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Hello, Studio - Wellington's Of Noble Nature:


ONN candles - these are white sage and sea salt - with a embossed leather band

Tools of the trade alongside one of ONN's test-tube flower hangers with leather strap (on right)

'Gram Level: Expert

Katie heads off to deliver weekly goodness to Wellington's Sweet Bakery

Of Noble Nature is 27 year old Katie Rosati and 33 year old Lizzie Watson. They have an awesome friendship and professional partnership, that's recently included setting up their first dedicated studio. This dreamy little space you see here is actually a stand-alone building on Lizzie's 1/2 acre property, and the pair did all the work on it themselves, making benchtops from the original beams from the ceiling, painting, sanding and generally being kick-ass ladybosses. Katie and Lizzie felt a new, more permanent studio was the next step in levelling-up their floristry brand, as well as allowing their business to be moulded around work-life balance (Lizzie is a mum of three, and Katie's keen to start a family soon).

ONN offers a bunch (see what I did there? #notsorry) of pretty things - including wedding and event floral styling - but their main focus is affordable flower delivery within Wellington, and a monthly floral subscription service. ONN also has a few of its own homeware items for sale, including the hand-poured candles and hanging test tube vase that I pointed out in the pics above. And I know you're going to ask me who did the girls' awesome navy oilskin and leather aprons... it's Katie's leather-working partner Carl Rosati.

Of Noble Nature   online store and floral orders  /   Instagram

Images thanks to Wellington photographer Meg Wyper
for Fancy NZ Design Blog

(Meg is a lifestyle blogger at Meg & Lou, or follow her on Insta @megandlou)

Sunday, I love you. Fancy Spaces


If the Small House Movement inspires you, you've gotta go and see how light, spacious and clever this teeny 22-square-metre apartment is. Leave this blog immediately. Go.

One problem with having 4,325 cushions on the bed is where to put them at night - big woven baskets are perf for that. (Not sure why there's two in this room but hey, we're not here to judge. ) I love the layered whites in this room - it avoids looking clinical with natural materials and plenty of varying textures. 

I am totally here for any room that has an archway, and big textile wall hangings.

Cool gym style room-divider-slash-clothing-rack (DIY with instructions here)

Dark walls can work
This is what I like. Something that feels a little patched-together and lived in. Clean and modern but not too show-home. I love the little day bed/bench in the dining nook, the white sink contrasting with the black benchtop and cabinetry, and all the different materials (painted and natural floorboards, ply alongside glossy subway tiles, black cabinetry and white handleless cabinetry)

One of the bedrooms in the same house. The wardrobe is also made of ply, to match the heaboard.

Love a space that prioritises light and air. Designed by that master of modern Australian interiors, Fiona Lynch

The Swedish word for bathroom is badrum which is not an accurate way to describe this one. It's a very, very good badrum. The owners of this home found the original 1950's green tiles hidden under wood panelling and layers of wallpaper.

Let's finish with a little reading-corner appreciation, shall we?

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This is the incredibly beautiful Oaken eatery, in Auckland's Britomart precinct. Scandinavian (oiled blonde oak, muted linen, iconic Danish seating) meets industrial (exposed piping, old concrete).
Light and shade; polish and patina. Those spun copper pendants are bespoke to Oaken, conceived by Cheshire Architects - who are responsible for the entire design.

Our very favourite detail - though there are so many perfectly considered ones to choose from - is the water station, a massive old concrete double trough and industrial piping, anchored by a custom designed oak cabinet.

Oaken  /  Instagram

Photography by Sarah Starkey
(gram @sestarkey)

for Fancy NZ Design Blog

Postcards from Palm Springs - a first look at Citta's new Summer-16 collection:


Citta's furniture range continues to grow with modular, modern designs
- like this newbie, the Pop Outdoor collection

I'd like to lay a complaint. 

When New Zealand's preeminent design co., Citta, launch a new season of homeware and furniture, they provide so many lookbook photos to choose from - and they're all killer, no filler - so it takes me freakin' ages to decide which ones to share with you. 

Regards, Alana

Here's our first look at Citta's Summer '16 collection, Postcards from Palm Springs. 
They've extended their growing catalogue of seriously decent lighting and furniture (including the launch of a new modular outdoor sofa), and there are all-new cushions, a new range of bedding and throws, kitchenware and bathroomware and more. The colour palette and design style is very light and fresh, with a definite youthful, fun feel and hints of the Californian Modernist architecture and design that Palm Springs is famous for. All this goodness will be landing in the Citta online store (and your local Citta stockists) over the coming months. 

