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Fri-Yay Pick n Mix


Aperitif, madam?

Leather and brass trays by Skultuna making my breasts tingle. 

Markrun's Lonely Mountain cushions are pretty cute alright.

Party time, excellent. PickME stools! Would make awesome kids' bedroom side tables. 

Birthday hint to my buddies - I'd love one of these teeny marbleised concrete bowls (bedside, to put my rings in, or dining table, to put maldon salt flakes in at dinner time.) 

Mmmmm deelish, minimalist posters by Lene Norgaard.

Melbourne-based design studio Seesaw do some gorgeous brand stuff. This is a recent identity for Junction, a bar and restaurant (with a history that dates back to 1840) located between two Australian towns that each share a border along the Murray River. As lovely as all the leather, brass and copper details are, what really caught my eye here is the use of macro photos of concrete (from large painted-concrete vases that are dotted around the eatery) as a modernistic graphic element woven through the brand. Brand blog BP&O describe the conceptual tie-in of concrete better than I ever could: the images capture the unique and organic imperfections (of concrete) created by pockets of gas, some of which look like ariel photographs of river deltas, or cross sections of sediment, which feels rather appropriate for a restaurant set at the heart of a river based community.

You'll find Ace Hotels in London, LA and New York. Not only are they well-designed hotels (oh my god, the bathrooms tho) located in thriving creative city precincts, they're also decorated - in the main - with art, textiles and home goods designed by local creatives. Anywhoodle - the reason I mention all this (apart from if you're planning a trip to London or NYC soon), is that they also have an online store so you can buy some of the cool-ass shit you see in the hotel(s), like this leather tray... a collaboration between Ace Hotel and LA leather brand Billykirk.

Bust out yo bubble skirt and belt bags, the 80s are back and these perforated metal boxes are top of my pops.

A few NZ Design quickies...


New Zealand surf brand RPM have designed their first board, and it's one hell of a good-looker.

Hello to you, Auckland ceramicist Yon Kavvas. I especially dig your speckled grey (sand) and gold lustre vessels.

New Zealand artist Jane Denton has a new collection of her signature embroidered works. 
(P.S: my man's handmade Company and Thingstrestle desks are looking good in-store at LETLIV.)
Ehmergerd, the baby clothes from NZ brand Peppin are adorabubble! They design all their own textiles, too. This is the pencil-sketched Peppin signature print (that Cardi is eva-ree-thing).

If it takes you more than 7 minutes to remove all the cushions off your bed/couch before you lay down/site down, you may have too many. The struggle is real. Love these ones by NZ textile brand You're Welcome (awesome name).

C U R R E N T L Y - What Claudia ZinZan from Father Rabbit has been into lately...


Let's find out what Claudia Zinzan - interior designer and owner of the superbly curated and styled Father Rabbit homeware stores - has been up to/into lately!

I've decided to just live with our current dated interior rather than doing little things so that one day we can do a big renovation. It's working, I have a beautiful view at our new house so I'm very happy with my lot.

I'm such a drag with music at a party... I'm always wanting Beyonce! In the car I listen to the National programme and am thrilled when I'm driving and it's The Panel with Jim Mora.

Monocle Guide to Good Business and any of the latest interior magazines.

We are planning a trip to France for a trade fair and it times perfectly with a wedding in Italy! Verona here we come.

A bit of wine, the odd coca-cola, so much tea, heaps of sparkling water...I'm no angel.
I can not wait to get into the new Bluff Oyster season. A great friend of mine just told me she buys a punnet a week for herself... I never in a million years would have expected that from her but it has now opened up the door and given me permission to do the same. Can you imagine it! Just having a little scoff of oysters by yourself... heaven!

Little outings to French Bay are high on my agenda (we have just moved to Titirangi), but mostly I am rushing home everyday to continue unpacking and admiring our new house! We just ventured to Queenstown and Wanaka for a wedding and I must say what they are doing with The Sherwood in Queenstown is fabulous!

