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Weekendery Pick n Mix!


Hey buddy. You look real good today - been green juicing or something?
Here, I made a design smoothie for you...

For the stationery nerd who has everything, well, has lots of journals anyway and doesn't need another one (yes I am describing myself) a leather pen case by LA-based designer SANKAKU. You can also buy them from the awesome General Store.

Loving these Aura mirrors by young (as in, still a student) Oslo-based designer Bjorn van den Berg

Berlin-based design collective New Tendency have a bunch of exciting stuff  - these Click shelves in copper and the Meta side table in 'old pink' (they also both come in white or black). 

Sort of a bit hidden down a Melbourne city laneway (and up some dimly lit stairs), you'll find Captains of Industry - part cafe/bistro, part gentlemen's outfitters. Alongside the well crafted food and quality espresso, there's a barbershop, a tailor and a shoemaker. Sartorial and epicurean needs covered! They make their own ginger beer, too.

These cute posters by Sarah & Bendrix were designed for kids, but I think you all know by now I like pinching kids stuff for myself.

Leather, brass, gold, simple geometry... Melbourne-based designer Georgie Cummings, your clutch game is strong.

A Day In The Life of.... NZ furniture designer Tim Webber


All photography with a huge thank you to my faves, Swift & Click 

We had a super lovely day with NZ designer Tim Webber and his right hand dude Tom Marshall (and in the early evening, with his new wife Brittany). 

Since opening his showroom just a few months ago, Tim's been busier than ever. And no-one deserves it more than this guy - as hard working as he is talented as he is lovely.

Thanks to Fisher &  Paykel for their commitment to New Zealand design 
in sponsoring Fancy's Day in the Life series.

When you name your cafe Rad, you better have the goods to back it up...

My favourite part - this block white diamond shape that extends onto the floor
(making even more of a feature of the exposed brick wall).

So good, you guys!

LOVE this huge concrete table
Rad's owner, barista Duke Tran (you know the coffee here's good).

When you decide to call your new cafe Rad, you better have the goods to back it up, Donatello. 

And this playful little Auckland spot does have the goods - mos def - thanks to the vision of owner Duke Tran and interior architects Toni and Liv from Material Creative. Wowsers in my design trousers, Material Creative. 

You can't miss it on Mount Eden Road, with its bold black facade and that RAD neon sign. The cedar bifold windows practically bring the cafe into the street, too. Once inside, the first thing you'll spot is the counter - made from literally huuuuundreds of timber shapes that were individually cut, painted, then put together to a pre-planned design. Geometric goodness, my friend.

There's also timber treehouse-style shelving, lego table numbers, and... my favourite bit.... that amazing wall that's part-brick / part-white-plaster. The plaster was cut away on an angle, creating this bold diamond shape that continues onto the floor with white paint. (That was hard to describe! Look at the pictures!)

And we know this is not a food blog, but... the rose water rather than ordinary water on your table is a magic touch, and the Rad rolls sound amaze (I'll have a Grandma's Pork Banh Mi).

Rad cafe   website /  Facebook /  Instagram

All photography by Jeremy Toth for Material Creative - thanks Jeremy!

Nat Cheshire's talk at the recent SemiPermanent moved me (and many others) to tears. Please watch it:


... and I'm not the only one.

Nat Cheshire's talk Do Not Rest at the recent SemiPermanent was one of the most profound in the event's 10 year history.  Please, please watch this.

(and Nat Cheshire, thank you.)

Design Diary - Katie and Carl / GoodMan GoodWoman


Wellingtonians Katie Merryweather and her fiance Carl Rosati are, together, GoodMan GoodWoman. Both with day jobs at the moment, they're working away at their dreams - Katie is a floral stylist, Carl makes beautiful things with leather... and they also have plans afoot to start a project together.
For now, they're documenting all their creative adventures on the GoodMan GoodWoman website.

Katie makes floral headpieces and wristlets for weddings (amongst other lovely things)

Um, yes please, Carl

The first thing I did this morning was…
Head straight for the kitchen to make a smoothie of berries, banana, pear, almonds, sunflower seeds, rolled oats and coconut water. It's my fiancé and I's morning ritual at the moment and it sure is working for us, the recipe is from the 'Little Leon Breakfast & Brunch' book.