Also - can we just give a little cred to NZ stylist Sara Black for her work on this shoot? Nice, Sarah.

There's all-new stow bins and planters in this new collection (we heart storage, and Citta know this)

... and a whole new range of bedding, pillows and throws that are fresh and light in design.
This pattern above is my personal fave.

Also - did you spot those new side tables? Love the all-black.

The textile catalogue now extends to cute-as baby blankies

My tea towel collection is about to get outa hand

Just when you thought there was no other way to design a cool circular mirror... THIS.

...and they've also designed a range of table trays with the same three-quarter rim

Citta's in-house lighting range gets an injection of Palm Springs summer colours

And there's scores of new cushions. That textured, pom pom babe above is coming to my place

Love these three together...

The Summer '16 range includes a family of new, generously-sized floor rugs.
Oh, and that side table? They're also doing a large n' low coffee table version (see very top pic)

The summer collection includes a full wardrobe of clean, caj wear

Citta Design online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

Extra-special packaging for an extra-special Kokako coffee - by Auckland studio Design Dairy:


Nice little bit of limited edition packaging for you today, from Auckland studio Design Dairy.

All Kokako coffees are organic and fairtrade, but the Purosa Estate coffee is extra special - in fact, Kokako consider it the pinnacle of international specialty coffee. On their team's last trip to Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands, they discovered a truly rare and exceptional coffee, and managed to secure all of it - just six sacks. Those six sacks of beans have been turned into just 900 individual batches (hand numbered), available now, here. It's described as tasting of marmalade, pear and spice - featuring a full, juicy body, with a fine citric and berry acidity and a luscious caramel cocoa finish. Um, yes please.

Art Director Frank Turner of Design Dairy was inspired in the packaging design by the bird of paradise, PNG's national icon. It was the perfect visual representation to riff off, considering the Kokako brand is also based on a native bird. The colour palette and illustrative style came from a hand woven flag that the Kokako team were given by the growers. The package comes with an info sheet (communicating flavour notes and brew methods) that is clean, monochromatic and utilitarian - in contrast with the bird of paradise illustration on the reverse. The coffee bag reflects the original six sacks the coffee was transported in. The packaging stock is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and the coffee bag is compostable, both essential to Kokako's brand values.

Storybook scenery captured by NZ photographer Sam Stuchbury...


Something a little different for you today... NZ art director (and co-founder of creative agency Motion Sickness) Sam Stuchbury shot these beautiful images for a new children's book

It's the story of two boys - Jack and Charlie - who live on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, and who have an extremely unique life, living off the land and spending days adventuring with their dad. Photographer Sam says the mornings were absolutely freezing, but the scenes he was able to capture made it all worth it - watching mountains be bathed in pink light as the sun came up, and doing things like flying across a lake before sunrise in a jet boat. 

A few Fancy Spaces for your Sunday...


Beautiful Australian home by Arent & Pyke. Just make children wear little pairs of gloves in the lounge - small price to pay. And here's the bathroom...

How good is the black steel framing used to create the shower area? 

This is a cool little scenario - mix-don't-match chairs in black, and a very cool painterly print. By the way, if you like that print, it's available in NZ through our friends at Paper Plane

Dream studio space (with more square metres devoted to dining/coffee-ing than working, which suits me well). Styled and photographed by Riikka Kantinkoski (of Weekday Carnival) for Finnish Design Shop.

Love the freestanding grey kitchen bench, loooove that oven. 

Good, well-kept vintage just can't be beat. 

This poky little gem is like an I Spy game for awesome things. So much to love in such a small space.

Ideal guest bedroom situation, agree?

Love want and need that rug, the Flos IC lamp, the sofas upholstered in crinkly grey linen,  and the heritage wall and ceiling mouldings. Oh and that sheer white curtain hanging from the ceiling, inset from the window. Yaaaaaaas to all.

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World-class work for the International - branding by NZ's Studio South:


Little collateral love for your Monday. This world-class work is, aptly, for The International - a new 88-luxury-apartment residence in inner city Auckland. Brand and identity crafted by Studio South

A coupla NZ design Quickies:


Photography by Damian Alexander

Inspired to do.her.own.thang. after a recent trip around Mexico and the States, Auckland creative Elena Davenport has just launched Fremont Hide. Fremont Hide produces simple, understated leather caps (made from NZ deer hide).  

