borgsmidt

You guys know how much I love these small Scandinavian apartment kitchens with the diner at the end. Bench seats with storage space for the win.

One of the original and best design bloggers, Victoria of SF Girl by Bay (see more pics here), just brought a new home in LA. Love seeing her style. This pic's also from her house...

I do love a good black interior doorway.
Fun Fact: I really enjoy pics of homes' intersection points - like this image, and the next one. Anyone else? There must be a word for that...

The next meeting of the Teeny Kitchen Appreciation Society will be held October 3rd. Bring a plate and your TKAS name badge. Digging the small size black tiles on the floor (not something you see a lot), the round white mirror (quelle surprise) and the itty bitty entrance. 

This is close to perfect, for me.

Yeah, it's a magazine editorial (by stylist Susanna Vento) but I could still see this as an awesome kids' room. Love the trio of Ikea drawers as a high bed base.

I refuse to say Pop of Black.

Oak frames, white frames, gallery wall, one large photographic piece, uneven amounts of mismatched chairs, chairs scratched to shit, pottery, walnuts, super-dark stained floorboards. See? There are no rules.

Love the brass (not too heavy-handed), the soft grey cabinetry, the one-wide-length of white shelving, the little bit of greenery.

Dunno what you're planning for this arvo, but I'll just be here with a few magazines, until my fingers turn into raisins.

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Ah, Monday. Need to Get Shit Done? Win notebooks from @migoals - over on the blog:


I don't think there's much I love more than a freshy-fresh notebook. Except maybe making lists and ticking them off. MiGoals make me double happy with their range of Get Shit Done notebooks, (each spread is half To Do list, half notebook). 

They've recently launched a new Get Shit Done collection, a collab with one of my faves, illustrator Bianca Cash

(They also have clean minimalist style covers, and colour-block styles. Aaaand they have a range of desk pads, Be Awesome sketchbooks and prints. Have a lookee here.)

I have a bunch of the MiGoals Get Shit Done notebooks - in different styles - to give away.
Like one? To enter, just email enter@newzealanddesignblog.com and include your postal address. 

O P E N  W O R L D W I D E