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Gettin' you going - a little NZ interior design lap dance, with some of the highlights from the @HomestyleNZ Spring issue:


Spring frolics! There's a new issue of Homestyle out on shelves this week, with soooo many great NZ homes to tour through, plus a focus on kitchen style and babe bathrooms. There's the continuing home reno of Gem Adams (Blackbird - who has just opened a store in Hawke's Bay) - this issue we peep at her bathroom and laundry. (And if you're a fan of that shibori dyed fabric, there's a how-to in the issue too.)

Photography Melanie Jenkins 

Plus, a bathroom feature 'two ways' - light and fresh, versus dark and luxe. And Homestyle also checks out the new bathroom of NZ interior designer and colour maximalist, Alex Fulton.

And, oh my very good goodness, Superette's head office - designed by Material Creative. That staff bathroom though! I'm just giving you a little Homestyle lap dance here, there's so much more to see in the issue - get your hands on a copy.

Form and Function - new from NZ designers George and Willy:


Photography by Wayne Tait

NZ designers George & Willy continue their refreshing approach to design with another timeless 'life tool' that is as good-looking as it is functional - Firestarter

No kindling, no newspaper, no burning your fingers when the match gets too low. It's an entirely different way of lighting a fire. Fill the sleek blackened steel vessel with the lamp oil and dip the firestone - a porous ceramic stone - into the oil. When you light the firestone, you get a decent flame that burns for 15-20 minutes (plenty of time to get large logs alight). The oil-filled vessel sits on the hearth, ready to be used daily, only needing to be refilled 2-3 times a year (and you can get lamp oil from your local hardware store). Pretty genius, right? Goodbye kindling, newspaper, mess and fire fails. Buy here (George & Willy ship worldwide too, guys)

You can skip everything I've said, and just watch this BEAUTIFUL video by Motion Sickness Studio...



Ugghhhh, amazing! Love the teeny window seat tucked into that window space (weird spot for it - but s'ok - I'm equal-opportunity-window-seats). Love the new York map on the wall, the black handles, the small areas of mosaic tile with black grout, the teeny weeny corner shelves... oh -and here's the rest of the kitchen/dining space...

Dream Studio Space, Part XXVII

Get this weird feeling I've shared this before...? I'm a sucker for a vintage double basin and that vintage mirror is beauts, too.

A part of me just wants to live in a tiny apartment. Like this one. Mezzanine bed!

Everything Australian architects Rob Mills do is perfection. This house is right on the beach along the Great Ocean Road, backed by forest, and is available to rent. Ridiculous girls' weekend, anyone?

Dream Studio Space, Part XXVIII (guys, this is our meeting table)

Love that extra extra long ledge, the rug, the sofa, the cactus. Yes, I am literally just listing things I like. Come on, it's Sunday.

I feel like these black drawers would show up alllll your grubby fingermarks. Grubby. Still want a black kitchen, though.

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Sneaky peek at the new October issue of Inside Out!


Styling Heather Nette King, Photography Derek Swalwell

Inside Out magazine (October issue is out now) continues to make me jealous with the best interior design in Australasia. Like this home. This home is like a gorgeous balayage blonde with effortless beachy waves in her hair and sunkissed skin - but like, she's not arrogant at all about how hot she is. She's super chill and approachable. 

Digging this feature - 1 Kitchen, 2 Ways. 

And this home is a dream - every corner is a composition of treasures.... contemporary design, yeah, but loads of inherited pieces, and finds from eBay and op-shops and flea markets.

Pick up the new October issue of Inside Out for waaaaay more homes and a huge swag of renovation ideas.

Introducing, The Sunday Bench...


Dining table seating - we're fans of black

Styling Alana Broadhead; Photography with thanks to my friends Swift & Click

You know that famous song that plays before the movie starts?  I am totally playing that song in my head right now. Because I'm super excited to be launching my own line, The Sunday Kind

There's N I C E  things for your home to come - but we're starting off with The Sunday Bench.
Designed by Alana Broadhead (that's me), in collaboration with maker Nigel Cotterill of NDC. Bench seats are freakin' awesome - but hard to find or hard to afford. The Sunday Bench is a simple contemporary bench seat that's the perfect size to work as dining table seating, at the end of your bed, in the entranceway/hallway, in the bathroom...

