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Monmouth Glass


Photo of The Esplanade (Dunedin) by Simon Wilson, Photo of French Kitchen (Auckland) by Darryl Ward

Appreciating these hand-blown glass babes from Auckland's Monmouth Studios today, on their own or in clusters (what is the collective noun for lights - a symposium of lights? A performance of lights?). All these singular pendants are available from our friends at Tessuti

Good Morning! Long Weekend Pick n Mix for you...


Happy long weekend, design buns. Keep the peace x

What is it about tiny little bowls that grab me by the heart with their tiny little bowl hands and say Pleeeease own me! Put your earrings in me! Put your salt in me! Put absolutely nothing in me and just display me on a little side table and your husband will say you don't need another tiny little bowl but you will love me! These itty-bitties from American maker Amy Hanley are peach and inky blue and have 14k gold leaf. Argh.

Father (love the name), people say it's Johannesburg's best coffee

Cute new concept, great simple design - love this 'bistro towel' from Studio Patro -  for foodies/pro cooks with heftier-than-average tea towels needs, and designed to double as an apron.

If I'm honest, the name gives me a little yawn, but oooeee I'm liking very much this swimwear brand's identity and packaging - the speckles, the white-on-white embossed sticker, the colour palette. By design studio Wide & Narrow.

Reeeeeally want a pink Doris Stool, by Australian homeware brand Milk and Sugar

You'd think we have enough candles by now but no! Melbourne's The Luxuriate have just gone and hijacked the candle game - because you can choose which type of marble vessel you like (as above or an almost-black), which type of lid you love (black, gold or copper), and which scent you'd like from their 9+ range - and yes, they ship internationally.

Ones to Watch - NZ design studio Kindly and NZ's Honest Coffee Company


Match made in 'do good work with good people' heaven - Wellington design studio Kindly and their clean, clever identity for the Honest Coffee Company.

Here's a little about each - Kindly is an independent creative outfit run by designer Georgia Yates (follow her on Instagram here). The Kindly aesthetic, says Georgia, is based on the value of minimalism, functionality, clarity and play. She also starts every concept she designs by hand - something that gives Kindly work an element of craft and originality. One to watch for sure... 
Oh and P.S: yes, that is a wax seal stamp up there. #packaginggoals

Honest Coffee is a truly innovative little NZ company started around a year ago by two Uni mates in their early twenties - Jayden Klinac and Josh Cole - who happen to be passionate both about good espresso, and the environment. Honest Coffee provides the only 100% biodegradable coffee capsule for your benchtop machine. Unlike other capsules, they're made of mainly plant fibres and starch (meaning you can compost them), and instead of taking 200-500+ years to break down like normal capsules, they take 180 days - that's less than an orange peel. 

Honest Coffee   website (online store)  /   Instagram

A little more of Kindly's slick work

NZ Design Quickies


A few new NZ design goodies this week...

My faves at the small batch-brewed Soda Co Six Barrel Soda have a brand new bevvie out today - Sugar Free Cucumber and Mint. There's no sweetener of any kind added... just cucumber, fresh mint and sea salt. Like a contemporary take on soda and lime - crisp and dry and dee-bloody-lightful. 
(Photography by Megan Dieudonne, packaging/label design by Smoothfluid)

Pom Pom Purse from Deadly Ponies. Put your cash and lipstick in and snap it to your keys or your bag (or your jean belt loop if you a real gangstah.)

Cute new prints for little wrigglers' rooms, by new NZ kids print brand Frankie Says.
Available from Paper Plane.

Pick n Mix time, you guys!


Like we always do at this time.... more of the best in international design to add to your good-taste plate.

Photography by Tom Blachford

Can you even? I can't. This is Fonda, a Mexican joint in Melbourne, designed by Melbourne's amazing interior architects Techné. This is the fourth Fonda in the familia, actually (there are 3 others around Melbourne). P.S: The name Fonda not only sounds like a throw-back to jazzercise 80s - love that - but means, in Mexica, a local open house with a shared kitchen. Brand visuals (including rad graphic menus) are taken care of by design studio WILDHEN.

