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Pinhole lights from NZs Homebase Collections

The Pinhole light shade from NZ's Homebase Collections now comes in a Dusty Pink (and in a soft blue/grey). 

Five Faves

Mesowanny  - these concrete pendant lights from Paper Plane.

 Hex chopping board by designer  Jonah Takagi, from the curated Field store

I've been looking for dapper gears for my little buddy and found Australia's Dharf.
They even have tan leather bow(wow)-ties!

New York sock brand Richer Poorer is now available in NZ,
thanks to my mates at Taylor & Co.

Liking the new range of patterned totes from Depeapa (one of my fave designers). 

New THINGS (for your home, bed and bathroom) from NZ designers Matt Smith and Bridie Picot


The Cabin - LOVE!
My bathroom needs two of these. No one else use my towel, that's my towel.

Excited about this! It's all new things from Thing Industries - New Zealand designers Matt Smith (Wellington) and Bridie Picot (New York).

Their new collection of products is so on the money - contemporary but not copy-cat, playful but not trying too hard to be 'quirky' (yes, that word deserved the apostrophes).

Reversible Brick blanket! Super cute.

ring-ring-ring... banana pillow!
display and stow away- Stoop. This needs to be in my studio.

And although this isn't new and I've blogged it before, I just have to remind you of their awesome Birdhouse bookshelf below... (all the B's!) which you can get direct from Matt and Bridie at Thing Industries, or within NZ from Teapea.

You can get this bedside buddy direct from Matt and Bridie at Thing Industries, or within NZ from Teapea.

NZ Design Awards 2014

Every year, those citizens of good taste - New Zealand's HOME magazine - run a Design Awards.

Sponsored this year by Fisher & Paykel (we love them, they also sponsor Fancy's Day In The Life series) the annual HOME awards invite NZ designers to submit their work for consideration for top honours.

The winner this year as judged by HOME is the Parison pendant for Resident, by Nat Cheshire (perfect product name).

Nat Cheshire also won the HOME magazine Home of the Year award a month or so ago. (That's no conspiracy or boys club, Nat Cheshire is just sort of an amazing renaissance man and I wish I had an award to give to him). Have you seen his SemiPermanent talk yet? You should so watch it. 

Anyway, this light is glass, mouth-blown into a digitally-designed and computer-cut wooden mould. Hand-made meets high-tech and very lovely indeed.

This is the Pi table by Paris-based New Zealand designer Roderick Fry. It's a deceptively simple trestle leg system that can hold a variety of table tops.

Oh hai, Nathan Goldsworthy. You are oneofmyfaves.co.nz
This little posse is the Ballet chairs and Ballerina tables. I love that the tables are solid wood.

You recognise this! Blogged about before, it's some of the new Timothy John for Paper Plane range - including the Bowler pendant light, Splay table and Nordic chair. I want to have a dining table that fits 24 chairs just so I can have 24 Nordic chairs around it. It doesn't make sense, I know, but who said love makes sense.

Tim Webber's very new Duffle range is super cool. The fat rope handles are relevant to my interests -love me some nautical rope. I can see this working best in commercial environments... a Koru lounge, a decent menswear concept store...

I've blogged about this one before too, the Pick Up Sticks chair for Resident by Simon James. The upholstered seat can be purchased seperately and I'm hoping it comes in a grey marle. 

I've literally been waiting for photos of these new Notch lights by Well Groomed Fox for months. At laasssssst, my love, has come along... my lonely days (pause) are over... and life is liiiiike, a sooooong. These are solid ceramic and excellent and an exciting 'welcome back' from Well Groomed Fox who have been quiet for a year or so. Way to make up for lost time, Well Groomed Fox.

Before we get distracted by those handsome faces down there, credit where it's totally due - all of these images were beautifully photographed by Toaki Okano, and styled by Kendyl Middelbeek and Samantha Totty for HOME magazine

The Awards issue (with more images and info) is on shelves now, and you should get yourself a copy.
From left: Nat Cheshire, Nathan Goldsworthy, the Tim Webber, Simon James keeping it classy-casual in some sweet Nikes (hey, I like mens shoes), Nigel Groom and Emma Fox-Derwin from Well Groomed Fox, and Timothy John.Seeing you all there together makes me want to start singing the national anthem. Loudly. First in English and then in te reo maori.

As well as getting your copy of the issue, 
you can follow HOME magazine on Facebook /  Twitter /  Instagram

Big (design) Day Out - now on 22nd June

That crazy flu that's been hammering so many people has infiltrated Kate Alexander's house, so this weekend's Shop With A Stylist tour has been moved to Saturday 22nd June.

But the good news is that because of the date change, there are 2 spots now free on the tour - come along!

