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Fancy S-P-A-C-E-S for your Sunday!

Grey and blush bedding, black floorboards... nice work, Cultiver.

Good morning, sunshine! Can anyone tell me what that purple-leaf plant is?

Really digging that rug (PS: Urban Outfitters have similar), and never not digging white-washed floorboards.

My kind of Christmas table. Idea to steal - those cute buntings!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with A.

Soft, simple and white canvas, with black as the accent colour. APPROVED.

This bedroom is so cool and lovely, I wanna hang out with it at lunchtime.

Just thought this was a lovely little set-up. 

Are you serious right now? This has got to be in my Top 10 bedrooms of all time.

I could stare at this house for hours. Happy Sunday, lovers.

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Starting to feel a lot like Christmas...


ehmergerd, Rachel Castle's dog steals the whole show

Idea to steal: make a little posey favour for your mates to take home. 

Mark Tuckey Farmhouse Refectory table of mah dreams.

All photography by Cameron Bloom.
Feeling a l'il inspired to make our Chrimbo table super amazing this year after looking at The Tabletop Project. Australian furniture brand Mark Tuckey invited 7 creatives to style up their dream Christmas feast setting, with a Mark Tuckey table and chairs - including Rachel Castle (Castle and Things), stylist Jason Grant, and designers Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson (They All Hate Us).

Loving those now-iconic Mark Tuckey eggcup chairs with the Castle circle cushions on top (first pic), that table laden with soft pink peonies, that hanging botanic wreath (think I'm gunna give one of those a go), and the choice of wooden and imperfect white ceramic plates. 

Also, if you're not familiar with Mark Tuckey - watch this vid...

Brass Tray from new NZ designer Regent Street


New NZ design brand Regent Street aren't playing. This is the their sophomore product, the Valley Tray, and it's made by simple  folds in a solid sheet of brass. A stylish caddy with an architectural aesthetic, great for your sunnies and jewellery, or your pens (yes, I'd like one for my desk), or maybe for fruit if your fruit is fancy like that. I'm imagining a banana wearing a waistcoat.

NZ designer Phil Cuttance is back with a new version of his Faceture vase

NZ designer Phil Cuttance's now iconic Faceture vase now comes in a small size (and lots of colours), for use as a candleholder or bud vase. 

And... we're back! With a look at the newest space designed by Material Creative, Biskit Cafe & Kitchen


Happy New Yeah! It's so nice to be back! I missed you! You look good - did you get a tan? Suits you. Let's tuck into it, shall we? 


I thought it would be good to start a series on NZ eateries that show good taste is about more than just the food. After all, they say you eat with your eyes first. We're kicking off with Biskit, a new city kitchen on Auckland's Parnell Rise. It's the latest good-looking outfit fitted out by Material Creative.

The space itself is actually a heritage-listed building, so under decades of other businesses' leavings, Material Creative found beautiful honey-coloured brick walls, wooden floorboards, a massively high ceiling. They left one brick wall exposed, lightly whitewashed the floorboards (LOVE), and hung THOSE LIGHTS THO from the ceiling.

Can we just talk about those lights? They were designed by Material Creative and made locally, then Toni (Brandso, one half of Material Creative) and her mum stayed up all night sewing the soft fabric covers for them. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Some of my fave touches in the space are... the use of marble as a feature material, black Scandinavian-style stools (there's a pic up there) handcrafted by NZ's NDC, the choice of navy blue for the back wall (cute chalk drawings), and the deep window seats lined with big fat lovely cushions. 

All photography by Rachel Dobbs - Swift & Click. We enjoyed the Basil Smash cocktails, aye Rach?
Check out this month's Taste magazine for a Biskit feature by myself and Rachel - with more photos, and one of Biskit's best recipes. 

Introducing - NZ eyewear brand Lewis Fredericks


We're living in a boom time for New Zealand design and design-led businesses - I really think we'll look back at this time as one of the most exciting in our country's design history. And there's no better example than new NZ eyewear brand, Lewis Fredericks.

The founders of Lewis Fredericks are two lovers of design in their early twenties - Joshua Bowden and Auguste Gruar. They met at Uni, and though Josh was studying law and Auguste accounting, they daydreamed about starting their own design-based business together. When they discovered horn as a material, the spark ignited. Here was something that had previously been a wasted by-product of domesticated livestock, something sustainable that could be used to craft the most lightweight, beautifully-striated and textured, completely unique (no two the same) eyewear. As they studied - determined still to get their degrees - they worked on Lewis Fredericks and worked extra jobs, saving to start the brand and do it right.

They took a full year to research and find farms that produced ethically sound and very high quality horn, as well as finding artisan makers to handcraft each frame. And then, just a few months ago, they launched - announcing the brand with The Lloyd and The Foster frames (timeless styles that will remain flagships of the Lewis Fredericks range).