From the never-mind-about-the-children-they-get-everything-I'll-take-this-for-myself file, kids' brand Bobo Choses have a collection of awesome rugs. 

You know you're getting old when a rubbish tin can turn you on. This is a turned concrete bin - isn't it sexy? My studio wants it bad. I'm a fan of the concrete trend and this is a more sophisticated evolution of it.

Guys! These! Handmade copper house/apartment numbers, by Australian designer and maker Simon Bethune. I know, right? And.... go! (Save me a 5 please.)

Amongst the other perfection that indie designer Caroline Gomez makes, are these yummy ceramic Float plant hangers. 

Inkster Maken caught my eye twice - once for the beautiful materials and forms of their lights, two for their creamy n' clean brand and livery, made on a letterpress by branding studio (and letterpress specialists) The Hungry Workshop. Inkster Maken products are the designs of Hugh Altschwager - a sixth generation farming son from South Australia's Limestone Coast. You can definitely see the influence of Hugh's joint Aussie farming-family and Nordic heritage in these beauties. 
P.S:  Hugh makes these beautiful limestone lights with his own two hands, and has a big golden retriever called Bear. Um, #dreamboat, just sayin.

Tauranga's recent @Kinfolkmag Gathering - (dreaming of a long Sunday lunch with my bests)


By now I'm sure you've heard about Kinfolk (magazine) Gatherings - held twice a year, in locations right around the world. Each one is a collaboration by local creatives, who put together a shared feast for local guests to come and enjoy.

A couple of Sundays ago, in the Tauranga countryside, 2015's first New Zealand Kinfolk Gathering took place. Inspired by the theme Beneath the Surface, host and stylist Shaye Woolford (On My Hand) set a banquet table for 40 with rich autumn florals, purple and yellow beetroot, purple carrots, gourds and lots of hyacinth bean vine. Shaye had invited Tauranga food maestro Nadine Bailey (Devour Catering) to craft a menu celebrating ingredients sourced 'beneath the surface', with dessert provided by loved local cakery Spongedrop (Danielle Cubis). Food stylist Aimee Finlay (Hope and Organic) then worked with the team to make every plate a piece of art. 

As they dined, guests were treated to a fabric dyeing workshop, and then - just on sunset - with tummies full and cheeks flushed, everyone took home a gift box which included some of the recipes from the menu...

Gathering host and stylist Shaye Woolford (On My Hand) setting up her banquet table - this beautiful walled courtyard is part of Tauranga wedding venue Ataahua

Babe'n botanics by Shaye Woolford

Gifts for all 40 guests

Fire going, late long lunch, glass of wine... my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon

These events are about celebrating the best of local, creative and independent businesses
 - including artisan bevvies.

Hand-painted signs by local calligrapher Michaela McBride
A gift for every guest, including seeds from Pod, naturally-dyed wrapping cloth (Furoshiki),
a recipe card printed on special seed paper (you can plant it!) from Love Notes, and more

The goodie bags included raw honey, harvested from The Forest Cantina's own at-home beehives

Auckland ceramicist Holly Houston (Houston Design Co) hand made scores of plates especially for the lunch

To start - roasted beetroot dip with feta, roasted squash dip, handmade lavosh

The menu simply showcased the hero produce, so all the dishes were a surprise
- how would the catering team make the Beneath the Surface ingredients shine?

In between courses, Gem Adams (Blackbird) gave a workshop on creating natural fabric dye from onion skins
First seated course - seared scallops with a citrus dashi broth, karengo & wakame seaweed

Lemon-baked ricotta with pickled radish salad & baby radish leaf

Parsnip & dandelion puree, braised baby carrots & slow-cooked beef cheeks

Spongedrop's Dessert was made using vanilla from Heilala
- a community aid project and local business that's fast-becoming an international success story

Warm ginger beer cake with gingered butterscotch sauce (why hello there, butterscotch sauce) beetroot meringues, cream cheese mousseline and chocolate soil.


Rather than just giving you FOMO, I hope these yummy images inspire you to maybe set up a special long lunch at your place, with your besties, this winter... 

For those who tried to get tickets (it sold out so quick!), there will be a second series of NZ Kinfolk Gatherings later this year, so look out for that...