Join interior stylist Kate (ooh, and me, I'll be there too) on a half-day tour of Auckland's best design shops - we'll be visiting about 15 different stores. 

There's VIP deals, a goodie bag and lunch provided - check out the event page on Facebook here or just email Kate to get those 2 remaining seats: kate@placesandgraces.com. 

Barkers x McKinlays

You know me, I love a good collab... and I love New Zealand-made. Especially made in those lovely honest Kiwi businesses that have been run by the same family for generations - the sort where they probably all stop work for morning tea at 10.30 (I bet there's a big wall Zip that keeps the cuppa water always hot), and they still use traditional techniques because - though they may not be as 'lean' or efficient - they make for a sounder quality product. 

McKinlays is one such New Zealand family business - they've been making footwear down in Dunedin for over 130 years (since 1870). That's some heritage. When Barkers wanted to engineer the perfect boot - a classic-yet-contemporary form that would last the wearer for many years, McKinlays was the natural choice. Together, they came up with a design that brings old-world craftmanship and materials together with modern, refined style. Damn we love men with good taste in shoes.

PS: On an aesthetic tip, that ankle rise is perfect. Not too low, not too high. 

What am I now? A mens footwear critic? Anyway... check out this video showing how McKinlays make each shoe, or shop the limited-edition kicks here.

Still from Barkers' campaign video (hence the blur)

Pick n Mix time!


The beautiful Rifle Paper Co (with illustrations by Anna Bond) now have wallpaper! 6 styles, 24 colourways... these two are just my personal faves.

Different illustrations on each side

Super cute pillowcases by Ferm Living, featuring the work of illustrator Ulrika Gustaffson.

American designer Stephen Kenn doesn't just make leather bags, he makes future heirlooms. This is the best marketing for an accessory I've ever seen (and if I sound cynical I'm not - you should really watch this, it's beautiful) 

And please watch this one too. You see, you can make money doing what you love, AND do good all at the same time. Inspiring.

I sort of love everything that Elisabeth Dunker (Fine Little Day) does - and in this case, both the reversible blanket she designed for Kauniste, and the location/concept she chose for the photos, too.

Gorman's HOME line has some new things! 

Ideas from this month's Homestyle magazine for The Great Indoors at your place...

The Amsterdam home of a NZ couple who've started an organic perfume company. Photography by Paula Arcklin.

Winter is good for wearing allll your trackies, eating a giant bowl of pasta, and nesting and the new 'Great Indoors' issue of Homestyle magazine has a bunch of inspiration for you. 

Photography by Larnie Nicolson
White and bright and so much space, with high ceilings and a mezzanine. This architect-designed home was built in the 1970's, but has been made modern by its new owners.

Photographer Heather Liddell's super cool renovated Caravan (Photographed by Heather, and Jonny Davis)

A few years back, my lovely man and I renovated a retro caravan. By the time we were finished, she had polished rimu floors, a minty-green kitchen, a mini Smeg-style fridge, white-wood venetian blinds... (I could go on) and then... we sold it. 

To this day, I'm still sort of angry that we did that... so the Caravan reno story in Homestyle just gave me rage-face.  But take that as a good thing, it's SUCH an inspiring reno and I'm just jealous.

Photography by Simon Wilson

This house has really dark, dramatic, bold bones (how's that staircase?) -  but with plenty of warmth in wood. You gotta see the rest of it.

Photography by Larnie Nicolson.

My hands-down FAVE home tour in this issue of Homestyle is the Scandi-styled home of Anouk Treutiger. She's from Sweden, but now lives in Auckland and works for Citta Design. 

Kinfolk Gatherings - one night, 22 countries around the world - here's what happened in NZ...


Goodie bags for all the guests

Host, event planner and stylist Shaye Woolford (of On My Hand Props, Styling & Flora)

Danielle of Spongedrop crafted the desserts  (like burnt toffee and vanilla orange mousse with stroopwafles)

All these yummy photographs taken by Danelle Bourgeois of A Couple of Night Owls
Short film by 
Quinn O'Connell 

A couple of years ago, US-based Kinfolk magazine began orchestrating Kinfolk Gatherings - intimate dinner events that happen just twice a year, held globally on the same night. The first for 2014 happened just a few weeks back and it took place in 22 locations around the world. Such a cool concept.

Here in NZ we had two - one in Auckland, and one in Tauranga - thanks to stylist Shaye Woolford and photographer Greta Kenyon. With the Kinfolk theme - this time L’esprit de la Mer - as a guide, Shaye and Greta put together a seasonal dinner menu, select and style an event space to match, and invite other makers and creatives to collaborate, to pull together a one-night-only pop-up restaurant.

