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Pineapple candles and other nice stuff for your place - The Importer

From top left:

Daiquiri table napkins (there's also table mats in this pattern), whitewash organiser crate (my bathroom needs these), twilight marine stripe cushionKnit Pouff (comes in lots of different colours), pineapple candles - yesss!, chevron rugs, Turkish blue rugwhite lantern, and embroidered gaddi (round cushion)

Stop everything, because I've found some pineapple candles that smell like Hawaii! 

They're from The Importer, a NZ-based online store with a homeware and furniture collection that's inspired by and sourced from travels around the world. 

I've picked a few of my favourites from The Importer, but there is so much more on their online store - from a huge selection of cushions and candles to investment pieces like genuine oriental antiques. Luckily, there's a Shop by Style feature on the website (so you can narrow the field by the aesthetic you're into - oriental, industrial loft, etc).

Antique oriental medicine cabinet, over 100 years old

If you're in Auckland, Hamilton, Mount Maunganui or Tauranga, then there's a The Importer store in your hood - visit in person to see the way they style bedroom, living and dining spaces. 

Full Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Importer, but all picks and thoughts are mine.

My kind of Easter treats.... beautiful interiors in @InsideOutmag

2 Rooms, 2 Different ways.
Styling by Julia Green (can we be mates, Julia?) and photos by Armelle Habib

Now these are the sort of Easter eggs I'm keen to devour - yummy homes. My long weekend prep included getting a copy of the latest issue of Inside Out... I can't think of much better on a rainy holiday than time to myself to disappear into the pages of my favourite interior mags. The April issue has just landed on NZ shelves, and it's Inside Out's annual colour issue.

I can't even handle this room right now.  I just CAN'T.
I mean, how could I? 

Styling by Julia Green (shall I email you my number, maybe we can grab a coffee?)
and photography by Armelle Habib

My all. time. fave. - the spindle-back chair.
Joseph Gardner, your styling is the boobies. (It's good, real good). Photography by Craig Wall.

Who lives in this Kinder Surprise of colour? A Swedish photographer/blogger and her illustrator husband, who share loads of budget-friendly makeover ideas. Styling by Kicki Wieslander, photography by the home owner herself, Jenny Brandt.

Don't forget Inside Out are on Instagram, too

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Semi-Permanent 2014 lands in Auckland in just a few weeks (2nd & 3rd May), with talks by 12 leading creatives from New Zealand to New York - graphic designers, art directors, fashion designers, photographers and film producers - sharing their work, their inspirations and their advice.

It's always VERY inspiring and I totally want you to go! Tickets are $200 for the 2 days or only $100 if you're a student, and your ticket includes the annual 200-page Semi-Permanent coffee table book and a good-goodie bag in a Semi-Permanent tote.

See more info on the Semi Permanent Website, or check Semi Permanent on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. Tickets are for sale online here.

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Easter Pick n Mix


Easter eggs!
Hex mirror, by fave Australian designers Daniel Emma. So very, very wish-listed. 

Your home might appreciate having a flag or pennant, I know mine does. These ones are from The People's Pennant.

Excuse me, your brand is showing.
(PS: I love this, but it frustrates me that the opening hours didn't continue the upside-down A!)

Hay are easily one of the most exciting furniture and homeware brands at the moment. And so many of their best bits are designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk. This super cool journal (called Spine) is coming to my place. (Hay now has an online store, or you can buy in NZ through Corporate Culture.

Me so wanty the Bride's Veil stool by Phase.  Till death do us part, I do. I especially do with the white and light grey version. And look, they made some armchairs too...

I'm pretty excited about this furniture from Swedish Ninja - part of their new collection, just exhibited at Milan. It would take a brave person to put this in their home, but I can absolutely see something like this in the office of a designer or architect. 

One day, baby, we'll be old. (via)

I love Fancy SPACES

Come on! Would you just look at that suspended staircase - arrgghhhhh! Designed by London-based architects Haptic for a renovated loft in the city of Oslo.

Indoor plants are really growing on me. (See what I did there? Hayoooo!) 

Seeya later, gallery wall. Nau mai haere mai, one over-sized print.
(PS: how cool are those mid-century wall-mounted bedsides!)

