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Win! Cool as Pillowcase set from Sensitive Boyfriend

When you're staring at someone and they say "Get eyes for Christmas?", you can say "Actually yeah I did, egg"... because I'm giving away two sets of these awesome Eyes pillowcases from Sensitive Boyfriend!  I love that they can be awake during the day (or winking), then flip them over and they're asleep at night. Or when it's time to get your romance on - they don'tneed to see that.

The Sensitive Boyfriend himself, Drus, has given me two of the black & grey sets (they'll go with whatever colour linen you have), but you can also get blue eyes from his online store - all only $60 for a set. 

To win:
Apart from getting eyes for Christmas, what else have you got your eye on? 
Tell me in the comments!
(and don't forget to leave your email address)

PS:  This... haha.

I love design with a sense of humour. Go here to see all of the Sensitive Boyfriend collection - stamps, more pillowcase designs, plates, tea cups and more...

endemicworld pop up shop


The endemicworld pop-up shop is still open and looking all sorts of handsome. I thought these shots taken yesterday were pretty awesome, so thought I'd share them.

PS: 20% off ever-ree-thing at endemicworld online, until Thursday (29th lunchtime). Getyeeselfsome.

(This isn't a sponsored post, I don't do those!)

Graduate designer Jade Doel

The Lightspace prototype is by NZ designer (and new graduate) Jade Doel. Called lightspace, it offers three different modes of lighting. I think this would look pretty sweet in a retail fit-out.

Mini Eco-Systems - cooler than they sound


It's the ciiiiircle... the circle, of liiiiiiiife (ingonyama nengw' enamabala, ingonyama nengw' enamabala) Oh, hey buddy! Just been singing some Lion King. I know this isn't quite the stuff you're used to on here, but I thought you might like these.   Little mini worlds - pretty cool, right? Made to order (they grow the ecosystem for you first) by NZ company bioattic.

(I actually googled the proper spelling of the chanting in that song. That's commitment.)

Another Pick n Mix of international design...

More sweets for you...

What are you talking about? This is awesome! From young designer Hosun Ching (Nertherlands).
Wonder if he'll do different colour trims - I'd take the wood with salmon pink or navy. Love the gold handles too. via
This is the towel ring of the week. $14 from Urban Outfitters, getit.

Rad wall planner, from Swedish designer Erik Olovsson. 

No-one likes keys jangling all over the show. No-one. If they say they do, they're just lying to protect your feelings. Keep keys looking sharp in this leather tidy. Mmmm, yummy. Designed by Studio Gorm.

And also by Studio Gorm, the #3 bench. I sort of want to photoshop out the chair, and leave that bench seat in the spotlight by itself. Indoor bench seats are the new macrame.

Lovely little peach mobile by Fleur Lux.
W+K Studio make lots of great stuff, like this print. A2-ish size, screen-printed, and only $20. (All proceeds Hurricane Sandy relief fund.) I don't live in New York but I'd totally have this on my wall.

We just launched Design Yeah 2013! Woooooooot


We just launched Design Yeah 2013!

12 months
12 of New Zealand’s very best designers
12 limited-edition art prints for your wall… that's the inaugural Design Yeah calendar.

Design Yeah 2013 features the work of 12 crazy-talented New Zealand graphic designers, illustrators and directors.

And - this is the best bit - micro-perforations let you to remove the calendar parts, leaving a perfect
A3-size print for your wall. That’s 12 limited-edition A3 prints, from 12 of the most awesome New Zealand designers.  

The super-talented line up:  Zoe Ikin, Sarah McNeil, Brogen Averill, Natasha Vermeulen, Curtis Baigent, Sarah Maxey, Brett King, Jenny Miles and Nik Clifford, Anzac Tasker, Ash Bolland, Gareth O’Brien and Trent Sunderland.

There are only 250 copies up for sale - $49 each. 

We're parcel-posting around NZ and to Australia, but if you want one sent to another country, just get in touch with me directly and we'll sort it.