The Foster - as with every Lewis Fredericks frame, you can get The Foster as sunnies or specs
Yummy striations...

The Lloyd
Light horn giving me a light horn 
Today, I'm stoked to help Lewis Fredericks launch their new Heritage collection.

Three new frames, inspired by three cultural icons - master architect I.M Pei, English poet and novelist Philip Larkin, and the iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jackie O)...

The I.M.

The Jackie balances size with simplicity

The Larkin - like every frame, it is available in a variety of types of horn, depending on what aesthetic you like

Every frame - sunglass or optical - comes with a soft leather pouch (made in New Zealand)
Say Y.E.S to monogrammed specs

one of one.

Every frame comes with a warranty, a soft leather pouch, hard case, polishing wax and a microfibre cloth (all made here in New Zealand). Lenses are from Italian eyewear specialists Mazzucchelli.

I think my favourite thing above all though, is that Lewis Fredericks frames - because they're made from handcrafted horn - gradually flex and mould to the contours of the wearer's face over time. Actually, I have two more favourite things - your frames and leather pouch can both be monogrammed (yes please), and every frame has a little gold 1/1 on the ear piece - to remind you there's no other piece that's the same as the one you are wearing. Love that.

The savings used, and now as graduates, Josh and Auguste are working full-time, but using every other waking minute to develop Lewis Fredericks. Note to self - this is how great brands begin...

Lewis Fredericks   Website   /   Instagram  /   Facebook

Ice Pops that look good and taste good and are good for you. That's a lot of goods, Dr Feelgood...


this image via Mondays

Friends Jacks and Jacci (Craig Jackson and Jacci McFarlane) launched Dr Feelgood handmade frozen pops only a week ago - after a year of research and flavour development - and already they're having trouble keeping up with demand. 

I can see why. Loving the hand-drawn type logo and identity, and especially dig the packaging - each pop comes inside a little box - no plastic.  Every pop is made by hand by Jacks and Jacci (um, guys, you're going to need some people to help you...) and they're good for your summer booty - all of them are free of refined white sugar, many are dairy free and the ingredients are 100% natural, mostly local and organic. Dr Feelgood is currently sold in just a few stores in Auckland and Welly (hey - if you want them in your local cafe or food market, let them know!) or you can catch Jacks on his bike cart (with solar-powered freezer) at markets around Auckland. 

Win - your choice of artisan tea (in super stylish packaging) from NZ's Storm & India

Storm & India are one of those NZ brands with style and substance. The packaging is so well designed - your tea comes in a little steel vessel (with both an outer lid and an inner lid) and classic type that looks beautiful on your shelf. But the tea itself is even better than the packaging suggests. All certified organic, all natural, and sourced from small artisan producers around the world. And there's something for everyone - whether you'd like a cleansing detox tea, organic fruit tea or premium green tea, a rare and delicate blend to relax, or something sweet and comforting like Coconut Chai or Elixir Chocolat. I'm a fan.

Just visit Storm & India, pick the two blends you'd like to win, 
and tell me what they are in the form below.

New YEAH Pick n Mix!


The first Pick & Mix for twenny-fifteen. I'm going to try to bring you one of these each and every Friday, kay?

I do love a good tumbler. They're the triple threat of vessels - coffee cup/little planter pot/pen holder for your desk. These speckled handcrafted lovelies are by New York-based Forrest Lewinger (name envy) who makes all sorts of awesome ceramics under her Workaday Handmade brand.  

MAGAZYN store in Antwerp, run by an Art Director-turned-shop-owner Thomas Haarman. Holy shit that concrete tub is my whole life.

Melbourne's Gemma Patford makes these painterly rope baskets (and other goodies too)

Photoraph via Fatboo

Photography via Breakfast Out

Melbourne's so cool at this point that all other other cities are jealous and taking notes. Mina-no-ie (translated it means 'everyone's home') is a casual-contemporary Japanese-inspired cafe located in an old industrial warehouse in Collingwood. The cafe also sells minimalist homeware, and plants from a local florist. The beautifully simplistic interior was designed by co-owner (who also happens to be an architect) Zenta Tanaka. Think a trip to Mtown might have to be on the cards for winter...

This dreamy image via Koskela
Beautiful ceramic lighting by Anchor Ceramics (Australian architect and maker aka renaissance man Bruce Rowe).

Only $15

Happy weekend, lovers x



So much to love here. The graphic grid of tiles and black cabinetry, concrete floors, gabled roof with a loft office (those two words sound so good together - loft office, loft office, loft office), and then the rough table, mismatched chairs and kilim rug which thankfully keep things from looking too polished and clinical.

ooh, well this is a little bit nice isn't it? Nothing too expensive or leading-edge - just good simple design. I'm a fan of that linear white cabinetry and especially the pale blonde timber top.