I love this blogger's crazy colourful home. Go back and look again. And really look this time, not the fast-scroll-past like you normally do. I see you, speedy fingers.

When you have to do a few trips to remove all the cushions before you can hop into bed, you might just have a fewwwww too many cushions.  Regardless, this space is so dreamy. (Folksy cushions and curtains by these designers.)

Pattern upon pattern upon pattern. High fives to those of you who do this in your home.

What girl doesn't want her own walk-in dressing room? Shontay shontay.
Love the clustered lights, industrial file drawers and the high display shelf.
Do whatever the hell you like in your own home. No one else has to live there but you. (Except maybe your family, but their opinion doesn't matter. I'm joking. Sort of.)

Adore. Especially how the space has been divided into two parts using white paint on the floors and walls, and how the polished concrete floor folds up around the edge of the space to create a shelf or bench seating.

Ugh, that ROOF, those tiles.

The kitchen and bathroom is housed within a small interior cabin (see the roof of it above the kitchen wall there). And I never thought I'd love walls lined with plywood so much. 

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My God, New Zealand. You're just beautiful.


Isolated, spectacular Scrubby Bay. Accessible only by a helicopter ride over dramatic coastline, or a 40-minute journey along a 4WD track through cliff-top farmland. Yeah, I know the weather's been wild, but I think that'll make it even more beautiful. Don't worry about the cold, there's a huge stone fireplace. And an outdoor spa with ocean views. And an indoor/outdoor bath with ocean views. My next birthday needs to be here. There's also beds for 14 - who's coming?  I'll bring the wine, you bring the Guess Who.

The Scrubby Bay House (officially opens in Spring - if you book, can I join you?) was named as a finalist in HOME magazine's 2014 Home of the Year awards. All these insane photos are by the handsome Simon Devitt, except the bottom-most, provided by Annandale.

C U R R E N T L Y - What NZ illustrator Colleen Pugh's been loving lately...

At the moment I’m re listening to some BBC podcasts called ‘A History of the World in 100 objects’, I know I’m so cool. I’m not the first to say this but working alone makes spoken-word programmes more appealing, stops you feeling so isolated. 

Email, does that count. I sadly don’t read all that much. I’m really dyslexic and reading is very 'challenging' for me. I have a copy of Moby Dick gathering dust by my bed, it has a beautifully illustrated front cover so at least it makes a pretty ornament. 

I read some of Johnny Ryan Prison Pit comics yesterday. I'm fairly new to reading comics, Scott introduced me to Chris Ware's work a few years ago and I thought it was wonderful, no super heros or aliens nothing like I assumed comics were/are. Johnny Ryan's work is all over the top fighting and dirty school boy jokes which really appeals to my immature side. 

My partner Scott and I have just booked a table at 2014 DesignerCon in LA. Scott is arguably the biggest collector of designer toys in New Zealand and has just started working on his own line. We’ve paid to get ourselves there but are now saving for the return tickets. Luckily we have a few months to get this sorted. 

Earl's cute even when he's barking

Of course I’m mainly looking forward to traveling. I’m going back to England (from LA) to see my family for the first time in three years, which is all at once wonderful and heartbreaking because I know how hard leaving is going to be. 

I’m looking forward to going and seeing my tea towels on sale in Liberties of London, spending a weekend in Amsterdam and getting to meet amazing pop culture artists in LA. I'm also looking forward to going to Rothco's House of Chicken and Waffle, if it's good enough for Snoop Dogg it's good enough for me.

I pretty much gave up sugar at the start of the year so I’m eating very differently than I used to. I’m also trying to make myself eat large hearty meals in the morning and then eat lighter for the rest of the day. I’m really enjoying breakfast burritos, they don’t take very long to make and keep me full for ages. Now it’s getting colder it’s also perfect soup making weather, Bron invented a great peanut butter and kumara soup for the recipe calendar we produced together, that’s become a real repeat favorite of mine. Finally I’d like to recommend a local Dunedin tipple called Quick Brown Fox because it’s really really good.