Hello, Breakfast 

Cold-drip coffee at People's Coffee

The highlight of my day was…
Receiving a bunch of flowers from my friend Stef and also a hummingbird cake from another friend Megan. The flowers were entirely home-grown and the cake was a wedding recipe graciously tested on myself and my friends at our house-warming party tonight. Meg is such a great baker who always surprises me with her new ideas and beautiful edible decorations, I have a sneaky feeling she'll be one to watch! 

One thing I learned… 
That Marigold (aka Calendula) petals are edible and the taste can be likened to saffron. After tasting them on top of Megan's hummingbird cake I can happily say I would eat Marigold petals any day of the week now. In fact I would go as far as saying it would be dangerous for me to order them in future floral deliveries as they might make their way to my kitchen instead of into a bouquet!! 

One challenge in my day was… 
Being patient as I waited for the courier to deliver my floral order for the day. They were a little late and I tend to have a firm 'to-do' list that I like to get through so the inconvenience was not easily welcomed. But as my mother used to say; Patience is a virtue. 

If I could, I would take myself out for a cold-drip coffee at a local café and arrange flowerseveryday

Roll holder for butcher's paper: some fat nautical rope on a hook.
I'm stealing this idea this weekend.

Five Faves


And hello to you, ALL knitted Party Hats
They're made in NYC by Annie Larson, sold online at Dagmar Rousset
Not new, but finally available in New Zealand. Round Dorm - great name.
(PS: more great circle shelves here)

Home Sweet Home banner from Three Potato Four

Remember that rad Frankie magazine SPACES book?
It was a oversized coffee table book crammed with photos of creative people's homes and studios.
Well they've just announced pre-orders for SPACES Volume II - I've just ordered my copy...

Love this rug

Coz I'm easy, easy like Fancy Spaces


Nanna's blankets never looked so good. Love that Mid Century chair with the pink upholstery.
(Ps: I think those big cushions might be a deep navy and that's a damn good idea)

Hmmm... I need one of those big baskets for my cushions, too (bottom left of pic).

entranceway envy is a thing.
Plywood is also definitely a thing. Love that staircase!

Teeny tiny, but I want it to be mine-y

Steal this idea: Get an old flat board, paint it with chalkboard paint, lean it up against a wall.
Less permanent and more move-around-flexible than a chalkboard wall.
This is just perfection. Love black with blonde timber, and any place serving up a big ol' skillet of crunchy bread is home to me.
Well, that's a bit modest. It's more than OK, really.

Vintage and contemporary, youth and age, personality and austerity. Yes and yes!
I love this industrial kitchen but it feels a little cold; how about we light that candle and you use the coriander for a made-from-scratch curry? I'll drink this pinot and keep you company.

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Win Harley & Co candles (Whiskey & Blackberry - yum)


These candles by Harley & Co smell yummmmm. I've been burning a Whiskey & Blackberry one for a couple of weeks now, so good. There's also Carrot Cake, Blackberry Vanilla and Fig Tart. And cute british bulldog candles too, in black or white. They're all hand-poured at home by New Zealander-living-in-London, Claudia Giblin.

Harley & Co candles are currently only shipping within UK and Europe (free shipping throughout the UK). But Claudia's heading back home to NZ with Harley & Co later this year, so look out for shipping to NZ and Australia soon...

If you can't wait 'til then (and you're in New Zealand) just fill in the form below, and you could win a Whiskey & Blackberry glass candle and a black 'Harley' candle. 

Extra entry if you share on Facie or Instagram!

Design Diary - Kate from Antipodean Love


Kate Pierce is a mumma to two little humans, a puppy called Lulu... and also to her online store baby, Antipodean Love (as in, things you'll love from Australia and New Zealand). 

The first thing I did this morning was…
Checked my iphone for emails and overnight orders, I like to try and wake up before my little ladies and the manic morning routine kicks in.

They're happy little vegemites...

I so want one of these cinematic light boxes from Page Thirty Three

One challenge in my day was…
Keeping our gorgeous crazy puppy under control. Our backyard is full of holes in Lulu’s attempts to dig to China.

The highlight of my day was…
Hot pre-kinder date with my hubby and four year old at our favourite local cafe Vegas and Rose.  Great to have one on one time with my eldest.  Not sure who enjoyed the milkshakes more, Miss Ruby or my husband! 

One thing I achieved today…
It was a busy day for orders and there was a few wrapping sessions to get them all out the door on time. My little ‘helper’ is always close at hand, cheap labour with a two year old who works for sultanas and a promise of a trip to the playground!