Design Yeah 2013 is presented by Fancy NZ Design Blog and our homies at Design Assembly. B&F Papers have also supported the project year, supplying a thick 250gsm stock with a yummy matt finish.

Visit designyeah.com to order 
before Christmas or before they're gone.

A visit to Wocolate


Joshua Lindsay and Sarah Chong are the couple behind online store (and homies of Fancy) Wocolate. Looking at the products they stock, I guessed their HQ would be a pretty awesome space, so I asked to have a nosey around...

What inspired you to leave your jobs and start Wocolate?
We're both really passionate about fun, creative products. We knew of many amazing and imaginative goods, but very few of them could be bought locally online. We thought offering fantastic personal customer service, delivery in 1-2 days and a well defined curated product line could work.

We are most excited about goods that promote creativity so many of the items we stock are to encourage creative endeavours. Our aim is to fill our store with goods of character and quality that are also affordable so they are easily accessible to everyone.

What else do you do besides Wocolate?
When we're not at work, I love going thrifting on my Raleigh Twenty, hunting for forgotten treasures and I'm often daydreaming about making things.

Joshua loves building bicycles, collecting vintage cameras, taking photos, and disovering new bands.

What's up next for Wocolate?
In the future we'd like to colab with artists & designers on products, colab with other like-minded brands, produce our own wares, and launch more creative promotions & competitions all of which is heaps of more fun.

Amazing ship bought from an op-shop as a good luck charm

Three of my personal faves from Wocolate. (Handsome partner/family members, if you're reading, I love you heaps and there's free shipping until Dec 18th).

Take me to the Oyster Inn

Scalloped stationery... me rikey

This is on my list of awesome things I intend to do this summer.  Do you have one of those lists?  
High fives to NZ designers Special Group for the yellow-striped hand-drawn type branding of The Oyster Inn, a restaurant and itty-bitty boutique accommodation on Waiheke Island. And a special high five where we end up shaking each others feet for the scalloped edges on the stationery. ooh, I like the way you do what you do. 

Fancy Loves... THIS. CHAIR.


I love Hay's About a Chair collection - especially the tub chairs, in white or coral. 
Designed by Copenhagen-based Hee Welling, the idea behind the collection was 'conspicuous simplicity'. (PS: If you're in NZ and you want one or three, Corporate Culture are NZ stockists of Hay furniture and homeware.) Also helps that the styling is the balls.

Vintage camera collection turned into large format prints by a Kiwi photographer


When he's not shooting for UK's big fashion and lifestyle magazines, New Zealand photographer Antony Nobilo is hunting for vintage cameras. He started collecting when he was 15, and now has 200. Well, he recently documented all 200 in a series of photographs, and is selling the shots as a line of products - including (my fave) large format prints.

(By the way, he's currently looking for stockists in Australia and New Zealand... get in there like swimwear.)

Freestanding clothes racks are the new wardrobes


Freestanding clothes racks are the new clothes racks. 
And this one is by a young New Zealand designer, recent graduate Anthony Robertson. It's part of Connect Suite, a prototype range of flat-pack furniture that the buyer would put together. 

Nz illustrator Beck Wheeler just opened her own online store


The very awesome NZ illustrator Beck Wheeler has just opened her own online shop, selling kids' prints and posters... like that cute as 'Be Brave print up there.

Quick q's with Gareth O'Brien

Gareth O'Brien is an insanely talented Art Director, a new dad, a New Zealander, a New Yorker and one of our Design Yeah designers. 

What was the idea behind your Design Yeah print? 
At the time I was about to become a Dad, and living in New York was thinking a lot about NZ vs NY, and where I wanted my kid to grow up.  This lead to me making a piece about the things I love about New Zealand, with a nod towards something that would appeal to kids... or at least look good on their wall.    

What are you most looking forward to in 2013? 
Playing peek-a-boo with Minty. (Gareth's new little girl!)