Since moving closer to the coast I find myself walking at the beach all the time. As a Brit I’m endlessly blown away by how beautiful your country is and as a dog owner I’m forced daily to go out and enjoy it. Creatively in my spare time I’m playing around a lot with patterns (repeat rather than clothing) I’m not sure if I’ll ever do any thing commercial with the work I'm producing but currently enjoy the process is enough. 

Peaceful times. Steady clients. Good health. A good man. A loving home.

I do most of my internet reading through Twitter, I follow lots of different interesting people from all over the world and it’s a great way to end up reading unexpected articles online about anything and everything. I watch a lot of documentaries on the Vice YouTube channel and or course Ted is always full of inspiring talks. I’m also a long standing fan of The Oatmeal, it’s very funny and clever. I tend not to look at too much design stuff as I find it can cloud my own creativity but I am a huge fan of Lazy Oaf so I check in with them fairly often. 

Dear Colleen  blog and online store //   Society 6 store  //   Twitter  //  Instagram  //   Facebook

Five Faves


Rad new prints at endemicworld by freelance illustrator (and handsome beardy) Pete Kromer

Big utility basket (for blankies / towels / magazines / sundries) from Love Dart.
Waaaay too spendy at $490 but very nice indeed.

Simple style. Nude leather and silver watch by The Horse, from Paper Plane.

Yessssssssss! White enamelware cutlery! From Nest (NZ)

Bronze Rabbit hook - $22 from Anthropologie (yip, they ship to NZ)

New NZ magazine - Blush


Hello and welcome, Blush magazine. Think of it a little like Frankie magazine for NZ weddings, designed in Nelson by friends and designers Renee Calder and Aleisha Liebezeit. 

The pages (yummy thick, matte organic-paper pages) of Blush are peppered with Renee's sweet hand-lettering and illustrations, and Aleisha's beautiful photography. There's loads of real NZ weddings, DIY how to's, foodie goodies, a section on being a gentleman, inspirational bridal shoots, interviews with creative vendors and minimal advertising. To get yourself a copy, pop over to the Blush mag website - there are only 1000 copies of this first issue and each is hand-numbered. Renee and Aleisha are currently working on issue 2 of Blush, and hope to eventually put out 4 issues a year.

Some NZ design quickies


Just some new and newish things that caught my eye - like this new print from Evie Kemp.

Eleanor Ozich started a humble little blog a few years ago, preparing and sharing beautiful recipes that embrace a simpler, cleaner approach to eating - switching sugar and grains for whole, natural and unprocessed foods. Petite Kitchen has been a huge success, and Eleanor has just launched her first hardcover Petite Kitchen cookbook. Love that moody autumnal styling...

One on its own or huddled in a group - these hand-turned penguiny shapes would be sweet on your shelf.  Available from The Flock.

At Good One cafe, you can have your water sparkling. Best idea evah.

Love this Brian Culy print (and there's only 20 to be had in the edition)

One of the first designs from new New Zealand jewellery brand, Walter Crow. This bodes well indeed. (Currently available through Bon Week-end). 

Spaces for your Sunday

An oldie but a goodie. 

This bedroom is like an icecream. But not like goody goody gum drops... some sort of artisan flavour like lavender mascarpone in a heritage maple cone.

That bedroom (sigh) and dining space are from the home of a brazilian graphic designer living in Helsinki. Maybe a little ascetic but I lalalalalove it.

If in doubt, buy a massive pendant light. About three times bigger than your head should do it. Lovely the icecreamy colours here - blue bench seat, minty spindleback chair, yellow wardrobe...

Yiiiiiiiiip, yip this'll do nicely. I like the commercial kitchen vibe here.

I'm not sure how I feel about this! Good, I think? 

Looks like noted stylist Lotta Agaton has pared things right back in her home. Not for everyone, and not for every room, but I'm a fan.

In the warehouse loft apartment of my dreams, there are lots and lots of vintage architect's plan draws.

This house has taken off its jeans and heels and is just being itself. It's home, after all. See - doesn't that feel better?