We have recently moved our office and warehouse to one new location and as a result we are so much more of a cohesive team at Father Rabbit. Our staff are so awesome, everyday I am grateful to work with them and thrilled that they want such good things for Father Rabbit too. I LOVE my job so I'm pretty grateful to have my own business.

Armoire Pegs and Casserole.. I'm looking forward to her new name change and brand refresh. I love her recipes and little life moments.  There is a blog on tumblr called ThingswhatIlove - she hardly ever posts, but I'm always in hysterics or crying "Me Too" whenever I read it. She just captures domestic life so well.  I love Megan Nicol's Read in the back of the Sunday Magazine and I think they need to give her way more space.  Of course I follow so many people on Instagram so I'm always off on some tangent on the interwebs. I'm a time waster!

Father Rabbit   online store  /  Facebook  /   Instagram

NZ's Houston Design Co - ceramics that will make you eat nicer meals.


These perfectly imperfect Houston Design Co. beauties are all made by Auckland-based mumma and maker, Holly Houston (Holly is also the co-founder, with her mum, of theLittle and Fridaycafes - and all the plates at Little and Friday are now all pieces Holly has made). Those textured sand dishes are made with white clay mixed with black sand from Muriwai beach.

I would eat more salad if I had plates like these. So, you know, it's now a matter of my health that I have some.

Houston Design Co.   online store \   Instagram

Homestyle magazine Under The Covers - plus WIN a 2-Year Subscription!


Homestyle magazine's latest issue has - as per - a bunch of beautiful home tours and interior inspo, but what I really love about this Under The Covers special is the bedroom styling feature, with lots of ideas to steal for a sleepy little sanctuary at your place.

Styling by Amber Armitage (such nice work Amber!), Photography by Melanie Jenkins

Ever wanted to know what work goes into styling these shoots? Check this out...

This great little short was short and produced by Elle Plank

At the moment, Homestyle have a super excellent deal: a 2-year subscription for the price of 1!
So, you pay for a one year sub (which is bargain anyway) - and get 2 years.

(P.S, Penpals, Homestyle subscriptions are available for Australian and International delivery - handstands!!)

This is a 2-Year Subscription so I'm gunna make you work like Jane Fonda.
Get yo' leg warmers ~

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Happy Sunday!

Cinder block side table for the win...

New Zealand's Thread Design know a good bedroom when they style one.

It's not a Fancy spaces without some amazing apartment in Stockholm, right?

Love the floors, the lights, that rug, and pink with red.

My kind of Sunday morning...

This is a massive old German barn (a cowshed, to be specific) that's been turned into a home. More pics here.
Sweet corner for magazines and daydreams.

#takemehere.   (I know this isn't strictly an interior, but I'd take this view over wooden floors and white walls any day.)

Love a bit of mustard for autumn.

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Odette's Eatery gimme that good good


Photography by Simon Wilson for HOME magazine

Photographs by Anna Kidman 

This is Odette's Eatery, in Auckland's rejuv'd CityWorks Depot (a cluster of late 1960's industrial sheds that used to house city maintenance vehicles). 

The Odette's space was designed by Cheshire Architects (collaborating with co-owner Clare van Den Berg) and features, amongst other good goods, the spectacular blown-glass Parison Pendant by NZ designer and architect Nat Cheshire and those stunning black Pick Up Sticks chairs by Simon James for Resident. Special hat tip to the flatware. Love me some slicker-than-your-average flatware.

Been a long time, I shouldn't a left you, without a Five Faves to step to - to step to...


Marbled tumbler - and a range of other marbled vessels - by Milly Dent (Australian ceramicist), exclusively from MEKKA - a new NZ homeware store with a focus on prods for cooking and dining and having a good time with friends around the table/picnic blanket.

• •
Check Out linen cushion by Kip & Co, available from LETLIV.

• • •
Rope Vessels by Gemma Patford. These are on sale at the moment at Rockferry. (were $45, now $27)

• • • •
Berry colander - made of porcelain! LOVE this - and only $39 from Nest.