Some people think painting over floorboards is sacrilege. Eh - some people.
(I spy a pink Muuto Visu chair - one of my longterm faves)

Possibly the cutest fireplace I've ever seen.

Uptown perfection.
(Bonus points: gold hexagon table!)

Love those black chairs with the matching-but-not-matching cushions, the church-pew-style bench seats painted soft grey, the black pendant lights and that huge fabric beauty.

A concrete-topped table is a fairly easy DIY on an existing table. Appreciate how they've matched it with that concrete bench seat, concrete and white vessels (vessel game is tight), that grey and white rug - simple but textured - and then... lightened up and finished off with those wishbone(r) chairs.

OK, so this house is #lifegoals. Not so much the decoration, but the architecture and all the choices in materials (the decorating's a little too minimal for me, although if this was your escape cabin in the woods then I'd be into the barely-there style)

Best stairway of all time. Of. all. time!

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Playground - prints by designer (at Homestyle magazine) Amber Armitage

Every designer needs their own space to play, to create, to experiment. For Amber Armitage, stylist and senior designer at Homestyle magazine, that space isPlayground

Amber's Playground brand first launched a few months back with a series of illustrated botanical prints (peep those over here) - and this is the latest Playground series, Road Trip. There are four prints so far in the series, with more to be added as Amber heads off on weekend roadies around the country. A third series, Change of Perspective, is also being worked on - check out the sneaky first print from that collection below... 

All of the prints in the Road Trip series are available in A4, A3 or A2 (I'd go A2!)

Love the slow-pace, soft focus of Amber's Watercolour print

Look Up is the first in a new Playground collection, coming soon...

FohFum - clean contemporary design for design-loving mummas and daddies:


At last, all you design-appreciating New Zealand mummas and daddies, there's a made-here option for your sweet little potato face (or potato faces). Not a frill in sight!

FohFum ~ excellent name! ~ make beautifully simple, contemporary nursery furniture - cots (that convert into toddler beds!), bassinets and change stations.

Material Creative do it again with Haven...


NZ interior architects Material Creative do it again (they can't not do it! they're probably doing it right now!) with Haven, a day spa in Auckland. The goal was, of course, to create a soft escape from the busyness of the world outside - but an important distinction was made that nothing should be a beauty/spa-cliche or overly girly. Think soothing, relaxed, but with a touch of sophistication. 

Toni and Olivia arrived at a palette drawn from the moodiness of nature - stone, shades of green, the colours of clouds and fog, natural textures - with some surprising little accents of bright coral. That deep green wall (Resene Kermadec) wasn't the easiest option to get over the line, as it's such a bold choice. But fortune favours the bold, my darling... I think it really makes this space something special - agree? 

Love this sage green Circus Stool (from everyday-needs)

 LOVE those Dr. Spinner lights - by a fave of mine, Australia's Lab De Stu
(Material Creative had them powdercoated in a custom colour, because they're 5% cooler like that)
Kaleido trays by Hay in the brand accent colours. Nice touch!

Kristina Krogh art print, and that amazing Kermadec green wall...

One of the girls' fave design choices in the space - these cane chairs from Indie Home Collective.
The bespoke shelving was created by custom powder-coating some basic shelving,
then adding rough concrete feet

Resene Kermadec and stone make a gooood-looking couple.
Tom Dixon tea set (from Simon James Design) adds some luxe

Best buy - the stone counter is actually super-affordable soapstone marble (formica). All photography by Jeremy Toth.

Identity and stationery by NZ designer Sarah Callesen

My January design wishlist - clean slates...

Things on my wishlist at the moment, to a Jan-appropro 'clean slate' theme...

Is it weird to really like a bucket? Whatever, it's a great bucket.
From NZ stylist Katie Lockhart's online store, everyday needs

Brass wall hook from everyday needs
(by Melbourne-based design couple, Rowsaan)

NZ's Father Rabbit recently launched their in-house range of ceramic serveware
in the most lovely, long-exhale of a colour palette.
My fave is the rain grey (what a name) - especially these dinner plates with the sexy risen rim.

A4 leather organising tray, get in my office.
By Scandi design brand OYOY, available in NZ from SE3.

Fuck yeah Friday Pick n Mix...



Ferm Living's new 2015 collection. I give it an A.

How great are these ceramic (and leather) hanging planters? (Pebble Planters).
Extremely, that's how.
By Australian ceramicist Karen Morton, and available through Koskela.