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Ones to watch - Motion Sickness Studio (NZ)


Motion Sickness Studio first caught my eye when I saw they'd been shooting in the middle of a forest with furniture makers George and Willy. I'm not going to do a big wordsy intro - only to encourage you to press play on the videos below, so you can see for yourself how well these guys tell a story.

Definitely ones to watch... and I can't wait to watch what they make next.

Who's behind Motion Sickness Studio and how did the business begin?
The company was founded by myself and a friend, Jon Thom, whilst in our final year of University studying Marketing/Design and Fine Arts respectively. Like many creative endeavours, Motion Sickness Studio has developed into a lifestyle rather than a typical job. 

Motion Sickness Studio is still in its infancy being founded just over a year and half ago. We now have a studio in Mount Eden, Auckland as well as Dunedin. The reasonably young average age of the studio crew (all under the age of 24) allows us to give a fresh perceptive when producing work for clients. 

I believe if we continue to push ourselves and produce quality work, good things will happen. 

So many design studios have to take jobs they'd rather not, especially when they're starting out. You seem to have all killer, no filler. Why's that, do you think? 
When Motion Sickness Studio first started we took on jobs that were probably not ideal, however it allowed us to get some work behind us and also gain more experience. 

The important thing for us was to recognize when we were in a position to be selective with the work we take on. By no means have we met our goals as a business yet, we still see ourselves as start-up, however we are lucky now to be more stringent on the brands and projects we choose to be involved with. 

Hopefully by being selective with the projects we work with we can build a good reputation for producing cool work... that works. 

Motion Sickness Studio showreel - a quick tour of their work

Motion Sickness Studio was asked to tell the stories of the city in which they began,
in an ongoing project celebrating the Dunedin community.
In this one, a NZ good sort and his work protecting nature's wonders on the Otago Peninsula. Watch!

Nice little short about NZ jewellery designer Holly Howe

A couple of weeks ago, NZ's Stolen Rum gave away 150 brand new sofas in 3 cities around the world...

Love this music video for NZ's Third3ye

(PS: They've just been working on a video for David Dallas too)

What would be a dream collab / project to work on? 
We have a real passion for telling stories through film and photography. I think to be able to do some travel and produce a doco-film series for a big brand would be a pretty amazing. 

Tell me a favorite quote, lyric, or a piece of advice you were given?
My mum always told me to eat my food slower. I think she was being fairly literal, but I like to think she meant something more…Maybe to enjoy the proverbial meal time of Motion Sickness Studio, not to rush through my starter just to get to dessert. 

Snaps from their new Auckland studio space.
(I think every studio needs a resident pooch-face or two.)

What's coming up for Motion Sickness?
We recently spent a weekend in the woods with the furniture makers George and Willy to produce a branding project for them. Being huge fans of their work we approached them to discuss producing something a little bit different.  The result - a three part video series, still photography and picture book. This book will focus on presenting their story though imagery, sketches and brand ties. Everything we do attempts to give a real and tangible feel to brands in a digital world. It's cool finally have the opportunity to extend this further with a book. It will essentially be a visual representation of George and Willy's story, we hope customers and fans will really connect with it.

Stills from the upcoming George and Willy project

What do you think is the best bit of NZ design you've seen in the past year?
The New Zealand film Shopping, worth a watch.

Always love a good recommendation. What do we really need to check out?
The Bog Irish Bar in Dunedin. Being based in Auckland now we rarely get to visit but when down South on shoot it's a must. Cheap Guinness on tap, a friendly bartender called Zoe and live music.

Super decent photography, guys.

Motion Sickness Studio  website  //  Facebook //  Instagram

A very very extremely good-looking Kitchen:


So inspired to makeover my kitchen at the moment - and since I'm dreaming, I'll have new kitchen appliances (one of those new Fisher and Paykel CoolDrawers would be amazing - pleasekaythanks), a new cooktop (gas hobs), a nice deep butler sink, white tapware, gold cutlery, aaaannnnnd all of the below goodies too please. 