All photography thanks to Bubblerock

Kinfolk Gathering Wellington (parental advisory: very sexy food images) -

Last Sunday (a week after the Tauranga event), Wellington had its very first Kinfolk Gathering.
The theme throughout all the NZ gatherings was Beneath the Surface, but in Wellington it was up to food stylist and soon-to-be-cookbook-author Unna Burch (The Forest Cantina) as the afternoon's host, to interpret the theme.

So - Unna got a group of local foodies (including fellow amazing cooks Dai and Dal of My Kitchen Rules fame who are now boutique caterers), creatives and artisan businesses on board to help her put on a beautiful afternoon for the 40 Lucky McLucktown's who managed to get tickets before they sold out. 

Here's what she said: "Food brings people together. When people take time to cook you a meal that tastes delicious and you're in good company, you can't help but feel blessed. I get so much joy out of coming together with talented and creative friends and put a gathering such as this together." 

This. This is what I love so much about these events. And that's actually why I share them with you, (aside from how beautiful the food and styling is, obvs) - because these people really just do it all out of passion. And this, my buddies, is how you build a business/job and a life you love - by saying yes to what excites you, and putting yourself out there to connect with people who do the same.

Ok, let's get to looking...

 Woah - beautiful venue. This is Mojo Central, Wellington

Unna Burch - The Forest Cantina - setting each place

Florals and table styling by Shaye Woolford (and Sarah!) of On My Hand

Unna created an organic stamp to illustrate each menu - a garlic bulb painted with beetroot juice. 

Ready for Guests.
(I see you eyeing up that plate - I don't blame you. All the ceramics were handmade by Wundaire).

Cocktails and canapés to start - seared beef eye fillet on toasted sourdough with caramelised onions and horseradish crème, vegetarian mini rice paper rolls and prawns with a chilli and mango salsa. 

There's that cocktail... Matterhorn staff came along to make their Stolen Ginger Jalab - butter-washed Stolen Spiced Rum, house made thai coconut syrup, Carter's chocolate bitters and muddle fresh ginger, served with mint caviar. OMG guys are you for real?

A homemade beetroot pasta with goat cheese, fresh herbs and lemon with a sage butter sauce, toasted pine nuts and beetroot bulls blood micro greens. Um, I can't breathe.
P.S: Love those teeny tiny salt and pepper bowls by Wundaire.

NZ wine producer Huia provided an organic wine match for every single course

And because service is every bit as important as style, props to Taylor and Main's Dan and Sally, and Talia from Mojo Coffee for keeping the food and drinks (Antipodes water, Tuatara beer, and small-batch Welly-based Six Barrel Soda) flowing. 

Artist and maker Greta Menzies gave a fabric dyeing workshop (using onion skins and turmeric),
and each guest got to take home a dip-dyed tea towel with instruction card. 

Yum, main course - DIY pulled-pork tacos with a celeriac and carrot slaw, slow roasted garlic + chipotle aioli, pickled Mexican red onions and a pineapple salsa (Platters from Citta Design)

Good food, good friends, good time.

Every guest went home with a gift - The Forest Cantina raw honey (Unna has beehives - oh, and hens - at her inner-city Wellington home) and wooden honey dipper, a packet of organic seeds designed and filled by Unna, seed paper (as in, paper you can write on and then plant and it will grow into vegetables) from LoveNotes, and an artisan chocolate truffle from Wellington Chocolate Factory

With Wellington Chocolate Factory providing lots of their amazing bean-to-bar organic chocolate (and Heilala Vanilla gifting vanilla), dessert was a rich chocolate mousse cake, with a raspberry and beetroot ice cream (recipe coming soon!), beetroot paint, and a beetroot and goat cheese mini macaron made by Spongedrop

All these delicious images were captured by photographers Tim & Nadine Kelly

Watch this lovely short by the amazing Josiah of Firetale Films

Line - a new collection from Douglas and Bec


mmmmm, hand-blown blush glass

It's been a weeeeeeeeee while since NZ's Douglas and Bec have given us new goodies, but it's always always worth the wait (besides, they've been busy fitting out the new Alex Hotel in Perth - can't wait to see that!)