If I could, I would love seven hours of uninterrupted, blissed-out sleep everyday (crazy kidlets sleeping through)

Antipodean Love   online store /   Facebook  /  Instagram

Hang It Here


These I'll Hang It Here clothing racks come from young New Zealand designer (and Moochi staffer) Melissa Brooks.  I am allll about the castor wheels.

From $319 for the Classic, $349 for the Double. Go halvies on the Double with your boyf/wifey, then get in first and put all your stuff on it. Sneaky, but efficient.

New from Matt Smith & Bridie Picot...

oooh look! NZ designers Matt Smith and Bridie Picot (he's in Wellington and she's in New York... together they are Thing Industries) made a limited-edition spotted version of their Beast Rug. It's available over at Of a Kind

New from David Moreland...


You can't walk down the road without tripping over a round mirror at the moment. Hey, no shade thrown here, I love round mirrors! Some of my best friends are round mirrors! 

But I also really dig NZ designer David Moreland's brand new Shadow mirror, designed to fit corners. Available in white and black, in two sizes and symmetrical or asymmetrical. 

Glass candles have been having a long moment - here's my pick of the best...


//  My favourite! Grace and James, started by young Melbourne babe Emma Davenport. Lots of artist-designed styles to choose from, B I G glass vessels (much bigger than your average), 80 hours burn time, and two wicks for an even burn.

//  Tom Dixon copper candle (or brass, even better), with solid marble lid - from Simon James

//  True Grace pressed-tin candle - from Lightly

//  Izola candle from Mister Mister - nice type, nice vintage style

//  Science beaker candles by Alchemy (or get them in NZ from Father Rabbit)

//  OK this is a little ridiculous at $80 from net-a-porter. But a fragrance that's the french word for Library? It'll make your study smell like rich mahogany and leather-bound books.

//  Love how masculine and graphic this one is - Saturdays Surf NYC Baxter candle

//  I doooo like a smokey/amber vessel. This Ashley & Co (NZ) candle is on my bedside at the moment. 

//  Wary Meyers is a small indie brand from Portland. Love the flecks of gold foil on their debut collection of candles (available in NZ from Douglas and Bec).
//  Harley and Co candle by a London-based New Zealand babe.

Shop With a Stylist - you should come!


The only thing more fun than looking around design stores for hours, is looking around design stores for hours with other interiors nerds, a professional stylist, lots of discounts... and a goodie bag.

Interior stylist Kate Alexander (Places and Graces) has put together a Big Day Out for design and interiors lovers. Shop With A Stylist is a half-day tour of some of Auckland's best spots for
homeware-hunting... complete with lunch along the way, goodie bag goodness and VIP discounts to be had at many of the stores. Plus awesome Kate on hand to help make those tricky 'this one or this one? or... this one?' choices.

The first Shop With A Stylist is happening Saturday June 7th and I'm coming along as Guest Stylist for this one too! See you there? There's only 10 spots on each tour, so if you're keen, don't hang aboot.

To find out more and to book, check out the event page on Facebook here.

Spaces to spend a Sunday

Best plan drawers i've ever seen. You could pretty much put these in a Westfield food court and I'd be all 'wow, amazing space'
Also very into the winter-moody grey walls and black wooden floorboards.

Mid-century touches. (Also, did you spot the mountain cushion? Cuter.)

I love that drawer on the wall but I had to Google what the proper name for it was, because I don't always know all the things. So it's a printer's drawer (used to store all the letterforms/characters). Educational.
Love this space, and perhaps the one lone black spindleback the most.

Peeks of genius. I need to see the rest of this place! Polished concrete can feel cold, but the little pops of yellow are seeing to that.

One of my fave blogger's bedrooms. I do enjoy a gallery wall that starts not far off the floor.
And a laundry basket that's not uggery.

This is a teeny apartment - the bedroom is up those stairs. I'm not such a fan of the way they've got it decorated, but what a wicked blank canvas this would be. Wanna see the whole place? It's here.

Fave bits: that print in the lounge. Herringbone floors. Grey walls, grey linen bedding.
Important: deep window ledges.
Blonde and bone.

 Giving me that sweet Sunday afternoon feeling

LOVE that light! And always keen on a bench seat.