b //  Copper cloths - a pair - from The Foxes Den
c //  Tea towels by NZ designers Mavis & Osborn, available from Douglas and Bec
d //  Solid brass wall hook by Douglas and Bec
e  //  Rutig tray (also comes as a chopping board) by Fine Little Day
f //  Enamelware retro-style jug from Paper Plane (would make a cute flower vase too)
g //  Constellation servingware from Citta Design
h //  Nude salt and pepper grinders by Norm, available from LET LIV.
i //  Brass jar (perfect for tea or coffee) from Ode to Things
j //  Tapas stoneware from Country Road - love this dusky pink.
k //  Kaleido tray by Hay (available in NZ/AU through Corporate Culture
l //  Kaico enamel kettle from Everyday Needs
m // Oak Host platter in a bunch of sizes from Freedom Furniture
n //  Kaico pasta pan (actually every single piece in the Kaico range please) from Everyday Needs
o //  Marble and leather trivet by Fort Standard, various stockists including Everyday Needs.

WIN - @kowtowclothing cushions!

I've been waiting to bring you this giveaway for months - since the moment I saw these new cushions from NZ fashion label Kowtow - before they'd even hit their online store or retail stockists. I knew you'd dig them as much as I do. And I love you and want you to have nice things.

So - you could win your choice of one of the three designs!
Black grid on white, white grid on black, or those rad eyes on a soft blush colour.
We have two to give away, each worth $95.

If you're like me and actually can't wait to see if you've won (especially as they're all limited edition - once they're gone, they're gone), you can buy them online here or from selected Kowtow stockists.

The limited edition cushions are part of Kowtow's new Support Surface collection. That means, oh yes, you can wear that awesome grid or the peachy pink eyes design - there are pants, leggings, shirts and other garments. 

Kowtow has been leading the charge with their 100% certified fair trade organic cotton for years. So course - as with everything Kowtow - these cushies are made with premium fair trade organic cotton (soooo silky soft) that's been hand screen-printed. 

Just share this giveaway on your Instagram or Facebook, and tag @nzdesignblog in your post. 
That way, we can see if you've shared it (so if you don't tag, you're not entered). 

There's no form to fill out this time, we'll draw two winners from the shares and contact you through your Facebook or Instagram account.

(Oh, and if you don't like/follow Fancy yet, you can find us here:  Facebook  /   Instagram )

Webb's x Mr Bigglesworthy...


Webb's and Mr Bigglesworthy have joined forces again, offering up a curated collection of mid-century furniture, lighting and homeware for auction. The Inside Out collection includes pieces sourced from America, Europe and the UK, designed by the modernist masters of the 1950s to the 1970s. It all goes under the hammer on the 15th of May, with a preview event on 8th May (more info here.)

And please, will nobody bid on lot 99 (this Ercol day bed) or lot 24 (that LYFA brass pendant light). Many thanks.

Like we always do at this time... Fancy Spaces!

That dining bench is everything.

Grey's the new black. But it's also the new white - and the palest of pale, pale powdery greys looks amazing on walls. 

This is how your big chalkboard wall will end up looking. And that's OK by me.
Cute bedroom! Love the half-size/shallow floating shelf, but that clown would give me the creeps.

This is the same home as the bedroom above. Such a fun grown-ups space... love it.

Chapel conversion of my life.

OK so this isn't a home, it's the Hay exhibition space at Milan this year. But we can pretend...
(that cushion's got to go, though)
Vintage bathroom loveliness. With its own little patio!

This living room's reminding me of a good chai tea. There's depth and comfort, a little spice. Not a huge fan of some of the ingredients, but boy do they all work together.  (Also, MINI LOFT!) 

A touch of nordic.

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My bed hasn't had this much fun since my Jem & The Holograms duvet... On Fancy today, a chat with @kipandco:

Ah, Kip & Co. You're right on time. Not since I was 7 with my Jem and the Holograms duvet (I preferred Pizzazz) has my bed had so much fun. I mean, look at that photo up there! So good.

If you've read any interiors blogs or mags in the past year, you'll know all about Kip & Co.
It started as a little dream between three Melbourne girls (sisters Kate and Hayley and their good buddy Alex). In between Alex's full-time job and Kate and Hayley having their hands full with kids, they got together as often as they could - using a table tennis table moved into Kate's lounge room as their design space - and set about creating their first collection. The debut Confetti Dreams range took the girls two whole years to bring to reality, but once launched it was an overnight success. It's been about 18 months since then, and there's been four Kip & Co collections, and the range now includes towels, rugs, blankets and kids' bedding.