Line is not only a new stable of furniture and lighting, it's a new aesthetic direction for the brand. There's a more minimal, formal feel in this collection, yet there's still a warmth and playfulness that stops it from being too austere. Designed by Bec Dowie who was inspired somewhat by the work of sculptor Alexander Calder.

My fave (which isn't pictured here sorry! That's so unhelpful, Alana) are the single wall-mounted lamp (think bedside reading lights, wall mounted) with brass and grey glass - my home requires these items cheers thanks a lot.

Friday Pick n Mix yo


Happy weekend to you, and you and you. (And especially you. You're actually my favourite.)

Best Name Award goes to young Melbourne studio Dowel Jones (designers Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman) of Melbourne. Their prods and colourways are so. on. point! My faves are their stackable Hurdle chairs, the leather mousepad (only $48) and the Hurdle side tables... but see more at their website

In todays episode of Things That Make Me Feel Really Grown Up And Like I've Totally Made It - I've Made It, You Guys: I do love a brass or copper pen. They are hard to find, though - these new beauties (an ink pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil) are from Kohezi

We desperately need joints like this in New Zealand - this is SLA, in Amsterdam (there are now a few of them around the city). They're salad bars, but not in the Subway or food-court carvery kinda way - there's roasted veg and antipasto-type ingredients, all different types of cheeses (that phrase is in my Top 10 all-time fave phrases - all different types of cheeses). Check out their Instagram account

Anyway, I thought you might like to see this - the interior design at SLA spots is super cool - love the signature atrium structure inside the spaces, with the big neon SLA, and those lovely botanic walls. All designed by interior architects Nicemakers (great name).

Never not loving anything that Fort Standard make. Marble (and black granite) small shelves for items. (Warning - very spensy, but couldn't not share)

I agree, this is epic. Dramatic black photograph of roses and eucalyptus in a vintage brass vessel, shot with five different lights to achieve the right amount of contrast. Available here. Digging the gold frame too.

And for dessert, a leather 'catch all' tray.

Here's what happens when you consider the design of every detail (product and packaging)... Introducing Khloris Botanical

I was excited enough to show you this new brand purely on the quality of the packaging... but then I learned more about the product itself, and also found out the creator is actually a New Zealander, Suzanne Walker. (Well, she lived here from early childhood to age 28, so we're claiming her, kay?).

OK, let me share the Khloris story with you...  

Suzanne left the higher reaches of corporate life a couple of years ago after (like so many of us) realising that if she worked as hard and creatively for herself as she did for her corporate clients she could turn something she was passionate about into a new career, into a brand. And it just so happened she was passionate about distilled plant waters. When you place flowers, leaves or twigs into a still and infuse them with just steam, their cells burst open. I so did not know that! And when that steam cools and condenses back into water, it has been enriched with oils and plant compounds. "They are not only lovely for skin, but there's a poetic element that when you distil a flower you essentially capture it, and the time and place it was grown."  Distilled plant waters have been used in beauty products for hundreds of years, but these days they're mixed with alcohol and chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances (et al!), so Suzanne began to research what it would take to create and bottle totally pure, distilled plant and flower waters from organic, sustainable sources (including foraged wild plants). Due to the seasonality and delicate lifespan of special flowers, Khloris is not a varied product range you can choose from off the shelf anytime. Instead, they are special skin tonic combinations (containing just 2 or 3 botanic waters chosen for their effects on skin), released as very limited editions. Late last year - after 2 years of research - Suzanne released Khloris' Edition One - Witchhazel and Wild Plum Blossom

And today, Edition Two was released - Damask Rose and Frankincense. The damask rose is grown and carefully distilled on a family-run organic farm in Victoria, Australia.  The frankincense was distilled by an American woman who relocated to the Sultanate of Oman to open her own distillery (using traditional methods) after falling under the spell of frankincense. I mean come on! It couldn't be more poetic if it tried! 