What's your plan for Christmas Day? 
Um... presents!!!  My family are coming over, and it'll be the first christmas in a long time that we are all together.  I imagine it will go something like: Change nappy, run, muesli, champagne, coffee, change nappy, pressies, coffee, snow fight, lunch, wine, change nappy, snowman, snow fight, cup of tea, snack, wine, change nappy, dinner, wine, dessert, drink, scrabble, victory dance, change nappy aaaaaand sleep.  

What do you most want from Santa? 
A babysitter.

Designer's Manual by NZ graduate Ryan Romanes


Ryan Romanes (NZ) is a recent graduate designer and a part-time wrist model. He has a lot of great projects on his website, but my favourite is 75 - the Designer's Guide. It's a 75-page technical manual covering all sorts of print and digital production specifications. There's three books, each bound by a thick cotton thread and a japanese stitch. The handbooks come individually or in a set of three, in a foil stamped canvas slip case. She's a good-looker isn't she?

At last, camera straps that aren't as ugly as your typical LANYARD

My camera still has the Canon strap on it. SHAMEONMYMUM'SNAME. I've been looking for nice leather ones on Etsy, but now there's some people in New Zealand making awesome camera straps. 
Sitting Pretty sell these for $59 or $69 (daddy long straps) with free shipping in NZ. They have some patterned straps too, I just chose the plain ones because I am super boring.

Sarah Maxey goes big


Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui

Sarah Maxey's been busy!

I’ve just completed a huge typographic installation in the central dome of the Sarjeant Gallery, in Whanganui. It’s the largest-scale I've ever worked to. I painted an eight-letter word, ‘comeback’ straight onto the wall, with the letters reaching nearly 1.2 metres in height. My arm hurts a bit. It will be on show until the end of March 2013.
The original drawing.

Eat some icecreams, do some bombs

Welcome to a new yeah! Let's check out allllll sorts of awesome stuff together this year, kay?
There's a new blog design and format coming in the next few weeks, and we're kicking off with design posts again tomorrow, but for now - I'm off to eat some icecreams and do some bombs.

See you tomorrow, lovely person.

ooh lovely, an international design Pick n Mix


Open the lid of this Griffin's Sampler, and take all the best bikkies for yourself. Leave the Krispies and those pink wafer ones. Who eats the Krispies anyway? THEY. ARE. RUBBISH.

 YES YES YES YES. And also, YES.
Watch this! (and PS: they needed to raise 18k and they smashed it with 60...)

I know we don't talk a lot about food-related stuff, you and I, but these prints by designer Anek would be pretty awesome in a foodie's kitchen. See them all here.

These paper thistles (made with old book pages) by Cecilia Levy would look very cool on my mantle. Great words those - Thistle. and Mantle.

American designer Logan Hendrickson makes these awesome lamps under the name One Forty Three.

These notebooks all day.

Digging the brand for the smallest cafe in North America (in Montreal, Canada). 'Specially those little free coffee tokens and the carry-sling.

Deer Face Devon Smith

Devon Smith is one of my most favouritestestest illustrators (she also just happens to be from New Zealand), and I make a point of check her interwebs for new stuff every couple of months. She updates her blog heaps, and posts loads of sketchbook pics on Twitter and Instagram too. 

You can own a piece of Devon Smith art by commissioning her, buying a print or something else awesome from her Etsy store, or buying one of her new iPhone cases or throw cushions on Society6.

works in progress from Devon's sketchbooks

Recent art prints

This fox pattern is for something special coming out soon...

One of the range of iPhone cases

Fancy... Duffel Bags


Fancy Stuff is a new reg-a-lah feature whereby we take something that's super on-trend at the moment, and I try to find some of the coolest shit possible in that category. 

Leather Boxing Duffel from I Love Ugly /// Herschel Supply Co.
Only Roll Bag from Thanks /// Indigo & Vanilla Barrel Bag
Country Road are the current duffel kings, with heaps of colourways and patterns to choose from
Handcrafted Leather mini-duffel from Oktoberdee /// Lower are doing a Duffel, get it from Thanks
Faded Hearts Denim Duffle from Urban Outfitters /// Mint Hildy Weekender from Anthropologie