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Sneaky peeks from @insideoutmag


Styling by Megan Morton, Photography by Brooke Holm for Inside Out

I had a hard time picking my faves from the July issue of Inside Out which is out now... it's all so so good this month! Highly recommended, I give it 9.5 brass lights and blonde walls out of 10. That Hobart house up there is just one of several AMAZING finds from the issue, and it includes loads of interior ideas to steal for your place.

In other news, stylist Joseph Gardner is my spirit animal. He put together this ehmergerd-good In the Throws feature (below), and it can stay winter as long as it likes with Scandinavian-modern goodies like these on offer... 

Styling by Joseph Gardner, Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper

Inside Out's July issue (155 pages of good taste) is out now.

WANTED - We're looking for a Web Designer (emphasis on the designer)


Are you a Wordpress web dev with good taste and an on-point eye for design? Keen to work with Fancy NZ Design Blog and photographers Swift + Click?

We're looking for a freelancer or a small studio who want to do some super N I C E clean, contemporary work and get their name out there. We need someone who can level us up online, and we'll help do the same for you...

Love to hear from you - email alana@newzealanddesignblog.com

Dine/Design - Dough Bros eatery


Handmade planters by Katherine's friend Felicity (of Wundaire) are dotted around the space

Yummmmm. Just YUM, ok? This is Dough Bros in Hamilton, opened just a few months ago by young husband and wife Jake and Katherine Mitchell, who've moved home to NZ after a number of years in Melbourne. The interior was all designed by the couple themselves.

Eats include a Share menu (like arancini with gooey molten centres) and wicked sourdough pizzas fired in the huge manuka-wood-fired oven. A big focus for Jake and Katherine has been serving up the same quality you'd find in a top Melbourne eatery, whilst using boutique suppliers who're all 'just down the road' (like Manuka Brothers' espresso, which comes out of a special small batch wood-fired roastery run by two young brothers, Shunters' Yard craft beer and Cilantro artisan cheeses).

To see and read more about Dough Bros, check out our feature in the July/August issue of Taste magazine (which has had a hot re-design - look for the gold foil masthead).

All photography by Swift and Click 

A Day in the Life of NZ designers Timothy John & Krista Plews, of homeware store Paper Plane...


... and that was a typical day in the life of Paper Plane store's Krista Plews and Timothy John. 

Volleyball training on the Mount beach in the morning (yes, even in winter), then brekkie together with supermodel cat Zephyr (the younger-years George Clooney of meowsters), then a quick walk to Paper Plane to open the door for the day - joined soon after by Jo and Ngaire. 

There's gift wrapping goodies to send orders from the online store out the door, and boxes-and-boxes of homeware hotties arriving daily, with new products for Paper Plane shelves. Sometimes, those boxes are filled with the most amazing antiques unearthed from around NZ and even overseas (while Tim is best known for his contemporary furniture and lighting design, he's always loved vintage, and now curates antiques for sale in Paper Plane). The weather is just better in Mount Maunganui (this is fact.) so Krista and Tim make the most of it and sneak off for a beachside lunch as often as they can. In between, there's keeping in touch with the Paper Plane fam through Instagram and the e-news, potting succulents and stringing up kokedama, designing new products exclusively for Paper Plane (Jo Wade is a graphic designer and works on art prints, cards and more), finding new brands to stock... and all that action builds an appetite, so luckily the best little Japanese joint is just around the corner and down a little lane - Mr Miyagi, located in one of the Mount's old original art deco houses. 


Swift and Click making magic from the everyday - for Fancy

A huge thank you to Fisher & Paykel for their commitment to New Zealand design in sponsoring Fancy's Day in the Life series.

Meet young NZ design collective... Proffer


Meet Proffer - 4 fresh faces from Wellington (in the pic up there, left to right)George MacLeod-Whiting, Matt Fanning, Claudia Pommer and Jack Candlish. Individually they are designers each with their own specialty disciplines and side projects, and together they are makers and creators of custom furniture and fit-outs.