Ico Traders now have an all-new online shop for their growing range of furniture, lighting and homeware. (Digging these hangers.)

NZ brand Hector Rose have added a range of throws to their homeware offerings. Love me a pom pom.

Good product - check, good design - check, good packaging - check. New NZ brand The True Honey Co.


Killing it with the graphic design this week guys! Here's new NZ brand, The True Honey Co.

Authentic, ethically harvested and super duper high-grade manuka honey (NZ produces the world's finest), from hives in dense stands of Manuka bush deep within New Zealand’s remote back country. Then it's sold direct from 'bee to you' (cute!), only through True Honey Co online store.
No more middle men - sorry, supies.

It was these values of unashamed honesty and authenticity that provided the jump-off point for the design team at Marx, who are the clever ones behind this True Honey Co. brand identity. The copy - which is funny and actually interesting and brilliant - is courtesy of writer Kate Phillips.

The palette is black and bold with accents of gold (changing to a deep honey colour on non-foiled items) - we say the black is an inspired choice; being both a characteristically New-Zealand-and-proud colour, whilst also feeling luxe.

Love that they've made the MGO ratings a hero (great chance to show off some slick typography). The illustrations were done by US-based illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo. 

Marx Design collab'ed with NZ's creative packaging specialists Think (Mat Bogust of Think is a cardboard genius) to create a completely unique, ultra-protective case to ship the honey. The packaging can be shipped right across the world and doesn't need any bubble wrap, foam filler or nasty petrochemicals. It's even more beautiful and special in real life. Oh, and it has a perf. Love a perf. 

True Honey Co  online store  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

The True Honey Co was launched at the recent Food Show, and the design of their stand (also by Marx Design) was too damn good not to also share...

Cloak Cabinet by NZ designer Emma Fox


OK, gather round, I have something very cool to show you. It's the Cloak cabinet, by NZ designer Emma Fox of Well Groomed Fox. A textile 'cloak' - specially developed by Emma for this project - wraps around minimalist shelving, to create a so so stylish sideboard. Oh, and it's flat pack.

Deservedly up for a Best Award in both the Furniture and Colour (that blue is everything) categories, and currently available through Backhouse.

ABROAD | We meet NZ stylist and photographer Aimee Magne of Hope & Organic - who lives in Sweden during NZ winters...


A B R O A D  ~ Where we chat to New Zealanders living and creating overseas... 

Today, we get to meet New Zealander Aimee Magne of Hope & Organic. Aimee (35) is lucky enough to divide her time between NZ and Sweden (more about that below). Aimee gave up a decade-long corporate career to follow her creative passions, re-training at an organic raw culinary school in the US. As well as being an exceptional food stylist, Aimee is a food and design photographer, shooting locally for the likes of Mavis & Osborne, Remix Magazine, Good Magazine, Ceres Organics, Storm & India Tea Sisters, Little Bird Organics, and Amber Armitage. Her work - under the brand Hope & Organic - is beautiful and we think she's definitely one to watch...

Tell us about what you do Aimee?
I capture beauty through photography with minimalist, organic styling. I also create raw food recipes. I'm a lover of modernism, the sea, handmade wares, organics, friends like family and clean design. My husband and I also have a business importing vintage Swedish bicycles to New Zealand.

Where do live and who do you live with?
Vasastan in Stockholm was our homebase between 2008 and 2013. We had a beautiful turn of the century apartment with 4 metre high ceilings, plain fir and oak herringbone wooden floors and a kitchen from the 70's (with turquoise cupboards), that was my haven. We moved back to New Zealand, but now we spend our NZ winters in Sweden - between Stockholm (where Fredrik’s brother has an apartment on Södermalm), the family farm on the island of Gotland and the west coast namely, Gothenburg and Stillingsön.

Stockholm, you so pretty

Why Sweden?  
It is where my husband Fredrik is from. We met when he was studying in Auckland.
I love the distinct seasons, the sense of tradition, design, style and deep friendships I have made.

Tell us about your lifestyle in Sweden - how do you spend your weekends/downtime?  
A typical weekend in Stockholm for me begins with a long run (around the island Djurgården or Kungsholmen) or with a vinyasa class at either Urban Om or Inbalance on Södermalm. When we lived in Vasastan, our local hangout was either Mellqvist kaffebar or a bohemian cafe Vurma.

