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Steal This Idea


These bows are super easy to make (here's how), and leather-as-a-homewares-material is my new best friend. Awesome little idea to steal!

Auckland's Switch design have clever things planned for this weekend


One of the collaborations at Urbis DesignDay this weekend is Auckland design studio Switch in cahoots with MINI. I asked some questions of Bevan and Chris...

How long have the Switch & MINI teams been planning your installation? 
According to the Account Manager, 226hrs & 30min.  

What might we see/experience at your installation? 
600sqm, 1 commercial sweeper, 2 scissor lifts, 28+ pairs of hands, 1 Big Colour, 7 sheets of MDF, 4000 sheets of A2, 128 sheets of Viscom Board, 4000 badges, 3000m of cord, 30L of paint, 5 large LEGO® bricks, incalculable amounts of vinyl adhesive, 4 cars and a giant YOU. 

We might have collaborated this year with MINI but what we have produced is anything but mini... 

If you were a MINI, which model would you be? 
If Switch were a MINI, we'd be the Countryman - we like big surprises.  

What is your current favourite piece of NZ design? 
Imperial Lane. 

Beautifully Stitched


Jane Denton was simply hoping to create some art for her home (in Wellington, NZ)... but to be fair, her carefully hand stitched pieces were always going to be way too awesome to keep to herself. 

Particularly loving the white-on-white

As well as these pieces (which are all super limited edition - as in 20 or maybe only even 5 of each), Jane also does commissions. Um... I want a commission.

Cool-a (packaging totally matters)


A small New Zealand company has just won the 2013 award for World's Most Ethical Company. 
High fives, All Good

And these are two of All Good's drinks, the new Gingerella and Karma Cola.  Special Group designed the brands, with the illustrating talents of James Stewart (Gingerella) and Beck Wheeler (Karma Cola).

Afternoon Sweets - Pick n Mix time!


Guys..... Guys. Guys. Guys! Guys! GUYS!

colours that don't follow the pack, porcelain pendants, a bit of wooden detail... thanks for being you, Fuse Lamps

New crockery collection from Fine Little Day for House Of Rym. (free shipping to NZ)
As if I couldn't love designer Clara Von Zweigbergk any more, then she goes and puts out this new version of her Themis mobile. Available in three colourways (and in NZ from Douglas + Bec).

I'm a fan of these pencils.

Sofa One by Another Country is rocking my whole face right off. 

Taquito is a super cute box set of taco recipe cards, created by Ali and Carolina - friends from Melbourne, who also just happen to both be designers; both originally from Mexico. They've seen Melbourne city fall in love with authentic mexican food over the past couple of years, and wanted to show regular folks how simple real tortillas are to make at home, and how much fun it is to make and share real Mexican food. Everything about Taquito is 'homemade' - the girls cooked, food-styled, photographed, designed, laid out and published the card set all themselves.

Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram... Paper Jam Press has some new prints out. 
I love these ones... from two of my favourite songs of all time.
Let me leave you with something we all need sometimes: a pep talk.

A Few Awesome Interiors


Amazing sofa, dreamy ice-creamy colour palette and WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT LITTLE COPPER TABLE!
Note to self - a couple of stacked cushions on the floor looks kinda great.

Yes to all. (Well, maybe all except the ceramics in the middle of the floor. That's an OSH hazard)
Did you notice the teeny tiny Daschund?

Fave bits: the mid-century dresser, the double doors into the lounge, and all that white light... with the black wall foil. 

Perfect studio space for the lumberjack hipster aesthete.
So many ingredients in this space that you wouldn't think would look good together, like those basic blonde stools with the red-hued mid-century table. But they do. There are no rules for cool.

These two pics are two spaces from the same house. LUCKY HOUSE.

Images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Fancy Spaces is brought to you by the Dilana family of NZ designer rugs.