The Sunday Bench is available in blonde (natural white ash) or bold black, and each one is handcrafted to order. Order online here - shipping everywhere in NZ with Australia coming soon.

If you wanna keep in touch with The Sunday Kind and what we're making next for your place ~ follow The Sunday Kind over on Instagram.

A few NZ Design Quickies...


Dreamy floaty watercolour loveliness from NZ designer Mini Grande, (the full series is available from our friends at Paper Plane).

This is awesome! Collectors Anonymous is a keep-in-the-glove-box-guide (only $19) to the best op-shops, second hand stores and other places to rummage (who doesn't love a good rummage), from the tip of the North to the tail of the South, including the gems hiding in teeny towns. There's even a key to how 'spensy each place is. Road Trip!!

I think this swan would be freakin' adorable in a nursery. By NZ maker Kim Lawrence.

I must own these. Handmade by NZ's Claybird Ceramics - a special marbled series available from Mekka. And have you ever seen prettier plate undersides? I know when something's good - I start feeling a bit sick to my stomach. These babes are giving me the heaves.

OK... as you were!

Win a Sunday Bench! Homestyle have one (valued at $380) - in your choice of blonde or black - to give away


Styling Alana Broadhead, Photography Melanie Jenkins (Flash Studios) 

The out-now issue of Homestyle magazine includes a cool new feature which takes one great piece, used in three ways. And first off is the Sunday Bench from The Sunday Kind.

I had so much fun styling these three spaces with a blonde Sunday Bench as our little Gigi Hadid in front of the cameras, and so many babe'n homeware goodies from some of my favourite NZ brands (see prods below).

W I N!

Homestyle magazine have a Sunday Bench - in your choice of black or blonde/natural - to giveaway.

E N T E R   D R A W   H E R E



Ocean art print, coming soon to thesundaykind.com | Mono light shade, $269, cittadesign.com | Faux fiddle leaf fig tree, from $189.90, fluxboutique.co.nz | Uashmama paper bag $139, paperplanestore.com | Radial dining table, $2890, cittadesign.com | Sunday Bench in blonde, $380, thesundaykind.com | Nourish linen apron in ice pink, $59.90, cittadesign.com | Visu chair by Muuto, from $535, bauhaus.co.nz | Albion rug, $199, freedomfurniture.co.nz | Conical glasses, $30 each, mekka.co.nz | Jana marble platter, $99.90, countryroad.com.au | Astrid Jug in Nutshell, $39.90, countryroad.com.au | Light Blue Dine linen napkin, $12.90, cittadesign.com | Tam Platter in pale pink, $21.90, countryroad.com.au | Handmade ceramic Sands plates, from $39.99, alexandcorban.co.nz | White enamelware cutlery, $12 each, nest-direct.com | Paige Jarman Koi bowl, $22 and breakfast board, $24, mekka.co.nz | Tam Spreader in parchment, $8.90; Tapas coffee cup in pale pink, $8.90; Tam Medium Bowls in pale pink, $12.90 each; all from countryroad.com.au | Cape vase, $34.95, freedomfurniture.co.nz


Brass round mirror, $295, meandmytrend.com | Sunday Bench in blonde, $XX, thesundaykind.com | Black Paired Wallet, $345, deadlyponies.com | Found My Animal Black Rope Dog Lead $88, eightpaws.co.nz | Cushions, stylist's own | Blush Bucket Bag (tall), $395, mydeerfox.com | Shoes, stylist’s own | Dandelion rug, from $485, theivyhouse.co.nz