Shaye created and curated the Tauranga event. Flux Boutique provided the perfect space - with its exposed timber walls, polished concrete flooring and vintage furniture and homeware - while local foodies Devour and Spongedrop served a menu that looks heavenly. (Um, slow-roasted chermoula-marinated lamb and sumac goat's cheese? Pass me a large plate.). There was boutique bevvies, a special L’esprit de la Mer edition of hand-crafted Polka chocolate just for the event, super-classy goodie bags, and even the Minty B caravan serving artisanal ice-cream. 

And how pretty is the styling and those table settings?  Shaye's a true maestro with botanics.

The next event will be on October 11th - tickets are limited to keep it small and special (meaning they sell out super fast), so put that one in your calendar. And... see you there?

Fancy Spaces

Things I love: String shelves, glass-panelled double doors to your bedroom, a favourite chair as a side table.

Really like these simple shallow ledges in place of a shelf... and I saw some at Bunnings this week - think I'll be getting on that.

I collect chairs.

Black, steely grey and white = allllright.

Predictably, I love this. Might have to change my name to something Swedish - Lykke Øresund. Middle name... Ikea.  Has a nice ring to it.

Large scale, landscape, moody photograph above the bed.
(I'm just sort of looking at things and saying them now. I love lamp.)

Ugh, yes, polished concrete floors look so good, and enable you to do a mean moonwalk whilst wearing socks. Form and function.
And there goes double doors again.

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The Wellington home of artist Max Patte (a sneak peek inside @urbismagazine)


Photography Jeff Brass for Urbis - the Art of Living issue.

Wellington (Island Bay) home of artist Max Patté (you should definitely visit his site and check out his work - it's amazing). After 10 years working on creature effects and prosthetics on movies like Harry Potter, Max left London and moved to NZ to head up the sculpture department at Weta Workshop. We're happy to have you, Max!

Lots and lots more to see of Max's home (and his work on display in it) in the latest issue of Urbis.


Urbis are now on Instagram @urbismagazine - if you are too, give them a follow!

Best Dressed/r

There they go again, putting out future design classics like it ain't no thing.  

New Dressing Table from Douglas and Bec. Entirely handcrafted, justifying the $3K price ticket. 
Love the teeny draw-within-a-draw (my all-time favourite feature of classic Mid-Century sideboards).

Swonderful Pop-Up!


Swonderful was one of the very first vintage-and-craft boutiques in New Zealand, one of the first to represent the work of indie makers and designers on city streets. 

And if you visit them on Cuba Street at the moment, you'll find a little pop-up shop within-a-shop. It's all Mylarke, Evie Kemp (and their collab brand Rust & Stardust) prods - prints and clothes and stationery and cushions and other goodies. 

More Swonderful Pop-Ups are planned, to showcase emerging NZ makers, and give them a chance to merchandise, style and sell their goodies, their way. 

This little pop-up closes up on July 4th... go check it out!

WIN! A Scandi-simple stool from NDC

I've been MIA lately... I'm so sorry! To make it up to you, I'm giving away a beeeautifully simple, Scandi-style Seti stool from NZ furniture designers NDC - valued at $195!

Handcrafted from white ash, this three-legged blondie will be the perfect perch for your desk or table, and it'll also make a super-cute little side table, too. 

You'll get to choose what finish you'd like - white ash (natural) or with a black stain. 

Okee dokee - so, all you need to do is LIKE the NDC Facebook Page
then come back here and fill in the form below. Good luck!

This comp is only for NZ readers (sorry, Iceland!)


Rocking Chair of my life!

A little cold and 'we have only just moved in' looking, but I do love the rocking chair, the white table, and those non-standard rectangular cushions.

Workspace wowwwww. And now, I want a roll of white paper... where can I find one of those?
(PS: how great are those white Ikea lockers? Pretty great.)

I LOVE ev.er.y.thing. about this (even the vintage pommel horse. hehe - that's a funny word, pommel horse.

Black and blonde is really doing it for me this year. 

You thought this was cool? Just wait till you see that window to the right...

Woah, dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the niii-hiiiight.

Itty bitty desk committee.

Happy Sunday, lovers.

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Inside Out


For years, Inside Out has been teasing us with one issue every two months. 8 weeks is a long-ass time to wait for the special brand of interior goodness they style and photograph. But not anymore… Inside Out has just moved to monthly! Double rainbow right across the sky!

In the latest issue (out now), there's an awesome story of three twenty-something guy mates - James, Michael and Daniel - who took on a complete revamp of a run-down, heritage-listed terrace house in Sydney. Turns out those boys have quite the eye (check out the photos below - great overall design and loads of awesome small touches!) and they've since started their own 'property re-birthing' business called A Gentlemen's Agreement. LOVE this. Love the name, love the gender-quashing interior design skills, love seeing good buddies go into business together….