Win! A Jonathan Adler Fox - worth $292


Yuss! You can totally win an Jonathan Adler Mr Fox, from my homies at Mondegreen

I might have to rig this one... I want him. Mr Fox is quite an iconic piece of design in his own right. He's also handcrafted, 28 cm tall (that's big) and he'll make a seriously cool addition to any space. 

How to enter:

Just head on over to Mondegreen online, check out their homeware, and then leave a comment on this post with the answer to this question: What are your 3 fave items from Mondegreen's homeware range?

PS: If you want two entries in the draw, you can also LIKE the Mondegreen Facebook page, orsign-up to their newsletter (that also means you'll get member-only offers and exclusive discounts from Mondegreen). Just let me know in the comments which one you did!

And... go! And good luck, luckyshoes!

Giveaway open to New Zealand entrants only - we can't ship Mr Fox overseas, sorry.

Commando-M Comeback


Remember Commando-M's, those sneakers your mum took you to Para Rubber to buy? They're back!  The same Christchurch company who gave us cute kicks back in the 80's is making them again.

Commando-M have been sending NZ bloggers a pair to style. They're a blank canvas, so most people have grabbed paint or pens and added their own designs to them. 

I like my sneakers crispy fresh, so wearing them my way means grabbing my (NZ-designed) Archi fixie, lacing my new shoes and going for a ride along the beachfront. 

Commando-M will be officially re-launching soon, and you'll be able to upload your own design or print on their website, and have a custom-made pair designed by you. For now, you can visit Commando-M over on Facey.

And now they just need to bring back Banana Zap...

Win a Jonathan Adler Fox


This little guy (he's not that little, he's 28cm tall) could be coming to live at your place!

Thanks to Mondegreen, I'm giving away a Jonathan Adler fox.
Hand-cast in glazed stoneware, Mr Fox is worth almost $300. 

T O   E N T E R:

Just comment on my original post, here, answering this question: What are your 3 fave items from Mondegreen's homeware range?

These are my personal faves from Mondegreen's homeware range

Another design Pick n Mix FO YO ASS


Assorted goodies to hopefully fill your tummy...

Dana Tanamachi has been busy lately. Love this stairwell at a New York hotel.

I love the Hansen Family's products, and their new collaboration with Tivoli audio is giving me multiple Yeses...

Digging this brand.... and the window decals even more so. I'd like to own a shop just to have consistently awesome windows. You know me too well, Good Design Makes Me Happy

Yeah, yeah, I know. Put a bird on it. 
But I can't help loving Canadian brand Herschel, and their new Bad Hills collection - especially this bird print.

Introducing you to the. best. thing. I have seen in a long time...

Introducing you to the. best. thing. I have seen in a long time...  by young Dutch talent Jeroen Van Leur. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I want one of these!

This takeaway soft taco brand is right on time. via

Yes, this is a floor rug. With a giant Pear on it. It's meant to be for a child's room but I'd totally buy it for my studio. From Bobo Choses (a brand created by two Art Director friends - Adriana and Laia - who grew of the advertising industry and decided to start a passion business).

NZ design collective Resident are Milan-bound


The well-shod men of Resident (that is - still - such a brilliant brand name) have been hard at work developing a number of new products to exhibit this month at Salon Del Mobile in Milan.

Above are the new Hex and Cross pendants, both collaborative pieces from the NZ design collective. There's also a mobile, a chair and more lighting - 6 products in all. 

Check out the Resident website to see all of the new pieces, and visit the Urbis website to hear what Simon James has to say about their upcoming Milan trip.

Credit where it's due - image of Resident designers taken by Urbis contributor Nic Staveley.

Interiorrrrssssss (getting lazy with these titles)


Come on buddy, let's pretend we live here...

A sweet studio right off the bedroom = approved.

Throw appreciation.

Blogger Victoria Smith has great taste in chairs and wall numbers.

... and also in rugs, ottoman, side tables, sofas...

When my mum and dad converted part of our garage into a teenage hang-pad for me... it was nothing like this.

Couch not comfy? Add cushions and cute dogs... Ta-Da!

Ooh, you got me, mood lighting.