Before Proffer, Jack and George were working together in Jack's signage/display business. Amongst other projects, they'd collaborated on the interior of Flight Coffee's flagship Welly city cafe, The Hanger.  When they met designer Claudia (originally from Germany but has made Wellington home), the three started dreaming out loud about making and selling their own products - they imagined a cafe-slash-store with a workshop attached to the back, so visitors could grab a coffee, shop the store, and see the products being crafted by real hands. So late last year, Proffer was born.

So now, from their industrial unit in Newtown (with a mezzanine and spiral staircase - jealous!), they're working together on large projects (like the fit-out of a few new cafes, and a recent shipping container joint called Coffee Box); bespoke display, furniture and point-of-sale design for a growing bunch of boutique and like-minded clients (Flight Coffee, Coffee Supreme, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Iko Iko....) aaaaaaand developing their own products at the same time. Jack is finalising his wooden surfboards, Claudia is working on collapsable shelving and seating, and George is designing a table, a range of bike accessories and some small homeware pieces. Everything is made in Proffer's workshop.

Moodboards and mock-ups for an upcoming eatery fit-out

After years of development, Jack is super close to launching his range of wooden surfboards
(see more about them - including a video - here)

George and Claudia discuss ideas for a client

A Proffer stool (keep your eyeball out for the online store)

George's wooden bowl

Point of sale hotness with brass

New coffee spot, designed by Proffer. (Love the black and gold paint job)

Photography by Welly-based, NZ-available Michael Valli for Fancy

New from NZ designer Tim Webber...


The Stellar side table has perforations because it's just cool like that,  but also so you can adjust the height of the ledge.

When you buy a North coffee table, you get to choose from different coloured legs and tops - including this white marble top.

I'm just gunna leave these here for you.... the Stellar sofa (with side table) - which encompasses different modules to choose from, so you can have an extra-long or L-shape sofa - and the North coffee table, new newness from NZ designer Tim Webber.

Let me just shut the door for you...

Pick n Mix


This should be right up your alley...

This is the amazing new Alex Hotel in Perth (other city hotels, ahhhh you might wanna take notes), designed by interior architects Arent & Pyke. We love how they've created shared spaces in the hotel to enjoy - lounges and a breakfast bar and outdoor spots, each one as good-looking as the last. A huge amount of the furniture and lighting was custom-designed by Arent & Pyke especially for the Alex (I spy, with my little eye, some amazing pink wooden high stools), and made by NZ's very own Douglas and Bec!  Now go back and look at the pics again... so many things I'd want in my own home. They've even got SMEG toasters. Air New Zealand, one return ticket to Perth, please.

Suuuuuuupah cute things from Belgium-based Anny Who, which is now available in NZ through new kids brand Moxie Hearts.

Really love United by Form's copper and textile wall hangings.  

If there's one thing I like, it's two things - journals and more journals. Els and Nel have just brought out the Flip, which is two-notebooks-in-one, Z-bound for people who have more than one project on the go. (Available through LETLIV here in NZ)

Appropriate name... it is a gorgeous kitchen. Located inside London's Heathrow Airport (interior and brand design by the consistently-excellent  Blacksheep).

Words for yo weekend. 
(By illustrator Dallas Clayton)

The return of... Fancy SPACES


Claw foot baths beat everything. Loving emerald green too, by the way. I vote for putting a few of your fave, matching goodies out on display (buy a couple of matching towels for home spa vibes) and everything else can go in the cabinet. The bathroom's also the perfect spot for plants.

So prettttttty. This is how you do F for fun, without in-your-face colour.

Black chairs for the win! Love the bold modern alongside feminine vintage in this space.
Also, ideas to steal: a huge (oversized) glass vase and some simple foliage is a thing you can do. Also, a coffee table book opened to a good-looking spread is a thing you can do.

It doesn't all have to be designer to be awesome. The trick to styling your space is for it not to look styled. PS: Having a huge bedroom is #lifegoals.

Another view of the same bedroom/home. So cute, right? 

A tree inside is a thing. Would you try it? 
Also, featuring one of my all-time fave things: french doors inside.

A nest built over time is better (in every way I can think of) than a home decorated top-to-toe with fast fashion. 

