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New ~ Father Rabbit Linen:


One of the best purchases I made this year has been 100% linen bedding. Feels delicious to jump in to and wake up to. Well, Father Rabbit have just launched their own in-house linen collection. Like everything Father Rabbit do, their linen is a study in Beautiful Simplicity. There's plain bedding and pillowcase sets in white, charcoal and denim line, and also three patterned pillowcase pairs (all the P's): stripes (aka the only thing you see when you open my wardrobe), Father Rabbit's signature 'kiss', and a sweet botanic illustration. 

My fave of all though, are those Linen Filing Bags up there. Mos def on my To Buy list.
(Especially great for squishing fitted sheets into, because seriously, who can fold those suckas?)

Thing for Kate Sylvester


Special woodgrain version of Thing's cult-status birdhouse bookshelf

Dry yo'self with lumber! Woodgrain towels.

My fave of the collection - ceramic Bookend planters in white or pink (handmade by New Zealand ceramicist Gidon Bing)

Good news cartwheels! One of our fave NZ product designers (she's based in New York) Bridie Picot of Thing Industries has collaborated with one of our fave NZ fashion designers, Kate Sylvester. The Thing for Kate Sylvester collection reads from Bridie's playbook of homeware that puts the fun in functional. 

Available now online at Kate Sylvester.

Thing for Kate Sylvester


Special woodgrain version of Thing's cult-status birdhouse bookshelf

Dry yo'self with lumber! Woodgrain towels.

My fave of the collection - ceramic Bookend planters in white or pink (handmade by New Zealand ceramicist Gidon Bing)

Good news cartwheels! One of our fave NZ product designers (she's based in New York) Bridie Picot of Thing Industries has collaborated with one of our fave NZ fashion designers, Kate Sylvester. The Thing for Kate Sylvester collection reads from Bridie's playbook of homeware that puts the fun in functional. 

Available now online at Kate Sylvester.

Issuey goodness from Homestyle magazine - Spring edition:


Open Shelving is my fave but I also gotta Keep It Neat - Homestyle Editor Alice Lines
shows us how in the kitchen, bathroom and lounge.
Styling by Alice Lines, Photography by Wendy Fenwick

A moreish little aperitif from one of the many home tours in this issue
Styling by Sven Alberding, Photography by Greg Cox

Damn Juliette Wanty, you give good Style. From one of this issue's bathroom features...Photography by Wendy Fenwick

Fine as Folk. Styling by Kerrie-Ann Jones, Photography Maree Homer

In spring time, the only pretty ring time, birds sing, hey ding - ding a ding - sweet lovers love, the spring... (shout out to the original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder.) A freshy-fresh Homestyle is out on shelves this week and this Spring issue is all about refreshing your spaces for the warmer weather ahead. There's a kitchen and bathroom special, an inspiring line-up of home tours (including the most beautiful reno'd villa), and a plant theme sown through the issue, too. 

For inspo between issues, you should also follow Homestyle over on Insta.

The NZ Wrapping Paper Book - NZ Designers'& Artists' Edition



Photography and Styling by one-to-most-definitely-be-watching Bonny Stewart-Macdonald

I'm back! I missed you! We have so much to catch up on, guys - starting with this... 
Earlier this year, Ami Muir (The Kiss Co) launched The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book - 10 individual large leafs of illustrated wrapping paper, each folded to A4 and perforated inside a book. The response was so good (the book sold out), that Amy reached out to 10 of New Zealand's best illustrators and designers to come up with a pattern each for a second book The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book - The Artists' Edition. 

Well they did, and it's awesome. The 10 NZ creatives featured in this book (the first of many, we're guessing) are Greg Straight, Ami Rogers, The Monster CompanyAngela KeoghanSly & CoEmma HayesAlex Fulton, Katrina WardSally Shand, and Sarah Rose

You can pre-order copies of the book now here (and it'll be stocked around the country in the next couple of weeks)

A few interior design faves from Inside Out's October issue:


Look for this supermodel living space on the cover #thatcouchtho
(P.S: I've always wanted a pair of Miniform's Colony chairs)

You can also see a video tour of this home over on YouTube (thanks to West Elm).
Photography by Maree Homer, Styling by Vanessa Colyer Tay

I spy with my little eye, amazing half circle handles...
Photography by Shannon McGrath

Come on in - let's have a quick perve through the new October issue of Inside Out magazine, on shelves now. My fave feature this month was the Finishing Touches (design details that make all the difference) story, but as always, there's a stack of sexy homes to tour, too.