Linen headboard in smoke from $1150; white linen pillowcase pair $135; 100% linen white duvet cover $410, all from threaddesign.co.nz | Washed egyptian cotton pillowcase pair in ice pink, $79.90, cittadesign.com  | Fictional Objects Pale Grey Leaf flat sheet (king), $130, fatherrabbit.com | Soala cushion, $64.90, cittadesign.com | Dots cushion and blush circle cushion from thesundaykind.com | Sahara knit throw, $144, cittadesign.com | Hand-looped cotton rug, from $710, nodirugs.com | Sunday Bench in blonde, $XX, thesundaykind.com | Yu Mei clutch $130 and key fob $29, yumeistore.com | Hide & Seek book, $89, paperplanestore.com | Start Me Up book, stylist’s own | Marble Notebook, $39, paperplanestore.com | Mint Wild Wagon journal $32, wildwagon.co.nz | White Kiondo basket (small), $139, cittadesign.com | Grey Moss blanket, $299, nest-direct.com | The Seeke X Milly Dent candle $109.90, fatherrabbit.com | American Oak low stool, $219, cittadesign.com | Concrete side plate, $24, xohome.co.nz | Ash Wild Wagon journal, $32, wildwagon.co.nz | Beautiful Dreamer art print (framed) $189, paperplanestore.com | Fields art print by Swiden (framed), $168, endemicworld.com

Ceh-lah-brate good times, COME ON! I made a Friday Pick n Mix for you...


Plenty on the menu today....

Melbourne, this has got to stop. Yet another wicked eatery, designed by Techne Architects, with brand identity by The Company You Keep. (Bonus points for the name, BARRY)

Marrying non-boring with lazy and laid back in exactly the right way - SUKU, a new-to-me Australian bedding brand.

YES PLEASE! I'd like this for my entranceway so I can grab my keys off the shelf and avoid seeing myself in the mirror as I leave the house. Shelf by NakNak (also sold by Resident GP in NZ/Australia)

One for the mumas and the papas - I'm appreciating the heck outta the design and styling of Scandinavian kids' brand (now branching out into awesome womenswear and a few home goods), Soft Gallery.

Raquel and João live in a seaside village in Portugal. They love paper ephmera (me too, guys) and make - amongst other things - these rad marbled journals (all my marble fans in the house put yo hands up) under the brand Arminho.

Simple will always be my fave. This sublime little wooden tray is made in Japan by Hasami (available to buy online from New York's Totokaelo)



When I saw this on Instagram, someone had commented: "Great look! Many drawers!" 
Haha. I think that about sums it up...

Guys, FAUCET! Also love those super tall brass cupboard handles. (This is an amazing house, see the rest of it here.)

Idea to steal: big ottomans can double as a day bed - stack with cushions and put somewhere that bathes in sunlight.

Love the simplicity and functionality of this - perfect idea for a teeny bathroom. Also, can I just take this opportunity to say Shub. Such a great word. Thanks. 

How sweet is this home office? I always wanted my own home office balcony; somewhere I can take a smoko. (Cut to me in a hardhat, with a thermos. If you're having a smoko, you have to have a hardhat and a thermos.)

Oh I do love to see original bones. And those vintage stools are cool. The rest of the house (with a city garden and the cutest shaggy poochface is just as unpretentious and lovely, and it's here)

Old warehouse converted into a 3-level home, by Australia's Techne Architects.

Add some gas hobs and this would be a 10 out of 10 for me. 

Cute built-in corner shelves (good idea for a teeny bedroom)

I adore this kitchen from this Brooklyn brownstone. Can't you just imagine how at home you'd feel in a place like this? You'd wake in the guest room to the kids all jumping on your bed, and you'd shuffle into the big kitchen-dining area in your PJs with your top-knot all skew-if, and the mum would be cooking pancakes, while the dad's popped out to get fresh coffee. You guys keen on a billet? 

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New for your walls, from NZ's David Moreland (and a fave of mine)


David Moreland's one of my faves, no doubt. Did you know his middle name is actually Clean Lines? (That's not true, but it should be.) As well as now being the in-house furniture designer for Citta, he continues with his solo practice. This is his new David Moreland arrival, the Okewa shelf and Awha bookends (the bookends can be placed horizontally or vertically on the shelf, or both - that's clever). Soft and striking all at the same time, and totally #wishlisted for my bathroom or entranceway.  