And then, there's the packaging. Um, fainting. This would make the. most. amazing. gift, if you selfless enough to part with it. The bottles are a special violet (looks black) glass, designed to prolong the freshness of the waters, and the boxes and gift cards are all printed on an antique letterpress (letterpress being the perfect printing process to reflect the handmade, small-batch nature of Khloris tonics). Did you cop a big eye-full of those yummy letterpress boxes? Suzanne worked with Melbourne designers (and Letterpress lovers) The Hungry Workshop to design the brand and packaging. 

The brand mark (above) was made using an antique nature print of seaweed (nature printing was a process developed in the 1700's where plants were captured in print by pressing them into steel printing plates).  So you're holding something that's from a print from a plate made from a plant 200 years ago.

Photography by Nina Williams

Now I don't like to talk about prices so much around here guys... But knowing what you do now about the sensitive, slow process that goes into each tonic before it reaches your place, I reckon the logical next question on your lips is cost.  AUD$85 delivered to your place in NZ (or AU$92 delivered if you live in Australia, thanks GST).  You can buy this new edition online here.

Khloris website  /   Instagram

Inside Out goodies

Good news for your design and interior-loving eyeballs, the new issue of Inside Out is out. And as per, lucky me and you have sneaky peeks... (There is waaaay more in this issue than I'm sharing below - I give it 5 laying-in-bed-in-your-jarmies-while-it-rains-outside out of 5.)

Styling by Emma O'Meara, Photography by Nikole Ramsay

This home (above) is a big beautiful reno story. I think they've done copper nicely here, without it being too trendy. The trick is to not jam 14 current trends into one room... keep it classy, San Diego. 

Styling Marsha Golemac, Photography Brooke Holm

Um, if I woke up and my house was like this I would wet myself.  But like totally chill, like in a casual way. No big. It's another creation of Chris Glanville and Megan Burns (of C+M Studio). Highly relevant to my likes and interests, guys.

Here we go... A Day in the Life of - Amy Tonkin, designer at @citta_design


Photography by the amazing Swift & Click

The time we spent with Amy Tonkin was so lovely. Amy has this awesome refreshing energy about her - creative (obvi, she's a homeware and textile designer at Citta Design), calm and open. Perhaps some of that has to do with all the fresh air and time in nature she gets - whether out in the garden at her place in rural Whenuapai, or walking up Mount Eden after work. Anyway... Good People Doing Good Things, you know? I'm a fan of that. 

We got to eavesdrop on a design team brainstorm at BLOC and see patterns, palettes and products being developed for Winter 2016... Amy has my dream job, I may have to Freaky Friday swap with her.


A huge thank you to Fisher & Paykel for their commitment to New Zealand design in sponsoring Fancy's Day in the Life series.

To the power of 8 - new from NZ design collective @resident_nz


Mesh Space pendant by Flynn Talbot 

Torchon pendant lights by Nat Cheshire/Cheshire Architects

V Wall Light
by Resident Studio
Oud Lamp in Black - by Nat Cheshire

The original brass Oud Lamp (with polished crimson marble)

Resident are a little to NZ design what Tom Ford is to fashion. And once again they're representing our scene with world-class style, launching their Connecting Dots collection this week at two major international design fairs - Clerkenwell Design Week in London, and ICFF in New York.  

The focus is purely on lighting this time, with 4 new products offered - some are from individual designers, others are collaborations to the power of 8: 

There's the Mesh Space pendant (and a wall light version), a floating halo of golden light designed by Resident's newest fellow, lighting designer Flynn Talbot.

Torchon, by Cheshire Architects, is an exquisitely delicate creation of molten glass. Each glass light is individually mouth-blown and entirely unique.

V is a cantilevered wall light, with adjustable wires that hold the light to the wall, so you can hang the brass frame in a variety of ways.

And last but defo not least, the OudLamp - a fave from the existing Resident stable - has been released in black, with a perfect sphere of polished white marble (not just a sculptural feature, it's also the switch - turn the marble to turn the light off and on).

CURRENTLY - What Shelley Ferguson, editor of @yhandgnz has been up to and in to lately:

I didn't think I could like Shelley Ferguson (editor of NZ's Your Home & Garden) any more, and then she tells me she likes 90's hiphop too? You are my spirit animal, Shell. 