• • • • •
In winter, my house loves candles, things that are navy blue and listening to James Blake.
Linen pillowslips in ink blue from Tessuti.

Tables are where memories are made - write-on Memories Cloth by NZ designer...


Today, from the cool little ideas file - The Memories' Cloth, created by New Zealand designer (and senior lecturer at AUT) Francesca Zampollo. The cloth comes packaged with coloured fabric markers so you can immortalise all those awesome moments with your fam or your friends around the dinner table. Available online through Etsy.

Flying Colours - Sneak Peek at the latest issue of Inside Out


Inside Out's April issue landed in my mailbox this morning (thanks postie ) and the theme, Flying Colours, is all about playing with palettes. Ideas for trying out different colours, tours of bold, bright homes, that kind of thing. 

Styling Joseph Gardner, Photograph Sam McAdam-Cooper

I am being sucked riiiight into the pure linen bed cover thing and this isn't helping one bit, Joseph.

Styling Julia Green, Photography Armelle Habib

This hottie is from Inside Out's Colour Code story - they take several colour palettes and show you how to work up a room from each. See? Now you have to treat yo' self to a copy and read it in the bath with a glass of wine because it is educational. 

Styling Sophie Thé, Photography Brooke Holm

This house ft. that RUG!!

Want more interior goodness (silly question)? Inside Out have a new website!

Pick n Mix - Good for Good Friday


Easter Feaster...

Ah, yeah... so, this is next level, guys. The Kettle Black cafe (yes - it's a cafe) in Melbourne. Housed partly inside that AMAZING old 1880's Victorian terrace house, which is wedged in between two super modern apartment complexes. It's one of the last houses of that era remaining in the area. aaaand if that weren't enough, and they could serve me a panini in a space like that and I'd be sweet, the interior. is. insane. Designed by Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim of Studio You + Me (P.S: their practice has only been going two years. I can't wait to see what they do next)... oh my god. Best bits for me? Woah, how can you even ask me that? Too hard. Probably the pale green Doll chairs (by Cafe Culture + Insitu), and that concrete construction-pipe water station (with brass lining).

Australian label Gorman have a new homeware collection for winter '15 and these are some of my fave pieces - really love that navy rug. Can you please send a poor blogger a rug?

I'm looking for a snuggly (thanks for making everything cuggalee) blanket for winter and I would be totally OK with something intended for kids, like these reversible blankies from Rafa Kids.

How adorbs is this little rescued magpie? He lives with the Bloom family in Sydney - he's free to come and go as he pleases, but while the kids are at home (and not at school etc.) that's where he wants to be - hanging out with them, including sleeping with them. 

Pompoms and circles for the wins, thanks to the awesome New Friends for Urban Outfitters

I do love me a green juice of a morning. These sexy clean lines belong to Melbourne's Greene Street Juice Co juice bar. Kudos to the interior architect, Travis Walton.

And because I love a good backstory that shows substance along with fine-ass style like this...
Greene Street Juice Co was actually started only one year ago, by a young Australian couple, Natalie and Steve Warner, who'd just returned home after some years living in New York (on 95 Greene Street in Soho - hence the name). While they were there, they'd woken up to what they wanted out of life - and it wasn't their corporate jobs. They moved home and combined their passions to create Greene Street Juice Co. Their menu of 'elixirs' are all cold-pressed to order from local, organic, fresh (not frozen) produce and are served in the nicest glass bottles your eyes ever did see.

How have I not heard of Darling magazine before? Think Kinfolk-esque, beautiful photography and paper stock, with a raison d'ȇtre to celebrate the art of being a woman.

THIS Auckland Apartment:

Hello to you, massive steel-framed windows and parquet flooring

Photography by Jackie Meiring for Urbis magazine

Love a good bit of small space planning and a mezzanine bed. This beauty of an apartment is inside a heritage building at Number 2 Queen Street (Auckland). That old Victorian-era lift is #lifegoals. As are those massive steel paned windows. 

Also, hat tip to the designer of the space - 34 year old NZ architectural designer Rachel Higgs. This is just one of the many apartments featured in the special Urbis magazine Apartment Issue (out today).