Love the soft grey grid tile (not too big, not too small); the vanity made from a cheap vintage table, slab of marble and sink; the chair (sit down and take your time with the daily care rituals).

Oh, hai. Well aren't you just a sun-bleached blonde hottie. Love the wishbone(r) chairs on one side of the table, a bench seat on the other... and the oversized stow basket.

This one's a NZ home, by bathroom designer Greg Chichester. Love those marble tiles (available from Tile Space), the black tapware, and the fact they kept the leadlight windows intact... 

Kitchen corner perfection (styled by Emma Fisher).

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NZ Designer Bridie Picot - Abroad...


ABROAD  |  Where we chat to New Zealanders living and creating overseas...
First up: Bridie Picot of homeware brand Thing Industries (to be accurate - one half of Thing, with Wellington-based designer Matt Smith) who's living and working in New York.

Bridie does Thing things from her home in Brooklyn, but she also works from a city shared space

My favourite Thing thing (their banana pillow) in Bridie's living room.
 (Also, I spy a magazine from home)

Birdhouse Bookshelf in Bridie and Harry's room

The Cabin bathroom caddy

Sacrificial Chair (one of Thing's first pieces) and Brick blanket
The Shack (I do love an A-frame)

Bridie and Rabbit!

Beast rug in the Shack's living area

the Shack

So, where do you live and who do you live with?
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with my fiance Harry and my dog Rabbit. We also have a house upstate New York that we go to every weekend. Up there we have four chickens; Isabella, Elsie, Harlequin and Cinderella (named by my niece, also Isabella, age 3.5). 

Where did you grow up in NZ and what did you do here before you left?
I grew up in Auckland before moving to Nelson with my mum when I was 10. I lived there till I finished high school then headed back to the big smoke. My first job was working at Pavement Magazine doing odd jobs, and later at TBWA as an account executive. I moved to New York when I was 21 and started working at Management Artists, (a photo agency), as an assistant producer. 

When did you move away from NZ and why?
Hmm, I just always figured I would. My sister had lived in London for a while and I basically wanted to be her, also I had traveled a bit with each of my parents when I was younger so I got a taste for it I guess. One memorable trip was with my mum when I was about 8; we went to New York for her 40th and bought a car for $400 which we drove all the way to San Francisco. It was the middle of summer and had no A/C, and we did the whole journey with just two tapes; Tiffany and Simon & Garfunkel. I guess I just wanted another adventure after moving to Auckland, and New York seemed like a good a place as any. 

How good was moving out of NZ for your career?
I've never been particularly focused on my career, I'm more interested in working in a nice space with good people. I guess you're always going to have more opportunities when you go to a bigger place, and I think it makes for a more random career path, which I like but it's probably not everyone's cup of tea. 

What are your fave things about living in New York?
I should say something about the culture here, but to be honest the last time I went to a gallery was in New Zealand at Christmas! I love the characters you see everywhere, the fact that you could walk down the street in your PJs talking to yourself and no one would bat an eyelash. 

Are you friends with many other expats?
Yep, but pretty much all my New Zealand friends here are people I've met since living here. And everyone is super talented. My friend Stacey Lee just showed her film at TriBeCa Shorts Festival a couple of weeks ago. All of them seem to be doing interesting creative things. 

If I'm in your city or neighbourhood - what should I go see/do that isn't on the typical tourist trail?
Come to Greenpoint, it's on the G train which gets a bad rep so there aren't any queues at the restaurants. 

Apart from the obvious ones (fam and friends, scenery), What do you miss about NZ? 
I miss pies. I miss not having to check for ticks/snakes/porcupine quills when I'm walking around in bare feet. 

How do you spend your weekends/down-time?
We head up to the Shack every weekend, even in winter. In summer we go swimming in the river and have the neighbours round for dinner. Actually we do that all year. We see our neighbours a lot. 

The Shack?
So, I bought the Shack about 2.5 years ago, before I even had a car. It's in Narrowsburg, New York and really close to the Delaware River which is great for swimming, with big rocks to jump off. It's about a 2.5 hour drive from Manhattan. We recently added the Shed which is a little sleepout with a queen bed, because the Shack is only one bedroom and we're always bringing friends up, so for them to have their own little space is nice. We're trying to get the land next door and have plans to build a big barn. We'll keep the Shack for AirBnB and as an overflow for the Barn. It'd be nice to have a big kitchen/living area with a dining table, because at the moment we eat off our laps on the sofa. 