Weekends are for all the breads

...and the coffee. This is the very cool What's The Deli, in Gothenburg

I stock up at my favourite organic shops (the new one being Paradiset), and walk around with my camera to my favourite parts of town (e.g. Nytorget), and shops (e.g. Hope, Sandqvist, Weekday or Grandpa).

There's no need for a car in Stockholm so we spend a lot of time on our feet or our bikes.

I spy amazing old heritage buildings next to contemporary coffee joints

Preferred mode of transport = bike. Outside one of Aimee's fave design stores, Grandpa

Hope is one of the brands that inspired Aimee to leave corporate life and begin a creative career

More of Aimee's favourite brands and stores

During summer when we are more adventurous, we take a picnic and cycle far on our bikes, or we head out to the archipelago and enjoy nature.

I'm in your city/region: where should I go that maybe isn't on the typical tourist trail?
The archipelago outside Stockholm is magical. I would rent a cottage and just enjoy being isolated and in the moment. The most accessible island is Grinda and later in summer you can pick wild bilberries or chanterelle mushrooms.

Picking wild bilberries at Grinda island

Picnic on Grinda - wild chanterelle mushrooms on toast

Summer weekends spent swimming, sunning, and hanging with Family
(this is Aimee's bro in law Johan and nephew Willie)

Tell us about SteelHorse?  
We import Stålhästen bicycles - vintage inspired Swedish bicycles that are designed by our friends Martin and Erik. The inspiration in the design is trusty old bikes that our grandparents rode. When we decided to make New Zealand our home base, we wanted to bring a piece of Sweden back with us - and Stålhästen seemed like the right fit.

We currently have 5 models which we sell online - classic 3 geared bicycles (in black and red), a 7 speed (cream), and a sport version that can be transformed into a fixie. On our latest trip we were inspired by the new styles in mint green and turmeric, so hopefully these will soon be a part of our range, as well as electric bikes which would make sense in hilly Auckland!

Tell us about your journey to starting and developing Hope & Organic?  
The name Hope & Organic was inspired by a favourite fashion brand Hope Stockholm, as well as organic plant based foods, and the large part they play in my life. Hope & Organic symbolizes for me the time when I decided to make my hopes and dreams my everyday.

I was inspired to work with food, especially after attending Matthew Kenney Culinary, a plant-based cooking school with an emphasis on visual design. I had countless ideas, such as raw plant-based ice creams, kombucha, organic cold-pressed juices, and lunchbox subscriptions however a physical business didn't seem to be the right fit with our long-term goal of living in both New Zealand and Sweden.

Aimee styling dishes at a New Zealand Kinfolk event

A teeny sample of Aimee's food styling and photography

As the visual aesthetic of food was so important to me, I bought a camera and started a food styling and recipe blog. A friend saw my photos and asked me to be the food stylist for a local Kinfolk gathering, and from there I began working with other organic food and design brands.

Life seemed to be directing me behind the camera, and while my subjects have expanded beyond strictly photographing food, I like to think that my styling and approach remain close to my organic roots.

How do you make your businesses and routines of daily life work when splitting your time between Sweden and New Zealand? 
For me, time in Sweden is about living in the moment and being inspired from a work perspective, so I am carefree and take each day with an open mind. This last trip has been a lot about photography and meeting brands that inspire us in the hope of establishing contacts to work with later down the track.

Tell us about the Summer House?
The summerhouse is located in Stillingsön (Orust), about 1.5 hours from Gothenburg. Fredrik's grandparents bought the original house there in the 50's, and since then a number of our cousins have acquired their own places in this little community. It is a very unique and special place - the houses have to be painted the same colour and many of them aren't usable during the winter.

Klevebacken summer house, styled by Aimee and Karolina

Snaps from Aimee's friend's home

On this recent trip (we just arrived back in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago) we stayed with Markus and Karolina, and Karolina and I had a project to style and photograph the house which they recently renovated.

Being in the countryside, the interior styling is comprised of inherited vintage pieces, classic Swedish textiles, hand woven rag rugs (trasmattor), brass candlesticks and indoor plants, mixed with modern. The blonde wooden floors are distinctly Scandinavian and Karolina's passion for the 50's shines through.  There is even an outdoor wood fired stone oven, which we use to make bread and pizza (including cardamom flavoured dessert pizzas which we topped with wild raspberries!).

How good is being away from NZ for your career/work?  
I like the feeling when I am travelling that I can just be. I'm just myself and my suitcase, and I become incredibly curious and openminded. I feel it's much easier to get in touch with my true creative vision without comparing myself to others or being influenced by trends and social media.