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Fancy Spaces is brought to you by the Dilana family of NZ designer rugs.

Bread & Butter Letter


Lookbook shots - love the logo, love the colour palette, love the multiple exposure effect.

NZ craft and vintage boutique Bread & Butter Letter - run by friends Rose and Sarah - has re-opened in a new space on KRoad. (They have an online shoppe too.)

But what really caught my hawkish eye was their new logo - hat tip - and their lookbook. Yes to small boutiques creating lookbooks. 

Dapper Americans


Now THIS is how you sell a furniture collection. My homies at Mr Bigglesworthy scoured the 50 states for the finest examples of American Mid Century furniture and lighting... including a host of legit Eames pieces... and have teamed up with Webbs to auction it all off. Get out your brass money clip.

Um, it was my birthday yesterday... it's not too late to buy me this:
 George Mulhaser for Plycraft Armchair.

Our House - Mike & Bray


Who lives here? 
Engaged couple Mike & Bray.

Our house is not a home without…
Art, fresh flowers and our little cat Kit.   

On Saturday morning you can probably find us... 
Having breakfast at our new local - the Block Cafe in Blockhouse Bay (Auckland), its just a short wander from home for a great breakfast! Concrete/Brick/Wood fit out, happy people, great coffee and great food! Plate-sized hash brown x 2 please.   

Best buy...
We recently swapped out a big dining suite for a smaller sized high office meeting table and stools - best decision ever, clean lines, industrial, giving better balance of space and modernising our pretty compact dining area. The white office Meeting table (with castors) was a great buy from Freedom.   

Best find or gift...
We found an awesome painting of a baboon called Bob at a cafe in Kingsland, it's by local artist Emmaline Bailey. It has an aggressive energy to it that gets people talking, it's quite different to the other work that we have seen of the artist. 3 months down the track I woke up on my birthday and Bray presented me with this big present to unwrap - He's a keeper!    

On our house wish-list...  
We would love a white Flos Skygarden Pendant light to hang in the bathroom!  

A chat with Wellington-gone-Melbourne-gone-New York stylist, Glen Proebstel


From the 'burbs of Wellington, to the pages of some of the world's best interiors and lifestyle publications, and now to New York City - ready to take his styling career to even greater heights... 

Whilst working as a high-end visual merchandiser, Glen's window displays were spotted by an editor at Inside Out magazine, and he was given the opportunity to join the staff as their newest stylist. Good move. Glen turned out to be nothing short of an artist, with his eye for beautiful things and his ability to use them as a master would his oils, painting a moody, romantic story around them. Glen soon became Australia's foremost interior stylist and a leading food stylist, was named Style Director for Inside Out and grew hotly in demand with international commercial clients.

You're (originally) from New Zealand - where were you born and raised? Do you come back often?
Yes. I was born in Wellington and grew up in the suburbs areas of the Hutt Valley. I left for Sydney when I was 21 years old and never looked back basically. I do enjoy coming home though as there is nothing more nurturing for the soul than the landscapes and natural flora and fauna of Aotearoa. 

I was back in January this year for a long weekend. Whilst working in Sydney on an advertising gig meant I could zip over and see Ma & Pa. When I come home I just enjoy being on the farm with the folks where there is no internet, no mobile reception. Just the sound of the occasional Morepork and Tui's.    

Where did it all start for you? Was there a moment or a person or a project? 
I had a background in Visual Merchandising and was looking after a team of people at David Jones in their Market Street (Sydney) Store. We would turn over the thirteen store front windows every few weeks as well and all the internal displays and events. 

I distinctly remember installing a homewares window from the latest catalogue and looking across at the Elizabeth St Store where they had unveiled the latest cover issue of Marie Claire Lifestyle as a huge image in the main window. I thought to myself, "that's what I want to do next. Work in magazines!?" 
I had no idea how that was going to happen nor did I really even know what a stylist was at that point. 