Working full-time and having young kids means big-time busy-ness for me so I’m loving the 99u book series for business inspo – there are three volumes filled with useful, actionable advice from 20 of the world’s top creatives. It’s about doing your best work even in the new 24/7, ‘always on’ workplace, and creating products that matter.

I can’t get enough of Ingrid Pall’s home interior Insty feed at the moment  – Norwegian design perfection! (Guys - you should follow Shelley on Instagram too - @shelleyfergusonnz)

I’m addicted to homeware stores. My current faves are Indie Home Collective, Weekend Trader, Junk ‘N Disorderly and BLOC (Father Rabbit, Citta, Douglas & Bec, Collected, BoConcept and Peppin).

At home, hubby and I can usually be found using our kids as an excuse to relive the nostalgia of our youth: playing pea-knuckle and marbles, buying Ninja Turtle masks, crafting Fimo, firing up the Soda Stream, pouring Palmolive on the Slip-n-Slide...

8am: Three Beans soy flat white. 1pm: Six Barrel Soda Co. Cucumber & Mint Soda. 3pm: Eightthirty cold pressed coffee. Any time featuring PM: Rod McDonald Wines 2014 One Off Sangiovese Rose (the label is as lovely as the taste). 

My office is based in City Works Depot, Auckland, so I’ve chosen my gold star eats from my fave surrounding spots (so much temptation all day every day!)

Breakfast: TAB (tomato, avocado, basil) bagel from Best Ugly Bagels
Morning tea tipple: Francesca Bowden’s Cocoloco Coconut Water (still in the nut, people!) from The Botanist
Lunch: The Beetball Bowl from Food Truck Garage (a happy marriage of beetroot and meatballs)
Sweet treat: Lemon tart from Scratch bakery
Dinner: Goats Curd Dumplings with Baby Leeks, Shitake Mushrooms and Sage Butter, plus a soft shell crab slider and glass of pinot gris, from Odettes.

The Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival is currently screening at Rialto Auckland. I’m looking forward to seeing the following three flicks: In Memoriam: Ian Athfield; The Brooklyn Farmer; The Nature of Modernism.

Extreme home makeover, Shelley Ferguson style. Transforming my two-storied 1960s house in Auckland’s Northcote Point into open-plan, pitched roof perfection.

I grew up on ‘90s hip-hop, so I tune into George FM for their old-school remixes – the De La Soul Stakes is High Spinna remix made my day on the way to work this morning!

My little boys aged two and three – cheeky, messy, loud and overly-energetic, but also smile-inducingly awesome.

Dine/Design - Me and You cafe, Tauranga


When young couple Kate and Joel Byrne were designing their new cafe Me and You (Tauranga), they took their cues from the first piece Kate bought for the space - a massive old antique printing cabinet (originally from a printing press in France) to be used as the main counter. It was the jump-off point for interior design that's a little more moody than your average white, light coffee spot. The exterior is painted a deep forest green, the ceiling is 100% black. 

Next came other awesome finds - antique chairs from a British Rolls Royce factory, antique tin buckets from which they sell flowers, waxed canvas and leather aprons from Artifact, huge industrial factory lights in a buttery cream colour from Boudi, and lots of reclaimed wood from an old Palmerston North school gymnasium - which Kate and Joel turned into a huge farmhouse-style table, amongst other things. 

Also on my 'I want this at home' list was the marbleised black enamelware – huge big bowls and platters overflowing with wicked salads. (Flotsam and Jetsam sell a range.)

Coffee is by small-batch roasters Three Beans, who service only a handpicked handful of cafes around the country. Try the smashed avo on sourdough. Actually try everything.

Photography by Rachel Dobbs - Swift & Click for Fancy NZ Design Blog. Go grab the latest issue of Taste magazine for a full feature on Me and You with more photos, and a crowd-fave Me and You recipe.

Backflips! It's another Friday Pick n Mix for you...


Leave it to Arro Home to make all the things you neeeeeed. These are goodies from their brand new collection, Patchwork Jungle

Looove these colour-block sketchbooks from Magma - especially the green and pink puppy.(Available in NZ from the Auckland Art Gallery or Gordon Harris)

Ceee-ute!! Little marble-patterned fabric pouches from indie Australian maker, Behr.