Aimee lives out of bags and in her summer sandals while in Sweden.
All photography by Aimee Magne, Hope & Organic

Hope & Organic   website and portfolio   /   Instagram  /    Facebook

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Short n Sweet Pick n Mix


I've long wanted one of the beautiful, modern, minimally packaged Commodity goods fragrances (designed by LA-based studio Ferro Concrete), but how do you choose? They've recently launched a Cocktail Kit with travel versions of all of their scents, so you can try each (or layer them to create a new scent). Mine just arrived in the post this morning (not sponsored guys, I just really like this brand and its packaging).

Inspired by the shape of projector lenses (or how big my eyeballs went when I first spotted it) - curved lid mapleLens box - a collaboration between COS and Hay.

Barcelona's Casa Bonay was originally a palace, built in 1869. A lot of her neoclassical features are still in tact (hello, mosaic floors), but it's now a boutique hotel, with coffee house and cold-pressed juicery, a rooftop terrace and two hotel restaurants. The owners collaborated with local makers and artisans on all the design features and special little extras.

La-la-la-la-love the Cafeteria plate collection by Philadelphia makers, Felt and Fat. Handmade from slip cast porcelain (like all of Felt and Fat's ceramics), they were created for a Brooklyn NY eatery, in collaboration with the chef-owner.

Duomo - a new series of brass lights by NZ's Anaesthetic


Photography by Pete Daly for Anaesthetic

We first introduced to New Zealand (based in Sydney) design duo Anaesthetic over here.
Well I've been keeping one beady eye on Ben and Kiri at all times, and they've just released a new collection of lights, Duomo. Fun fact - the name comes from the traditional dome-shaped churches found throughout Italy.

Minimal aesthetics, hand finished, aged brass (or powdercoated white) = totally relevant to my interests.

Sneaky peeks of Inside Out Spring issue goodness -

Ok not quite - only a few more sleeps though. Weeee! I'm feeling all those fresh Spring frequencies already though, thanks to the new September issue of Inside Out the postie delivered yesterday. 

There's a feature on mini makeovers which I'm ALL OVER, the newest furniture and homeware to love, and - as always - several tours of Australia's most inspiring interiors. Enjoy this little entree and then go get yourself the main course, out on shelves this week.

Cover story (that green is everything)
production by Carli Philips, styling by Heather Nette King and photography by Derek Swalwell

Kids room concept - styling by Jessica Hanson; photography by Phu Tang

Take a video tour of this 'Open For Inspection' home (courtesy of Go Natural Gas)
Styling by Claire Delmar; photography by Felix Forest

New Outline mirrors and Floating Shelf from NZ's Joska & Sons -


Christchurch based designer Joska Easterbrook doesn't just design things, he makes them too. That makes them twice as nice.

And he's been busy designing and making some twice-nice new things. There's Outline, a range of circular mirrors in various tints - slate, gold, rose gold or no tint - and with a matte black or polished brass band. And a floating shelf-with-drawer with brass brackets, in natural oak or a burnt black finish.

Joska & Sons shop here.

Pick n Mix tiiiiiime!



Photography by Derek Swalwell

In my upcoming book, titled Freaking Inspiring Women Volume I, Simone Haag is on page one, underlined and with an asterisk next to her name. The Australian interior designer has killed me dead yet again, R.I.P me, with another freaking amazing renovation and styling project - Angler's Shack on Phillip Island. The beach bach is Simone's family's coastal property, and is also available for holiday rental (go here to book - I'll come with). See more of Simone's incredible work at her website

Photography by Annette O’Brien. Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors.

Guys, we also need to talk about Australian brand Sage & Clare. THEY ARE SO. FUN! A couple of these images are from their Autumn Winter collection which is now all sold out, but the rest are brand new products in the Sage and Clare Summer 16 collection, Love Shack.  (Great, now I have that song stuck in my head.) 

Sage and Clare say this about their new collection - The Love Shack Collection is about coming home, wherever that may be; a familiar scent, a sandy beach or a sweet melody... stays at Nanna and Pops house, sleeping soundly on faded floral sheets, long days at the beach under our brilliant, scorching sun. 