That next year, I was working at a boutique home and lifestyle store, Empire Homewares responsible for styling and merchandising the store along with conceptualising windows and their installation. From there, I was spotted by the Food Editor for Inside Out Magazine, Sue Farlie Cunningham who put me in touch with the Editor, Karen McKartney. I started as their on staff stylist on a trial basis and was catapulted into this phenomenal industry where again, I have never looked back.    

Daniel & Emma story for Inside Out

Collectors feature for Inside Out

What are you looking forward to at the moment?  
Getting back to NYC and my gorgeous wee apartment. I have only recently moved there from Melbourne so I really haven't had time to settle in. Winter is on it's way out and we're all looking forward to a bit of sunshine and warmth. Travelling so much means I don't really get much time to sit in one place so when I am back in Manhattan I literally hunker down and enjoy time with friends and uncovering new parts of the city.    

What are the best things about New York so far?  
The fact that you can shop till 9 pm most night and have everything delivered to your apartment that evening (even on Sundays!) Perfect for a bit of last minute prop hunting.  

Commercial work for Aura Bed Linen. 

What's on your design wishlist right now?  
At present, I'm wanting to install one of these mural wallpapers from Surface View. Particularly images from the archives of the National Gallery of London. I should like to cover one of the walls in the living room. Kind of the 'new' feature wall one could say. http://glenproebstel.com/archive/ideal-curation/   

Ok, I love a good recommendation. Tell us something we should totally know about:
If you haven't had a chance to check this new online magazine out, you should head to http://thequintessentialmagazine.com.au/ - full of inspiring images and a stunning way to approach industrial style. One may not envisage having their entire home full of one kind of style but it's all in the mix really and how you can include elements of various styles and genres into your space, defining your own personal style.   

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?  
In five years time (and somehow it may even be sooner) it's all about collaborating with photographers and creatives around the globe. It's important to me to continue to evolve and expand, both professionally and personally working in differing cultures and circumstances forces me to push boundaries and challenge myself. 

I feel on some level that I shall be making some sort of transition into video or film....watch this space?!

Glen, can we please spend an afternoon eating tapas and drinking wine?

Aside from interiors and design, what else do you love or love to do?  
I love beautiful things. I appreciate how amazing human beings are and how we all like to create and birth beautiful objects into this world. 

From textile designers in the back streets of Melbourne through to local chocolate makers in Brooklyn there has never been a more prolific time for creatives to be visible. 

Social media has enabled the many to have a voice influencing the way that larger corporations or multi-nationals 'dictated' how we should live. There's a revolution happening, so get on board!

Credit where it's due - all photographs taken by Sharyn Cairns

Good Morning, Fancy Spaces!

Rays of sun are the best interiors feature.

Always loved this look - let's call it 'squatter's chic'

Refreshing to see a house that actually looks lived in.

Of course, you'd have guessed that design blogger Bri Emery's house would be blow-your-face-off lovely.

A is for Awesome

I might have to knock down a wall at home, just so we can build double opening doors. 
They totally just say: "Ta-Daaaaaaa!"

Unpretentious Perfection.  

I really like this... whatever it is.

1/ 23 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 

Fancy Spaces is brought to you by the Dilana family of NZ designer rugs.

Simple Trestle Desks by Company


For my birthday this time last year, I asked my husband to make me a simple, clean, blonde trestle desk for my studio. And it definitely needs to have shelves, kay? Thanksloveyou. 

When friends saw the finished product, they wanted one... then orders started coming in from friends-of-friends... now he's created a website. He's called it C O M P A N Y - after our little Jack Russell (his name is Company) who sits in the shed with my Mr. as he cuts and sands.

A few weeks ago I asked for new set of trestle legs - I was keen for a change, and this time wanted legs with a nice fat nautical-style rope, please, and a handmade toggle. The new legs turned out so well that they've been added as an option to buy. Insert joke about being amazing with his hands here. 

We can easily send your C O M P A N Y desk - with shelves or rope - anywhere in New Zealand. Check out companyandthings.com

Greg Straight

Pick n Mix - Sunday Roast edition...