Clean, contemporary brass and white shelving and very cool bespoke cabinetry at new Melbourne health eatery Walk Don't Run

Australia's Studio Twocan is two sisters, Maddie and Becc - one is a graphic designer, the other a fine art graduate. Together they create these suuuuuuper cool painterly cement vessels. 

Yes, I will buy a skincare brand purely for how good it looks in my bathroom. 
(Luckily, Australian brand Musq is style and substance).

HOW GREAT ARE THESE RUGS? (All the designs are also available as art prints)

Happy weekend! 

Weekend noms to make at home, from the recent NZ Kinfolk gatherings...

It's a rainy old weekend here which means an excuse to wear your favourite cosy pants, watch 5 seasons of a TV series and try some delicious noms. Like a couple of the desserts from the recent NZ Kinfolk Gatherings, maybe? 

Photograph by Tim & Nadine Kelly

Photograph by Bubblerock

From the Wellington event, we have the big hit of the night, the beetroot and raspberry ice cream (created by event host Unna of The Forest Cantina). And from the Tauranga event, hosted by stylist Shaye of On My Hand, whip some sweet little beetroot meringues, crafted by Danielle of Spongedrop cakery

Click the View Recipes link below...

Beetroot Meringues
180g egg whites (roughly 5 eggs)
400g caster sugar
10g Fresh As beetroot powder

This is a Swiss meringue, meaning the egg whites and caster sugar and warmed over a bain-marie. Bring a small amount of water to simmer in a pot. Place a bowl containing the sugar and egg whites over the pit of simmering water and whisk gently until the sugar is completely melted. Remove from the heat and beat until you have a cool, glossy white, fluffy meringue. Add the vegetable powder and fold to combine. Pipe or dollop blobs onto trays lined with baking paper. Bake for one hour, then turn the oven off, leaving the meringues inside to continue drying for at least two hours (even better, overnight). Store in an airtight container.

Beetroot & Raspberry Ice Cream

1kg beetroot
2 cups frozen raspberries 
2 cups cream
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon Heilala Vanilla paste
9 free range egg yolks 
¾ cup FairTrade unrefined sugar
1 tablespoon lime juice

Before you begin, make sure if you have one, to freeze the inside container of the ice cream maker. 

Juice the beetroot in a juicer, reserving the flesh (or grate the beetroot and squeeze the juice from the flesh through muslin or cheese cloth to extract juice – wear gloves!) Put the juice and the frozen berries into a pot and cook over a medium/high heat to reduce the liquid. Cook for around 40mins or until it has reduced to about ¼ cup, so you have a nice concentrated liquid. During the cooking time, skim off and discard any scum that comes to the top. Sieve the liquid in batches to remove seeds from berries. Set strained liquid aside to cool. 

Put the reserved beetroot flesh into a pot with the cream and the milk. Heat the beetroot, cream and milk until hot but not boiling. Set aside to ‘infuse’ off the heat, covered for 1 hour.  After 1 hour, sieve the liquid and discard the beetroot.  You should have around 3 cups of liquid that you need for the ice cream. Put the strained liquid back on the heat, add the teaspoon of vanilla pasta, and warm over a medium heat, but do not boil. 

Beat the yolks and sugar together in a stand mixer or with a hand whisk, until they are light/pale and thick. Temper the egg yolks by pouring in a little of the warm beetroot cream/milk liquid whisking so it won’t scramble the egg, then add the rest of the liquid, then return the liquid to the pot and stir over a medium heat. Cook until the custard thickens and coats the back of a spoon. Don’t over cook or your mixture will taste ‘eggy’. If you dip a spoon into the liquid, and it doesn’t drip off but coats the spoon, its done. Remove from the heat.

Add the beetroot and raspberry liquid and the lime juice into the custard and mix well. Pour into a container, allow to cool and then refrigerate overnight.  If you allow the mixture to go completely cold before churning, your ice cream will have such an amazing texture and creaminess. 

The next day churn the custard in an ice cream maker for around 30-40minutes (depending on the brand of your ice cream maker). This will turn the custard from runny to thick and almost sorbet like, but it still needs to be frozen.  Return to a clean plastic container and freeze until firm (overnight) This recipe can be made up to 2 days before you want to serve. But because there are no additives or preserves, it is best eaten as soon as you can! There are also ways of making ice cream without an ice cream maker, which you can search online for step by step instructions. 