One to Watch: Jo Wade


Local Mount Maunganui babe Jo Wade is part of the Paper Plane design store team, and an emerging graphic designer in her own right. In collab with Paper Plane, she's created a third series of prints, taking photographs here in the Mount and overlaying hand-drawn text (printed in silver foil - oooeee). Each print is a representation of how lucky we are (yeah we are) to live in this slice of paradise. I like to think there's also a sense here about how lucky we are to be able to design our own lives. So, get designing!

Win! $150 voucher to spend at online homeware store Antipodean Love...


Woooot! My friend Kate has been busy revamping her online homeware store, Antipodean Love. There's a freshy-fresh aesthetic, new brands on board, and more goodies for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even kids. To celebrate all the new newness, we have a $150 voucher to give away! 

Have a good look around,
then email 
to let me know what you would spend your $150 on.

Open to all NZ and Australian readers.  Winner will be drawn Monday 12th October

Weekend dreaming for your Monday - this black barn retreat in Hawke's Bay, by NZ architectural designer Andy Coltart


Poplars II (all the best homes have names) is one of the Black Barn stable of retreats that are all available to rent, for a holiday in the masters-oil-painting-landscape that is New Zealand's Hawke's Bay. Totally secluded, Poplars II looks out across the Tukituki river and takes in the entire ridgeline of breathtaking Te Mata Peak. I can feel a weekend getaway coming on... Designed by NZ architect Andy Coltart, who is living proof that good taste gets even better with age. 

For people who love the great outdoors and great design - NZ husband and wife launch boutique brand, Archie Picnic


Kicking off my Things I'd Like for Christmas list.... the launch range of contemporary picnic rugs by NZ couple (currently slow-living the dream in Fiji), Meredith and Jono Perkins. Every few nights, Meredith and Jono take their dinner down to the beachfront to dine as the sun sets. Food goes so much better with fresh air and a good view. Their evening picnics have inspired their new boutique brand Archie Picnic, which launches this week with two limited edition picnic rug styles - the colourful Boodles, and the more moody Glow in the Dark (think fireworks, embers, the night sky), both designed in collaboration with fellow NZ'er and textile designer, Natalie Babbage

And - I love this - for every picnic blanket sold, Archie Picnic will donate a blanket to a family in need.

As Lady Moyra Cavendish once said: "I don't know if I should. But I judge people by their picnics."

Chamfer Mirror - new from Wellington's Designtree

The life and style of Wellington illustrator Amy McLennan:


This pair of pretties is from Amy's Lioness range of pillowcases

Can I please have your rug Amy? K thx. (Also, she has a FIREPLACE in her bedroom, guys!)

We love Amy's giant Roar poster, available here

Amy's does brand commissions  - like these botanic illos for George & Edi candles

Amy's central-city studio

Working on a commission...

Lion and Lioness pillowcase pairs ready to be sent off

Stopping in at Iko Iko, where a number of her prints are for sale.

Illustrator Amy McLennan lives in Newtown, Wellington with her musician partner Sean (who's about to release his 2nd album). In between creating prints and products for her own brand, Lioness, Amy works on commissions for private clients, as well as products and brands. 

Amy's actually a trained makeup artist (website here), with a career that's been centred in TV, film (Peter Jackson's King Kong amongst others) and theatre (she does a lot of work with the Royal NZ Ballet and NZ Opera) for over 10 years. As much as she loves this side of her life, she started Lioness in 2012 to pursue her passion for illustrating and print making. She's lucky enough to have a studio in the inner city - a shared council-run artist space with awesome views across Wellington. 

Dunno about you, but I'd love to go visit Sean and Amy for an afternoon, get fed homemade pie and garden salad, and talk creating and ideas and making shit happen. 