We're looking for emerging photographers in Auckland, Welly and Christchurch:

Keen to photograph New Zealand's newest and best design and interior spaces,
and get your work and name out there? 

We're looking for emerging photographers to help us with projects
in Auckland  |  Wellington  |  Christchurch.

Email alana@newzealanddesignblog.com
- please include a little bit of info about you, what you shoot on,
and some examples of your work / a link to your work online.

/ / /

Loving Penney + Bennett textiles -


Image from our friends at LETLIV (stockists of Penney + Bennett) who make you want to spend all the money

The cushions from NZ's new Penney + Bennett are even better in person. They're so much bigger than you think, and softer. I finally got to hug and brush them against my cheek (you gotta do that when you look at cushions, right?) and they're beautiful. Designers Loren Marks and Sarah Carson have added to their launch range with a sophisticated sophomore range which includes the thick watercolour strokes of Emperor and the woodgrain/birch style they've called Ceremony. They've also turned these textile patterns into art prints with yummy gold foil detail, and a range of silk throws.  But the showstoppers are definitely the silk and linen cushions and pillowslips, in various sizes.

You can get Penney + Bennett at their online store, or go visit LETLIV or Paper Plane to have a lovely little cuddle first.

You know what time it is... Pick n Mix


Happy Friday!

Australia's Fictional Objects were one of the first to do awesome bed linen. These are some of my faves from their newest collection (Most of which are reversible. Reversible is everything.)

Yes to neon signs (Neon MFG have a bunch of them, and make custom orders)

Reason number 4,544 to visit Melbourne - the Jardan flagship store. (Jardan is my all-time-bar-none favourite furniture brand.) More like a house than a showroom, it has a kitchen, bedroom, various living areas and a colourful kids' space.

Backpack. Backpack. Backpack. Portland-based indie designers Nell and Mary have some nice things - I need to buy those cotton grid napkins for grown-up dinner parties.

Bower is a small design studio founded by two young buddies from Brooklyn, New York - Danny and Tammer.  They have such an interesting catalogue - stuff that's just experimental enough to be really cool and different, like their Stem hanging planter (from $115). And yip, there's an online shop 

 Darling Clementine (psst: NZ store For Keeps are local stockists of Darling Clementine)

Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...

My kind of office space. 

Original hardwood floors always. If you're cold, put on socks.

I'm so into the idea of a black kitchen... but do you realise how dirty it would always look? Black car owners understand the struggle.

This is exquisite, which is not a word I use a look. The ceiling moulding, the parquet floors, the old farmhouse table teamed with black chairs, the candles. Yes please.

Pure linen sheets in grey, flowers beside the bed, string lights, pictures in black frames. (Yes, I'm aware I'm just saying things at this point). Oh, and loads of storage - my OCD loves storage

Sometimes you just wanna disappear to a modernised farmhouse in the country and cook wintery things in a kitchen with a wood-burning stove and have red wine with your lunch.

Chairs as bedside tables, black floorboards, little peek of yellow.
Potted plants prettiness. Love the cafe-style table and that light, too (guys, we see it all the time - time to know its name - the Z1 Cotton Lamp). Note to self: must purchase some small concrete planters.

Amazing bathroom feat. black bath. Worldwide number one.
(By my faves Whiting Architects)

I woke up like this. (There goes that crinkly linen again - white, grey and ink make great mates). Note to self: get some navy in my life this winter.

New beach bach style - a bleached palette of white, soft grey and sand, with light timber, natural textures and distressed blues. (PS: Such a fan of C+M Studio)

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NZ Design Quickies


In and out with some good new New Zealand design...

Emerging NZ men's jewellery brand Walter Crow have collab'd with NZ leather designers Good Winter on a limited edition passport wallet, key holder (I so want one of these!) and leather utility roll.  Nude leather for the win.

NZ illustrator Greg Straight and his interior-design-loving wife have launched their new print brand - Duett. We likey.