~ Enjoy!

A look inside the latest issue of @homestylenz -

A good-looking new edish of Homestyle magazine is on shelves now and as per, I have some little perves for you...

This is the London-home of a New Zealander Anna Fraser. Um... THAT COUCH! (Also feat. black fireplace)

Photography by Julien Fernandez

I think you'll love this one... Constance (who runs fashion pop-ups) and her husband Dorian (he's a builder, jackpot) created their dream home in French Basque Country.

Photography by Evie Mackay

P'raps my fave story is Wellington couple who'd been dreaming about owning a little bolt-hole in the country... they spotted an old Wairarapa shearer's quarters for sale on Trade Me, and set about revitalising it (they spent every weekend there for 6 months). Wanna go in together and do that? We totally should. 

New furniture from NZ designer Tim Webber A-N-D a short film:


We haven't heard from NZ designer Tim Webber from a wee while, because he's been busy working on new work, and getting ready to move into a hot new space... 

Guys, watch this perfect little Studio Insights short below - created by emerging photographer and filmmaker Stephan Vermulen. Super nice work Stephan.

Also, I'm stoked to be the first to show you Tim's brand new pieces - the Shift table and Apex shelf, both available in his online store now.

New Shift table - that's one handsome profile.

T I M   W E B B E R   A T   B L O C

Tim's moving into Bloc, Mt Eden's three-level design destination (Bloc houses Father Rabbit, Citta, Collected by LeeAnn Yare, Peppin, Bo Concept and Cool Food). He'll be sharing a space with my favourite fur-kid brand, the design-led Eight Paws

The Tim Webber & Eight Paws space at Bloc opens on 1st June, with a launch evening happening on Friday 4th June - all welcome!

For design-loving dog lovers, Eight Paws

CRUMB - a good-looking coffee joint, but more than that: An inspiring story about jumping in the deep-end of your dreams -


Sometimes, you think you're just going to post some pretty photographs of a fresh-looking new spot, and then you talk to the owner and get all kinds of inspired by their story... 


Hugo Baird is only 24, but he ain't scurrrred. Or maybe he is, a little, but it didn't stop him jumping head first into the deep end of his business dream. He's just opened his own little eatery and coffee joint - CRUMB, in Auckland's Grey Lynn.

Hugo's known for ages that he wanted to start up something of his own. After working front-of-house hospo in Sydney for years (and saving), he moved home to NZ and landed himself a job working for celebrated NZ chef, Al Brown (and kept saving). 

He was a regular at Ariki Store in Grey Lynn (living just a couple of doors down), and often half-jokingly told the owners that if they ever wanted to sell up, to let him know.

Well a few months ago, they did. But they weren't selling just the corner store, it was the entire attached villa. Hugo spoke to a mate who he knew was keen to dip a toe in the property market, and they went to see the bank. It was a long shot, but after all-nighters putting together a full business plan, they were accepted for finance. Not as much as they thought they'd need though. They were doubtful the amount they had would buy it (this is a character villa and shop in Auckland central we're talking about after all) - but call it luck, providence, fate... they won the auction. 

Less than a month after being told it was going up for sale, the space was Hugo's. He handed in his notice and then had 4 weeks to make CRUMB happen. 
Hugo's girlfriend, designer Lucy Jamieson, created the CRUMB brand and graphics, with just about everything else being designed or built or sourced by Hugo himself. The result of a small space and a small budget, is a well-considered, laid-back design with nothing gratuitous.

If there's a lesson here, it's this - Jump in, go on. I bet you can swim.

Hand-painted sign by Sam Burton of Sure Shot (yip, those clean lightbox letters were done by hand)

Love those simple stamped cups

Artist drawing of the villa (CRUMB used to be one of its 4 bedrooms); hand-lettered menu by Sam Burton of Sure Shot

CRUMB owner Hugo Baird, 24

This delicious imagery was shot by Auckland-based
designer and photographer Josh Griggs for Fancy.