All photography by our friend Meg Wyper
of Meg and Lou (check more of her work and lifestyle blog out here)

Thank all the babies it's Friday! (Which also means it's Pick n Mix time...)


Frag Woodall is a young Australian interior designer and furniture designer (see that marble side table beside the kids' bed up there? - that's his work) who lives in the most light and lovely Swedish-summer-house-in-Sydney you ever did see. If it seems familiar, it's because this home has been featured here and elsewhere before - but Frag recently gave the entire place a fresh new look. Oooosh. (Haven't said ooosh since 2004, just wanted to give it an outing.)

Really want one of these speckled trays from indie maker The Vintage Vogue

Aesthetically appreciating this guest room/mini apartment by Czech architects DDAANN.

Both hands waaaaay up in the classroom like 'pick me, pick me' for one of these massive watercolour posters - from Copenhagen-based maker Nynne Rosenvinge.

Australian kids' bedding brand Goosebumps has just launched it's first goodies for grown-ups.  I do like a reversible (two-for-one).

Cute from Melbourne's Fox and Ramona.

Tablecloth that is relevant to my interest, from Melbourne-based Fazeek.

New hotties for your walls at endemicworld:


Original new works and prints by Chloe Ruby presented at her recent Solace show

Digging this new botanic series by Amy Wybrow (see them all here)

In.cred.ible. underwater works by NZ floral stylist Georgie Malyon (get one here)

The coolest new marbled babes by Wild Wagon
All photography by Jenna Smith for endemicworld

If you've been looking for new newness to treat yo walls, our BFFs over at endemicworld have a huge new catalogue of art prints from NZ designers, illustrators and photographers. They've also been hosting lots of artist shows recently, in their new street-front dedicated exhibition space. 

A Day in the Life of Claudia Zinzan - from Father Rabbit


Watching Claudia Zinzan spend time with her kids (Tony and Michaela) in the morning - unhurried, patient and sharing laughs - you'd probably not guess she, with husband Nick, heads one of New Zealand's biggest and most-loved homeware brands - Father Rabbit. After brekkie, Claudia does the school run, and heads into work. First stop on this day, BLOC - where Claudia has both a stunning, things-organised-neatly Father Rabbit store, and a brand new space The Supply Cupboard, part linen cupboard, part butler's pantry. After helping her team re-arrange (who doesn't love a good re-arrange!) and create new displays, it's off to get supplies for a shared lunch - not something special just for this day, but something the team do regularly. At the Father Rabbit head office in Greenlane, there's online orders being (beautifully) packaged and sent to homes around New Zealand, new makers and suppliers to be in contact with, and a brand new good-looking website to launch. Which means lots of homeware styling and photographs to be done, too. Is it 5 already? Back to BLOC, then, for their Spring party - a well-earned Rosé in hand.

Swift and Click making magic from the everyday - for Fancy

Thank you, Fisher & Paykel - being proudly designed here in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes and families, you are the perfect partners for our Day in the Life series.



I do appreciate a good entranceway... 

Loving gold cutlery, affordable Ikea stools and a little herb planter. 

This is one corner of the home studio of blogger and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. I may or may not have picked this mainly for her doggy, Cracker. 

Marble, brass, blonde wood and leather = #squadgoals. (OK, I apologise for saying #squadgoals).
But um.... the sink is all brass too. (Falls over dead). 

This is relevant to my interests. If it ticks your interior boxes too, you might like to see the whole place - here

Poetry and herbal tea corner. (But tidy up your books, would you? Jeez. We've got people coming.)
All the blogger's homes today... this refreshingly lived-in corner belongs to Erin from Design from Mankind. Love the super high ledge - might have to Single White Female that idea.

This is actually the staff kitchen at a New York-based company. You guys taking CVs?

I love this little nursery flavour (P.S: layered rugs can work, and the pom-pom curtain is cute)

Brass and black bathroom babe in Bendigo. All the B's.. by Australian architects Flack Studio.

A new home office for blogger Bianca of My Unfinished Home. You can't go wrong with white and leafy.

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