Superstar stylist Lotta Agaton is selling her apartment. Wanna go halvies? See the whole place here.

Melbourne-based illustrator Penny Ferguson (Min Pin) should make more things because I would buy the things. For now, you can get her Jesse Eyesenberg (hehe) cushion (along with weird/awesome tea towels, cards and more) on her Etsy store, and the All Seeing Eye cushions are available from Hunting For George. 

LOVE this new identity for the city of Porto, north Portugal. Designed by White Studio, it's super contemporary and dynamic yet also a clear nod to the mosaic tiles that have adorned the city for generations. Close to 100 different icons were developed to represent all the different things the city means to its residents and visitors. See more here

Jasmine Dowling makes super sweet things.

aaaaaaaaaaa(breathes in)aaaaand, a $28 marble-style rug. You're welcome.

Fancy Spaces for your Sunday...


Marble, black and blonde in the hottest threesome you've ever seen...
I woke up like this...

That CHAIR tho, the kilim rug, the gold pendant light, the shelving...

Cool, clever use of a teeny space, especially the kitchen island with storage drawers at one end. Love the soft grey circular cushions on those bench stools.
L.O.V.E spells Love. Steal that idea - naked exposed-frame wall.
This is the meeting room of a creative co-working space (founded by this blogger).

Woah, black rafters, ram-a-lam.
This owner is my spirit animal - why have one wall or floor covering when you can have white-washed floorboards and parquet and white walls and heritage brick walls. 

Industrial kitchen fantasies. 

Industrial kitchen fantasies, the sequel
Window seat storage and leather drawer pulls and hearth tiles.

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The NZ-wilderness-exploring photography of young graduate Matt Dowdle is making me want to adventure...


Waitawheta Tramway, Bay of Plenty

Bethells Beach, Auckland

The wilderness-exploring photography of young design graduate Matt Dowdle is making me want to go and have some adventures out there, too...

Arro Home (I need a lie down and a barley sugar)...


Say hello to your new Paper Play duvet cover, my bed.

Hold me closer, Tony Danza. When Arro Home sent me these pictures of their sophomore collection, I had to have a lie down and a barley sugar. Would you just look at this goodness? No, I mean look again - there's cat cushions and polka rugs and ceramics and some of the best bedding I've ever laid eyes on...

Arro Home is the young homeware brand of Australian designer, illustrator Beci Orpin - the launch collection was so ridick popular that Beci and her team got busy on a follow-up real quick. This is it... season 2, the best sequel in the history of sequels and the. best. evah. styling by Marsha Golemac and photography by Brooke Holm. 

P.S Penpal - Arro does ship to NZ and right around the world - just contact them directly at hello@arrohome.co.nz with what you need. Oh yes, yes, you need.

Super duper N.I.C.E rebrand for Flight Coffee, by Wellington's Inject Design...


8 of Flight Coffee's blends are available to purchase online
Camping coffee sets - yes please

white and gold Union Mugs - made for Flight by NZ brand Acme - (you can buy these online here)

These two seriously good pics from the Instagram of Welly-based coffeehead James Ting

New Zealand's Flight Coffee has had a seriously super duper N.I.C.E rebrand, thanks to Welly-based Inject Design.  

A little about Flight Coffee... behind the brand are three young (in their twenties!) Wellington guys - award-winning barista Nick Clark, Richard Corney and Matt Greylee. They started Flight just a couple of years ago, and now their blends are served not only in their own flagship eatery Hangar in Wellington, but also in a select group of cafes around New Zealand. 

The three friends love coffee, they're having fun growing this amazing business, they're pushing the boundaries of coffee, and they're doing it with a clear social, ethical consciousness too. Passionate about fair-trade, single-origin coffee, Flight has actually collaborated to create a coffee farm in Columbia - a farm called Helena, where rare and heirloom varieties are being developed under a native forest canopy... the boys then deliver the best results of the project straight to their customers' mouths back in NZ. 

Sneak Peekaroos at the new Homestyle mag


The Falconers' 1958 dame do-up includes a lot of fixtures and furniture built by Sean. Note to readers: marry a carpenter.
Photography by the beautiful Larnie Nicolson.

Who said organisation had to be plain Jane?
Storage style by Gem Adams of Blackbird, photography by Melanie Jenkins

Homestyle magazine's first issue for 2015 is out now - with a look inside the new LETLIV homeware store in Wellington central, a tour of seven - yeah seven - amazing homes (including a modern black barn in the Waikato, an apartment in Welly, a reno in West Auckland, the home of Claudia Zinzan from the beautiful Father Rabbit stores, and the home of Leah Taylor of The Minimalist online design store...) and lots more besides. Best served with some late afternoon sun on your shoulders and a gin and tonic in your hand.