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WIN! $150 worth of homeware


Did you guys notice new Fancy sponsors Se3 arriving on the side bar there? O, hai!
Se3 is an online design store created and curated by New Zealander and lover-of-awesome-interiors Fiona Shine.  She's bringing in the best products from super rad Scandinavian brands like Oyoy and Bloomingville from Denmark and Bang Bang Copenhagen. I want all of the things.

I have a $150 Se3 voucher to give away to one of you lucky little shitake mushrooms.

C O M P  N O W  C L O S E D
Congrats to Greer Caulton!

/ / /

New NZ furniture brand, NDC

They're like a favourite pair of jeans, these stools - timeless style, simple but well made, and they'll go with anything. They're the launch product from new NZ furniture design co., NDC.  

The hubby-and-wife team behind NDC have actually been hand-crafting custom furniture for private clients, companies and interior designers for years - including working with some well-known NZ designers, taking their concept from page to product. 

I'd love one of those low Sèti stools on the left... that fat, hand-turned blonde timber... I'd use it as a perfect little side table. 

I'm imagining running my hands all over this handsome thing...  

NDC have also created these Stack stools. If the form looks familiar, that's because they're inspired by the famous Eames walnut stools. 

What's cool with these is they're super customisable. You choose the height and colour you want (black stain or natural white ash), and put the stool together yourself, choosing how you place the middle geometric sections... you can then take a section out to shorten the stool, or switcheroo the sections for a different look. Pretty clever.
See the NDC range on their online store, or check them out on Facebook


The tan leather chair. The window. The ceiling. The floor. The non-square shape.

I have DIED! I am dead. Rest in Peace, me.

There's something about living in a teeny home that really appeals. Especially a teeny kitchen-diner, where the table has to fold out from the wall.
I Love Loft.

Aside from that cold metal side table, this is lovely. Think my bed needs a grey makeover for winter...
Ok definitely, grey it is. (That cushion and that chair though!)
I can't handle this. Someone take over please...

Tiles for miles 

(OK, fair enough. I apologise for that one. But we all know you don't come here for the Pulitzer-winning words. I think I'm just going to start using song lyrics as captions.)

Happy Sunday, lovers x

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Treat yo wall


endemicworld have loads of good new prints... 

1 //  yeah, yeah, I know - PUT A BIRD ON IT. But I can’t help lovin'this sweet budgie man. I mean, his name is Wilbur! He’s so shy and bookish. 

2 //  This Shapes & Symbols print by NZ designer Louise Sly. Simple yet super modern, and hand screen-printed… two big ticks. 

3 //  I think NZ illustrator Glenn Jones' Icecream Dream print was designed for children, but show me an adult that wouldn’t like a deca-decker (that’s 10, I looked it up) icecream. 

4 //  Pete Cromer’s stuff is super cool. My fave is probably this Man o’ War art print

5 //  What can I saw, I'm a sucker for birdies and bunnies. If you made me choose between Wilbur up there, and this handsome little guyAmbrose… well I wouldn’t choose, why are you making me choose? 

6 //  Such a big fan of Melbourne’s Inaluxe. This one’s their Lover art print, and I reckon it would feel sorta like having fresh flowers at my place every day. 

7 //  Ahoy Sailor! Super cute kid’s art print by NZ illustrator Beck Wheeler. 

8 //  I have this print in my bedroom – Garden Party by Inaluxe. 

9 //  I have a thing about apples at the moment. So this vintage/Scandi-style Apple art print by NZ designer Josh King needs to come home to my place. 

INSIDE OUT Magazine (I'm in this issue - whaaaaat!)

Thanks to the babes at Inside Out magazine, I have some sneaky preview pics for you, from the new May-June issue (on NZ and AU shelves now, or download the tablet version).

I love Clamp Lamp. Super cool styling by Jessica Hanson in the Best Buys section (photo by Amanda Prior).

This is the so fresh and so clean-clean modernist beach house of interior stylist Karen Kelly Tarasin (styled by Claire Delmar and photographed by Prue Ruscoe).

The creator of new Australian homeware label Little Dandelion lives here. 
Styling David Harrison, photography Michael Wee

And wooooooo - I'm brushing my shoulders off, because I (Alana) and this little design blog are profiled in this month's issue! I look a bit like Casper the awkward-mouthed friendly Ghost in this pic, but hey... that's my face!

I'm also Guest Pinning some awesome stuff over on Inside Out's Pinterest for the month, you should come have a look...

PS: Thanks to Rach and Jared at Swift & Click for the photos used in this profile - you're the best in the land.