Enjoying the packaging and inventiveness of Harpoon, a new cold brew concentrate from the guy behind coffee liqueur brand Quick Brown Fox, Dunedin-based entrepreneur Arjun Haszard. He's even engineered new equipment - essentially a giant AeroPress - to make the concentrate.
Hello, espresso martinis.  Stocked at a bunch of places right around NZ or you can buy online.

Just Another Fisherman is a new apparel brand created by a bunch of NZ fisherman who also just happen to know how to fix up look sharp. They've designed a collection of hard-wearing outdoors gear, with style-conscious little details like embossed leather labels and printed cotton canvas bags as packaging. Because there's nothing wrong with wearing some old Canterbury shorts from 6th form rugby and a Tui cap his dad won from a Citz club raffle... but when he comes home smelling like Burley, the least he can do is look good.

The Sherwood - boutique bohemian hotel in Queenstown


Staying away from home shouldn't have to mean bedding that's so synthetic it practically squeaks, milk that comes in tiny impossible-to-open packets and rubber 'eggs' at a cattle-call breakfast buffet. The late 80's called, they want their hotels back.

Queenstown is showing us all what accommodation can be at The Sherwood - a new hotel, restaurant and bar with the philosophy of a wellness retreat and a consciousness that's diffused through every part of the guest experience - think seasonal, organic cuisine harvested from their kitchen garden and surrounding farms, Paul Melser pottery to dine off, in-house yoga and meditation classes, a rotating roster of live music and film showings, roaring open fires, and guest rooms they describe as humble luxury (South Island wool blankets to snuggle in and small-batch manuka honey & myrtle bodywash to lather).

The Sherwood is set on 3 acres of alpine hillside on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, looking out onto the Remarkables ranges. 

Um... more of these places, please. 

This dreamy little video (by Veronica Crockford-Pound) really sums up the Sherwood experience...

The Sherwood Queenstown  /   Facebook  /   Instagram

A little Rainy Weekend Pick n Mix for you...


Hey! I really like you! 

Yes to a complete skincare range with modern minimalist packaging (so into the black, too).
I'm going to justify spending my money on lots of theseeke like this: First, I'm supporting an independent maker and entrepreneur (in this case, the Sydney-based Katy) rather than a massive corporate. Second, I'm choosing natural and organic, non-animal-tested loveliness, and thirdly, by opting for something that I think looks freakin' beautiful, I get pleasure from looking at it and using it, which brings a mindfulness to rituals that makes the simple, everyday things in life kind of amazing and awesome. So, yeah, um... if you needed an excuse to treat yo self to this super stylish stuff from theseeke, you just got three. Available in NZ from Father Rabbit (or directly from theseeke if you're in Australia/the world).

All my marble-loving baes will appreciate this portable phone charger.

Appreciating these Carved wooden bowls/trays for your precious little things, by Spanish design studio Kutarq.

All my bag hoes who like fresh rotation of bags on the regular, Baggu have a whole bunch'a new (affordable) styles and designs. 

Legends of Danish design Vipp (they make kitchen and bathroom wares) have designed a prefab getaway cabin they call Shelter. On a moody day like today I'd love to be somewhere in the forest in a cabin like this... 

My addiction to journals persists unabated. I'll be heading into Paper Plane this weekend to buy this newbie from Australia's Blacklist. For serious life-changing dreams and schemes. (Notebook-philes will appreciate it has blank pages, a page marker and an expanding pocket in the back).

I've been waiting for a better shot of this to emerge for weeks but dammit I can't wait any longer. This pale-apricot-dipped babe of a building is the showroom/office of a new apartment development currently underway in Melbourne, called Lt. York. The brand was designed by Earl Street, the architects for Lt. York are Room 11... so one/both of them are responsible for this loveliness.

4pm Coffee Wake-Me-Up from Marx Design and Coffee Supreme

Just dropping in at mid-arvo-slump o'clock to bring you some visual Columbian. Marx Design have launched a new website, which - amongst other solid work - includes this presentation of their so fresh and so clean-clean packaging for Coffee Supreme.