You've recently gone full-time with Thing. How does the business work when you're in NY and Matt's in NZ? 
Well we email a lot. Sketches and quotes and photos of samples are sent back and forth. Our distribution and most of our manufacturers are in the US so I run everything from here. Matt's been over a couple of times this year for our show at Design Week and before that for some quality planning time by the pool in Palm Springs. 

What's coming up for Thing?
We're launching a few new products, big things as well as some smaller giftable things. A studio/storefront is on the cards but probably not until next year. 

Thing Industries online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram      < give them a follow!

(Trumpet Sounds).... Summer '15 collection from NZ's CITTA Design!


Reversible bedding is the best idea since cheese on crackers

Patterns from punchy, to pared back 

New fave - that huge fringed linen cushion in rose pink

The new Mono fabric light shades (each shape also comes in white and grey); simple ceramics

The landscape of Mali inspired this new collection's textures and aesthetic

New Hem sofa and Mudcloth rug (hand-knotted wool). The Mudcloth pattern of lines, arrows and dots appears on a range of goodies including cushions and tea-towels.

New Hem seating from Citta's designer Dave Moreland.
Also digging the huge linen cushions with tassels.

Love the new Obi cushion (it has embroidered accents too) and Obi rug 

Reversible linen bedding. Mmmmm...

The just-launched-yesterday Summer '15 collection from NZ's Citta Design. So many new faves! Love that the patterns run from punchy to pared back... 
OK Citta,  just take all my money.

Happy Fri-yay Pick n Mix!


Shout out to Iggy Azalea for ruining this blog's name.
And now, on with the show!

Speckled and watercoloury ceramics are definitely my jam right now. And designer Brooke Winfrey (Brooklyn, NY) makes some of the best...

Fish and Chips aren't as fattening if you buy them from a well-designed joint like this.
That's a fact. From science. (Good Fish Co, designed by the awesome Swear Words)

Art prints and cute textiles by Australian brand Stampel (designer Andrea Shaw)

Yeah, yeah I know - put a candle on it. My house is starting to resembles a shrine, or the top of a birthday cake. But it's a really lovely one though! Creamy white handmade ceramic vessel, wooden wick, and the Treehouse scent smells of pine, cedar leaf and cedar woods, juniper berries, and moss. By Australian interior designers Triibe. Totally buying.

Pared back painterly prints (all the P's!) by Copenhagen based designer Silke Blonde (more styles here)

Pineapple rug and cushion by Wood Wool Stool

In 'please take me here' news, this.  Pumphouse Point - an old industrial Pumphouse at the end of a jetty, on Australia's deepest lake, within a world heritage area, in Tasmania. It's been turned into a 12-room boutique wilderness retreat - the realisation of a dream that eco-tourism entrepreneur Simon Current held for this place for 20 years! (You can read more about the story here) Architects Cumulus Studio transformed the industrial, heritage-listed  building into a warm and stylish place to stay, with brand and identity by the never-not-excellent South South West.  I can smell the pine and fresh air from here...

And that's the perfect way to leave you for the weekend... have a lovely one!

Win! Homeware things from Thing!


I love Thing - they put Fun in functional. Thing homeware is designed by NZ's Matt Smith (and fellow New Zealander living in New York, Bridie Picot).

//  W  I  N
Your choice: either 2 x Birdhouse Bookshelves, 2 x Cabins... or one of each. MC Hammer dance!

The Birdhouse Bookshelfis the cleverest bedside buddy. Especially great in smaller bedrooms because it doesn't take up any square-footage. It comes in white, grey, light grey or mint and even has a little hole in the base for your phone charger. 

The Cabinis a little wall-mounted house to house all your bathroom bits - it has a hook for your towel, and a hole for one or two toothbrushes (cute! toothbrush chimney!)