Styling Jane Frosh, Photography Phu Tang.

Styling Emma O'Meara, Photography Nikole Ramsay
This sunny space is from the story of a young Melbourne couple and their new home build. (Loads more awesome pics of this place in the latest issue.) Dunno about you, but I'm a long term member of the window-seat appreciation society.

I spy the Lommar duvet by Tas-ka that I've blogged about before and totally want in adult size, and what I think is Blacklist's coolest print yet - both inspiring and 90's-pick-a-path-book nostalgic. (Styling unsurprisingly by my dream best friend Jessica Hanson, photography by Amanda Prior)

Fresh Linen story, styling by Jessica Hanson, photography by Amanda Prior 

How great is this styling? Love the moody greys and the projected photographs are genius. 

I N S I D E   O U T   S U B S C R I P T I O N   C O M P E T I T I O N   C O M I N G   S O O N…


NEW Craft Soda from @sixbarrelsodaco

Six Barrel Soda Co. (started by Wellington mates Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart) is doing for soda what craft brewers are doing for beer. They've been handcrafting their all-natural soda syrups for a couple of years now, seeing stockists grow throughout NZ and Australia; bars and cafes and even design stores. They're still fiercely independent and small by design, even after all the success. (James, their orchadist, drives down fortnightly with a van full of Hawke’s Bay fruit to be handcrafted into soda flavours.)

Just this week, they've launched three flavours of ready-to-drink Six Barrel Craft Soda - Raspberry Lemonade, Celery Tonic ("a classic and largely forgotten soda flavour popular in the New York delicatessens of the 1930’s… with the spice of lightly pressed celery seed and ginger, the crispness of cucumber, green apple..." YUM) and the dark horse spice monster that is Sarsaparilla. 

They're all made in very small batches at their rad little soda fountain and cafe in Wellington - and bottled, capped and labelledone-by-one (so don't get upset if your label's a bit wonky!) The brand and label design is by NZ designer Caspian Ievers of Smoothfluid

You can buy the new Craft Sodas online, and they're also popping up in good-as spots.

Interior design in the Six Barrel Soda Co. cafe;  brewing up a new flavour

The Six Barrel Soda Co. cafe, Cnr Eva & Dixon Street in Wellington City. (image via)

2014 Best Blanket of the Year (I may have made up this award)


This wins Blanket of the Year 2014. Because grid. (And circles and R E V E R S I B L E!)  
It's a collab between Forestry Home (NZ designer Virigina Busmann, now based in the Netherlands) and NZ blogger Amy from Milo & Mitzy. $211 which I think is a fine price, especially for 100% NZ wool, and available through Piece-Makers

Pop on your bib, it's Pick n Mix time…


Oh, this? It's nothing. Just whipped it up with what I found in the fridge...

I love quirky, colourful Scandinavian brand Kauniste and now I also love their new store in Helsinki! Alongside their rad screenprinted goodies are one-off vintage finds and traditional Finnish homewares.. (Images via this great blog)

I just cannot handle this cute.

I've blogged about Australian design brand Lightly a few times before - designer Cindy Lee is a long-time fave, not least for her Assemblages leather shelving system. These new lights (brass one named Smith - my fave - and marble one named Mason) are so damn good. With equally excellent imagery by the dreamteam, stylist Marsha Golemac and photographer Brooke Holm. Oh, you want a pic of the leather shelves again? OK.

I approve of these solid brass geo stands.

Moving Mountains Confetti Credenza might just be the best thing in furniture design I've seen in years.

Moving Mountain's Windsor Chair. 

Marble-based Aspect Lamps. 

A-frame Mirror

Best Dopp Kit ever.

Brooklyn, stand up! Moving Mountains is yet another exciting emerging designer  coming out of the boroughs. I came for that confetti credenza, I stayed for every single other thing. 

This is IKEA (from their even-better-than-the-other-stuff PS Range) It's only $249. I'm moving to Australia.

Hello, Frankie magazine tea towels.

Cute things from young designer Marika Giacinti. (Also, Pompoms are the new polkadots.)

ILU Frank


New Zealand apparel and lifestyle label I Love Ugly introduces its debut cologne, Frank. Apparently it smells like amber, leather and wood shavings, accented by hints of spice and fruit. I think it also smells like manly hands, good taste in music and a cooking repertoire that extends beyond spag bol.

I Love Ugly spent over a year and a half developing the fragrance in France. Now that they have the recipe, it's produced back here at home. Each 100ml bottle come in a custom gold foiled box (designed in-house, as is all the ILU stuff) and is accompanied by a double sided off-set printed poster with the story of Frank.