We love the modern, minimal, masculine work of hot (yip - I said it) Canadian designer Philippe Malouin. These two pieces, designed by Philippe for OTHR, are both 3d-printedsteel. Yes, there are 3d printers that print steel.  What a time to be alive. The Connection Vessel (at top) belongs on the bedside table of any discerning manly man - it has the look and feel of old cast iron, but with an exact precision of form that can only be achieved with modern technology. 

One of our favourite Australian brands, Lightly (by designer Cindy-Lee Davies) also has a new collection, Cinnamon. 

Cindy-Lee has designed 35 lovely new things across tabletop, lighting, dining and living. I especially love the new Cinnamon range of simple circular trays, (that salmony clay colour though!) and the new Lightly planters made from powder-coated spun metal.

Might have to re-name this blog Australian People - Damn, Why Do They Have To Be So Attractive And Good At Everything. This is the Easel mirror, by Brisbane architect Paul Owen. 

The world of Curio Noir


The Curio Noir flagship store - photography by Simon Wilson

Diaphanous candle (mandarin, sambac jasmine, saffron, narcissus absolute,
cayenne pepper and amber) 
Photography by Pam Tinning

Tobacco Night candle (sage, coriander, elemi, amber and musk)
 Shot by Steven Boniface

The Black Spice fragrance (aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh tea leaves)
is poured into a smokey grey vessel. Photography Harlin Davey

Curio Noir plant based soaps offer a delicate fragance for the body.
Image by NZ photography and stylist duo, Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel

Curio Noir Pocket Parfum - a little magical alchemy in a 5ml French perfume bottle
(Photography Evie Mackay)

Curio Noir Film by NZ Director (and Tiffany's husband) Andrew Morton

Curio Noir - The Craft (also by Andrew Morton)

Right guys, before we settle in  - did you watch the short films up there? Please do.

Curio Noir founder Tiffany Jeans had an award-winning career - before all this loveliness you see here - in fashion and advertising. But she gave it up to follow a passion that woke in her as she prepared for her wedding, creating a series of hand-cast candles for each guest. From those first candles grew Curio Noir. 

From the hand-blown glass vessels, to the development of each delicate perfume, to the utterly beautiful packaging, and to the moody, editorial campaign imagery, these ain't your average candles.

Every piece is slightly different and each one takes two, sometimes three people to finish. Tiffany designed the vessel to be used for flowers and foliage once the candle is finished. 

Earlier this year, Curio Noir opened their first concept store on Auckland's Ponsonby Road, designed by interior architect Rufus Knight (see more of Rufus' work here and here). As with the candles, every aspect of the space has more than a little magic - with details like carved bone hardware and a carved counter top that pays respect to Tiffany's Maori heritage, and a floor to ceiling bespoke display cabinet, backed with brass. The flagship space is also a perfumery, showcasing Curio Noir's newest line of perfumes, with names and notes that read like poetry. These are available in the online store as 5ml Pocket Parfums for just $35-40, or visit the Curio Noir flagship and choose a full-size perfume, and you get to also choose a one-of-one perfume bottle, each individually made by blown-glass artisans Monmouth Glass studio.

Curio Noir   Online Store  /   Stockists  /   Instagram

Bed Bae ~ new from NZ's Penney + Bennett:


New from New Zealand's Penney + Bennett, a 100% Certified Organic Cotton collection of five bedroom staples, in their popular white white net print. 

Designers Loren (Penney) and Sarah (Bennett) are committed to having all their lovey things made in New Zealand - and that's not easy for small brands to sustain, so kudos.

Your long lost pal, Fancy Spaces, has returned (with goodies from overseas for you - true friend):


Your long lost pal, Fancy Spaces, has returned (bringing gifts from overseas - true friend)

Sandy, blonde-bleached beauty. Love how clean yet soft this feels. 
Photographed by Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration.

Lived In is loved in. Also, how magic sage and deep green with light blonde timber?
Like the home above, this one was also photographed by Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration.

Current description of my situation: Instrumental downbeat hiphop playlist on Spotify, rain on the window, coffee in hand, perving at lovely interiors, and imagining that this was my house.
 Photography by Anders Schønnemann

We've featured this amazing house (designed by designed by architect and furniture designer Björn Förstberg, for his mum) before, but these are new shots. Gabled roofs do something to me.

This ones done the rounds recently, and rightly so.
Designed by Studio David Thulstrup. Photography by Peter Krasilnikoff.

The super lovely home of Rebecca Centren

Loving the blues... (P.S: Butler's Pantry!)
Photography by Sharyn Cairns, interior design Mim Design and via Inside Out.

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