To enter, you must do steps 1. and 2. below:

1. Follow Thing on Instagram, Facebook or both!
2. Email enter@newzealanddesignblog.com with your name in the subject line

Want an extra entry in the draw? 
For double the chance to win, you can also gram or re-gram the Thing giveaway post on Fancy's Instagram, or Share Fancy's Thing giveaway post on Facebook.

Open worldwide. Winner will be contacted Friday 31 July

Sacrificial chair (also comes in white) | Octopus hook - cute for kids' rooms

Check out the Thing online store for these cool homeware things (and more)

Looky here, it's another yummo issue of @Homestylenz for you to preview...


Photography by Tom Ferguson
Homestyle's brand new issue is on shelves now and it's their Colour Decorating special. Happy eyes! 
This home ^ is the baby of an architect and a builder... so, you know... expect awesomeness. 
(Also, don't think I didn't see you there, single rose pink door.)

Photography by Duncan Innes
This issue checks out the home of designer Ingrid Starnes (from the NZ fashion and lifestyle label Ingrid Starnes). The rest of her home is just like this bathroom set-up - sweet, simple and stylish. 

There's also a new build on Auckland's outskirts, where mid-century classics meet modern homeware. ^ Lots of colour coolness in this home! ^

And I L.O.V.E.D this next 'Colour Without Colour' story - looking through the home of interiors store owner Ange Dye (Ange owns Macy Home)...

Kitchen envy (especially those marbleised enamelware bowls)... 

Photography by Duncan Innes

Hope you enjoyed this little tease of the one-hundred-and-thirty-something pages of home and colour inspo - from the Aug/Sep issue of Homestyle, out now.  

Behind the Scenes at Swift + Click's studio (for Pop Factory's new collection)...

The Swift & Click (and On My Hand) studio - One Fourty Five

Enough looking around... time to get started!

Capturing the full Summer range on The Wardrobe (Kids' size) by Company and Things

Knocking this modelling thing out'a the park

Bridget gets the next outfit ready

 recommended daily dose of adorableness

Uncle Chris gets the next little slugger ready for his moment
Supah cute Hello Toes socks (which go down to size 'teeny') available through Pop Factory 

Bringing you a little behind the scenes look-see at Swift & Click's recent studio shoot for NZ kids' design brand Pop Factory. Love seeing young and hungry design-led NZ brands doing their thing.
On set was Pop Factory founders and bro-and-sis design team Bridget Lee and Chris Hope, with a play-gang of cute models for the day - Bridget's sons Harper and Henry, plus their buddies Frankie, Isla and Riley. With Bridget styling and Rachel shooting, Swift & Click's Jared captured us some captures of the action.

They were photographing Pop Factory's Summer '15 range, Heroes and Legends. Due to drop in August, the range is inspired by an iconic 90's baseball movie that Bridget and Chris grew up loving. There's a sporty vibe that Pop Factory hope will encourage little legends to get out and climb trees, hop fences, make friends and make a little trouble this summer. 

And here's a little tease of the final collection images...

Tootsies! Henry wears the City of Fun singlet and PF Hands boardies

Frankie says relax (sorry) in the Jailbreak tee and tracks

Riley in the Slinger tee and PF track shorts. (Graphics all designed by Chris Hope - kudos!)

The full range - get it from Pop Factory any day now...
All photography by Swift & Click for Pop Factory and Fancy

August Inside Out makes knees weak


Photography by Peter Bennetts

Styling by Claire Delmar, Photography by Felix Forest

Get this allllllll over your eyes right now. It's the August issue of Inside Out and jeepers they know how to pick 'em! 

The theme this month is Living with White, so if white interiors are your jam like they're mine, you should most def pick up this issue (it's out now). And don't think it's all stark minimalism - the homes in this issue show how to do white right, pairing their #0000 palettes with accent colours, or textures, or dramatic dark tones. One of my favourite issues of the year so far.



Annnnnd now I want a leather apron.

The studio of the Coco+Kelley blog. Lucky!
(Arched windows are on my workspace bucket list)

Camilla Broman's home is super cute.
Digging the chest-of-drawers-in-the-dining space idea.