Meet NZ stylist and design store owner Gem Adams:


Blackbird Goods - online and at 25 Dalton St, Napier

Gem styling in-store

Gem, Frankie and Nathan

Blackbird curates the best for your nest - including NZ brands like Maryse skincare...

...and Curio Noir home & personal fragrance

Styling product for Blackbird's online store

Function first

The master bedroom in Gem and Nathan's first home reno.
Op shop finds live alongside treasures from the couple's travels, handmade art,
and quality-over-quantity decor

Flooring fave

All Photography by the amazing Heather Liddell (I mean, seriously - just look at her portfolio)

Meet NZ stylist and store owner, Gem Adams (aka Blackbird). Everyone, this is Gem. Gem, everyone. A year ago, while renovating their first home, Gem and husband Nathan opened a ridiculously well curated and styled store in their adopted hometown of Napier. Blackbird Goods is very much an ode to Gem's aesthetic voice - minimal but never pretentious, clean yet cosy, bohemian and botanic. She's selected brands and products you won't find littered everywhere else, alongside some seriously good vintage finds (earning the Blackbird moniker).  Next time you're in Napier, make sure you go and visit Gem and Nathan at Blackbird Goods - 25 Dalton Street in Napier, or go and explore the Blackbird Goods online store, here.

As well as running Blackbird Goods, Gem travels to Auckland regularly for styling gigs for the likes of Homestyle magazine and Habitat by Resene.

To see even more of Gem and Nathan's Hawke's Bay home, pick up the latest issue of Homestyle magazine - on shelves now. (They've actually just sold this beauty and have moved on to project #2 - turning a pokey 1915 villa, into an open, fresh, family home! I'll defo be following their journey...)

A big thank you to photographer Heather Liddell for capturing Gem and Nathan's home and business for us.

A look at Lonely Newmarket:


The bespoke brass centre table has concealed drawers

Spot the gold spout? - fresh water, on tap (stay hydrated, ladies)

This freaking beautiful, enveloping space is the newest flagship store for Lonely, designed by Rufus Knight and recently opened in Auckland's Newmarket (6B Teed Street). 

Also, let's take a moment to give a whole row of hands-up emojis to this globally successful New Zealand brand; loved by babes internationally not only for the fact that they design beautiful underwear, but for the fact that they champion women being appreciated just as they are, whatever shape they are. (If you haven't already, check out the Lonely Girls project)

This newest space layers intimacy, femininity and a hint of mystery - with its dusky pink entrance corridor,  floor-grazing inky linen curtains and warm timber touches - with bold, confident notes from the exposed piping, polished brass and statement seating. Equal parts soft and strong, just like Lonely want you to feel wearing their pieces. 



Lovely #shelfie (and cabinetry colour, and textured wall) by Australian stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones for Real Living. Photography by Brett Stevens

This blogger's beautiful bedroom feels like a slow, centred breath.

Love that cabinetry!

Our all-time fave kitchen tiling - simple white grid. 
Love an internal window also.
Oh hey, lovely cosy scene! Love those massive linen curtains.
No-one does teeny apartments like the Danish...

Chairs that don't match on one side + bench seat on the other = dining awesome. 

Country Road current collection deliciousness.

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~ WIN! ~ Copies of NZ interior stylist Kate Alexander's debut book: Finishing Touches


NZ Interior stylist and designer (and all-round awesome human) Kate Alexander (Places & Graces) believes that everyone deserves to have at least a little of their dream home in their reality. And she also believes creating a home you love isn't about major makeovers or staying on trend, or even about needing to own the home you live in. Kate, I agree with you. But how do you add those finishing touches that take your home from meh to yeah? Kate's got the answer - in the form of her debut book, Finishing Touches. 

Finishing Touches packs in 150 practical and inspirational pages of little tips and insights to help you style your home.  Buy Finishing Touches online here

We have two copies of Finishing Touches to give away! Thanks Kate!
Just head to our Instagram account to easy-peasy enter.

New Summer 16 collection from NZ designers Made of Tomorrow:


We first introduced you to NZ brand Made of Tomorrowover here (go check out their design studio!)... well those boys have been busy, and they've just launched a whole new collection. There's ceramics (love the ceramic candles), a stack of new art prints, minimalist 2017 journals and a BIG OL' XXL wall planner inspired by the iconic Stendig.