Australian interior architect Fiona Lynch is one woman I really look up to. She has amazing taste (you can't buy taste), sets trends rather than follows them, and is a hugely hard worker. (If you like this kitchen and the two bathrooms below, you should definitely check out her website)

This is Fiona Lynch's super power - her bathrooms. I think she's the world's BEST at bathrooms. 

See what I mean?

Love this open-plan community hall vibe, especially the big poo-brown double sink. Desperately want one of these vintage 'primary school sink circa 1982' twin sinks in my bathroom.

Anyone who has the style confidence to do this to their floors and walls is someone I wanna meet and have a bagel with.

Masculine but still fresh. This colour palette would be cool for a bachelor or husband and husband. 

You know, one day we're going to look back and say: "remember when we loved circular mirrors?" For now I'll stay unashamedly obsessed. #Sorrynotsorry.

This is so lovely (except for the clock. Not a fan of the clock, guys).
Black antique-style tapware for the win.

They've given this 1990's farmhouse table a nice little makeover, aye? 

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Young NZ designer Jessie Wong and her butter-soft bag brand, Yu Mei



Photography by Maxwell Cole

Excited about this new brand by young NZ designer Jessie Wong. Yu Mei (pronounced 'you may') is Jessie's middle name, it means young and beautiful - the ideal name for her brand of handmade, buttery-soft clutches and handbags. They're the perfect marriage of purpose and prettiness, and designed with simplicity in mind. (P.S my penpals: there's lots more styles at the Yu Mei shop, I just picked a few). Originally from Wellington, Jessie studied fashion in Dunedin and fell in love with the city, and the collaborative nature of creatives there, so she's staying. One to watch, for sure.

Yu Mei   online store  /  Facebook  /   Instagram

Wild Wagon - new NZ stationery design brand!


Two from the Wild Wagon greeting card range

I made a GIF! Wild Wagon's new collection of wrapping paper

I've had my beady eye on Wild Wagon for a while, since spying Cristina Viscu's illustrated (hand painted) art prints over at endemicworld a couple of months back. The plan was always for Wild Wagon to be a stationery design brand, so Cristina has just launched a range of greeting cards and - my fave - wrapping paper in watercolour, marbled and illustrated styles. Also coming verrrry soon are Wild Wagon journals (I have my name down for two already. *clears throat* My name is Alana and I'm a blankjournalholic. It's been three days since my last blank journal purchase.)

Cards and wrapping paper available at the Wild Wagon online store and from The Bread and Butter Letter)

Hand-drawn love: Calligraphy from NZ illustrator Michaela Mcbride


Hello, white on ivory

Tradition meets today

Some babe'n bespoke letterforms for your Monday....
Mount Maunganui-by-way-of-Auckland Michaela McBride quit her job in TV to dedicate herself full time to her love of hand-drawn type. So, already I like this girl a lot. She first got a taste for calligraphy when penning invites and place names for her own wedding just a year or so ago, and since then has been prolifically practising her craft (this sort of penmanship takes dedication), and creating stationery and signage for weddings and other events.

Michaela McBride  website  /   Instagram  /   Facebook

This is how you do retail - the Gubb & Mackie flagship, designed by Jamie McLellan...


It's in the details - brass business card holder

Before he speak his suit bespoke...

If you're a man with style on 10, you'll already know of tailors Gubb & Mackie. It's a brand with a history that dates back to 1949, when two pals began making bespoke suits for the New Zealand Navy. 

This deceptively 'simple', confident space is their flagship store in Auckland, located in a category two listed building with as much heritage as the brand itself, and designed top to toe (down to that brass business card tray) by Jamie McLellan - in collaboration with the Creative Director Jordan Gibson and the team at Gubb & Mackie. The brand's maritime beginnings gets a subtle hat tip in the design direction, and every. single. detail. has been considered, just like Gubb & Mackies' handmade clothing. Faves? Probably that super modern minimalist flag as the store's signage - especially how it looks in the context of historic architecture. 

Can't not mention that paint! It's the innovative new NZ-designed-and-developed drikolor (post to come on that) in Ultramarine Blue. 

All photography by the one and only
Josh Griggs (Auckland) for Fancy