My absolute fave from the new range are the new Fold magazine holders and ledges (these join their existing Fold family of shelves and clocks) - especially that half-circle ledge. All day yes to that. Nice choice of understated colours too, guys - black, soft grey and navy. 

Go see the rest of the collection at Made of Tomorrow's online store (they're also stocked throughout NZ and now in Australia, too). 

PS Penpals: Every. single. thing. is made here in New Zealand. 

Mo' Sickness - New co-working space for Auckland creatives:


Auckland creative studio Motion Sickness have set up new digs - The Work Space - which includes a co-working space for independent creatives and entrepreneurs to set up shop. 

(Keen to rent a spot? Find out more here). 

The loft-style, high stud joint was designed by Think & Shift for Motion Sickness. Love that Turkish rug boardroom table, and neon - neon is always a good time.

The Midnight Baker opens a Toast Bar:


This mouth party is the Midnight Baker Freedom Loaf, toasted,
with basil pesto, vine tomatoes, crumbled cashew cheese and hazelnut dukkah. 

The light...  the sense of unpretentious honest-to-goodness-ness...  the TOAST - doesn't this look like just the place? It's the new home of The Midnight Baker (we introduced you to this brand and the babe behind it here - go see), where the hero is Yeshe Dawa's now cult-status Freedom Loaf, toasted and topped with various savoury or sweet bread buddies, alongside strong eightthirty coffee and artisan Forage & Bloom teas. Toast and a cuppa - one of life's best combos.

The Midnight Baker began - as so many good brands do - as a side hustle, while Yeshe worked in her 'real' job; driven by her love of baking treats late at night and her hunt for a delish alternative to wheat-based bread. Now, she and her team bake loaves for over 30 cafes and post direct to customers around New Zealand (buy online here). 

The Midnight Baker Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday at 218 Dominion Road, Auckland.
(Menu online here)

A huge thank you to Auckland-based interior and fashion photographer
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir, who captured all this lovely light
for Fancy NZ Design Blog

Hi, friend. I found us some Fancy SPACES:


Get eyeballs deep in these beautiful homes...

Seriously great leather sofa, feat. the world's single best ever affordable statement light. (IKEA is just unbeatable sometimes). This space was created by interior designer Holly Marder (go check out her blog).

I'll never not love a teeny Scandinavian kitchen. 

This super-compact, super-cute Danish home is located on an island in Copenhagen. 

My weaknesses include but are not limited to: men with builders' hands, carbohydrates, and industrial buildings converted into homes. This beauty used to be a pharmaceutical institute (you can see its  influence in this kitchen with the apothecary-cabinet-style shelving and THAT. LADDER.) See more here.

Simple and sophisticated - Melbourne apartment by Griffiths Design Studio. White and blonde, with little touches of black and brass = relevant to my interests. Photography by Sharyn Cairns

Little breath of fresh air in the form of a dining corner, to finish..

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A few NZ Design quickies:


3 minutes in heaven...

Father Rabbit has launched their own collection of linen tea towels that are as purdy as they are practical. 

Deadly Ponies' good-looking bags deserve good-looking diaries, so they designed some.  They've been so popular the last couple of years that they've extended the range for 2017 - thick pocket-sized daily planners, leather planner covers, compendiums (such a great word, compendium) and notebooks all online now. Also, they offering monogramming. Nothing says I am successfully Adulting like a monogrammed personal planner.

Formantics is a new NZ homeware brand (ceramics, cushions, art prints and more) by Visual Arts graduate Susan Christie. Loving those round floating shelves. 

Your long lost pal, the Friday Pick n Mix:


Missed you, buddy.

Renowned Danish brand Stelton (you'll probably recognise their iconic EM77 vacuum jug in that image directly above - first designed in 1977) recently commissioned Italian design studio Something to create them something (seewhatIdidthere) special to help coffee lovers rediscover the ritual of the brewing process. The Scandi-minimalist matte black set, Collar, includes the BEST looking stove top espresso maker I've literally ever seen, coffee grinder (the brass grinder can be removed and a matching lid added, so the container can double as storage for ground coffee). If anyone's looking to buy me an expensive gift, take notes. 

This is Melbourne's very cool new Design School for budding interior decorators and stylists, founded by the young duo behind Bicker Design. Ahem... blush pink steps! How inspiring does this look as a place to learn and play? 

How have I not seen this before now? The most singular-sounding, beautifully packaged perfume evah. 20 years ago, Sydney's Saskia Havekes opened a flower shop called Grandiflora. Saskia now has an international reputation not only as a florist, but also now as an author, and the creator of fragrances. Grandiflora fragrances are available around the world - including directly from the Sydney floral boutique, at the Grandiflora online store or in NZ from Blush flowers. Packaging and identity designed by legendary brand brothers, Moffitt Moffitt.

I do love a good before-and-after. This makeover of a vintage caravan will either (a) inspire you with a project idea for the coming summer or (b) make you incredibly jealous. Either way, you should go check it out, here.

I freakin love storage. I have baskets for my baskets. When I tidy away and stack and stow, I can think straight. So the Hide Away shelf by Nordic Function is definitely on my wishlist. Would make a beautifully minimal bedside solution, too. 

Just a few Fancy SPACES for your Sunday:


Melbourne house designed by Hecker Guthrie.  Oh, you want to see more? My pleasure...

You could fill an entire blog just with odes to the work of Hecker Guthrie. Shall we start one? These next ones can be our first images:

Love the brushed stainless cabinetry to make you feel like you're cooking in your own restaurant, and double love that dramatic concrete kitchen island. (Auckland home designed by architect Malcolm Walker)

I love when you stare at me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...  Photography by Pia Ulin

More from Hecker Guthrie - this Melbourne loft-like workspace for a digital marketing agency (Evolution 7).  Would ya just look at those trusses! Photography by Shannon McGrath

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl. Because you're worth it.

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~ WIN ~ your choice of $300 worth of new bed linen, from NZ's Thread Design


(Some of my personal faves from the Thread Design bed linen collection. Hint, Hint Santa.)

I know it's Monday, and it's raining, but I have something for you to cheer up Charlie - the chance to win a little everyday luxury in the form of some amazing new bed linen.

New Zealand homeware brand Thread Design, have launched a new online store for their
in-house collection of Thread bed linen (and a host of other homeware and furniture to make your bedroom better looking). The new website echoes the look and feel of Thread's concept store in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

All Thread bed linen (including kids' designs and an edit of pure linen cushions) is designed by Thread's founders and good babes Sarah Sadgrove and Katie Collis, and almost everything is made here in New Zealand, too.

Okay, time to win yourself $300 worth of your choice of Thread bed linen. And.... go!

1 ~ Visit the new Thread Design online store,
and have a nosey at all the Thread bed linen.

2 ~ Email me at enter@newzealanddesignblog.com
and tell me exactly what you'd spend your $300 bed linen voucher on. 

By entering this giveaway, you also give your permission to be added to Thread's email newsletter list
- you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Something new and predictably AMAZING from NZ's Douglas and Bec


New from NZ's Douglas and Bec - the RD Sofa. Remains true to the pared-back, unpretentious Douglas and Bec signature, but still manages to feel high fashion.

Available in chestnut or moss velvet, and in stone, fog or chestnut linen.

~ W I N ~ We're giving away sets Ashley & Co's new haircare - Wash Locks & Soft Locks:


People love modern day scent co, Ashley & Co. They love that it's all made here in New Zealand; they dig the bold but simple design and packaging of the brand, and they appreciate their conscious, natural approach to ingredients. Me too. I remember seeing those first bottles of WashUp that founder Jackie Ashley (and husband Ben) designed, thinking, "Um, YES to this. All the Yeses. Finally, a hand wash that looks GOOD sitting on your sink." Before Ashley & Co, the only other option was those awful 90's-style refillable pumps. You know the ones. Your mother in law brought you some. They were dark days. Well, we've come a long way, baby - Ashley & Co makes their WashUp in seven signature fragrances, is now sold around the world, and to the WashUp they've added a full collection of home fragrances and body care products.

Having loved this brand since the beginning, we're stoked to help Ashley & Co announce the newest members of the A&Co family - Wash Locks and Soft Locks.

Wash Locks and Soft Locks both have a 100% natural formulation are are derived from coconut oil. They've used goodies like Eucalyptus oil, which naturally gets rid of product residue build up and helps stimulate the hair follicle. The scent (called Peppy & Lucent, Ashley & Co have the best fragrance names) is my fave part - it's crushed mint, blackcurrant buds, and lemongrass.

Ashley & Co have given us some sets of Wash Locks and Soft Locks to give away,
which we're doing over on Instagram. Head there to win a set for you + one for a friend.