When Kip & Co got in touch to show me their new AW14 collection, I took the whoppertunity to ask Kate a few questions..

Your Kip and Co. styling is just so, so good! How much of a hand do you three have in that?
A lot! We are all very creative people and really love that side of the business - we source the location, props, models and styling elements ourselves. 

On the day it's a huge team effort - we have the guidance of our wonderful friend and super talented stylist Amber Lenette on hand. We’ve also been very lucky with photographers, Armelle Habib who did our last few shoots is a meticulous and passionate artist who brings incredible experience, insight and advice on the day too. 

Reversible duvets beat everything

The new collection is called All Grown Up – what's behind the name? 
It's a bit of a coming of age range for Kip & Co. We’ve grown and developed so much since we started a couple of years ago and I think this range really shows a new level of sophistication, while still capturing that sense of childhood fun and mad colour that people have come to know us for. 

What's on your personal wishlist for your homes at the moment?
 I’m desperate for some beautiful photography to add to my art collection - Kate (another Kip & Co founder) has some drool-worth Brooke Holm pieces.  And I saw a mad giant beanbag the other day that keeps playing on my mind!! 

Fave interior design trends for 2014? 
Its important to pick trends wisely - you don’t want to look schizophrenic! For us, this winter, its all about texture. We are loving chunky blankets, woven bedspreads, velvet cushions, layer on layer on layer. Yum!

It's Sunday morning, you're snuggled under some Kip and Co covers, and you're reading/listening to…
Very very slowly making my way through Alain de Botton’s News: A User’s Manual - and the papers.

This RUG!

My fave from the new AW14 collection is this reversible blankie

All this goodness is available online from Kip & Co (or from a bunch of stockists in NZ - including Fancy homie LETLIV)

Kip & Co   Instagram  /   Facebook   /   Pinterest  

Show & Tell - a chat with NZ designer (and magazine stylist) Juliette Wanty..


It's a bit of a dream job, being a stylist. How did you get here? 
Primarily my role is designing the pages of Urbis magazine. But yes, I do get to work as a stylist for the magazine as well! After graduating university I worked for a few different magazines and print publications doing graphic design. Later I landed a job at ACP Media (now Bauer) as a designer and stylist on HOME and Your Home and Garden magazines. This meant I was part of team who designed both the magazines, as well as styled editorial shoots, which was an amazing opportunity. Earlier this year I moved jobs to become the lead designer of Urbis magazine, which I’m loving!

Styling with Sara Black for the latest issue of Urbis magazine, photo by Toaki Okano

Styling for HOME magazine with Alicia Menzies, photo by Toaki Okano;
Styling for Your Home and Garden, photo by Melanie Jenkins

What's been the highlight of your career so far?
Getting to work for such great magazines alongside talented editors, designers, stylists and photographers! I feel pretty lucky to get to sit next to people that I admire.

Do you have a favourite quote, or a piece of advice you were given, or something you remembered when you faced a challenge or fork in the road?
“Do the things that scare you the most” - don’t second guess yourself, always give things a go. Move towards opportunities you find scary. It’s exciting!

'Four Ways with Trophies' styling for Your Home and Garden magazine, photo by Melanie Jenkins;
Styling with Sarah Conder in HOME magazine, photo by Toaki Okano

Styling by Juliette Wanty (with Sarah Conder and Kendyl Middelbeek)
 for Your Home and Garden magazine; photos by Melanie Jenkins

Seriously right-on styling (with Sarah Conder) for the cover of HOME magazine; Table/cloth table designed by Juliette (limited number for sale, contact Juliette if you'd like one!)  - photos by Toaki Okano

What's your most favourite possession in your home?
Picking just one is difficult, and would probably have to be my trusty satchel, which goes everywhere with me. But I also love things made by people I know, such as the tiny, beautiful ceramic bowl from a friend in Wellington, and wood turned bowls and vases by my Dad and Grandad. 

What's on your interior/homeware wishlist at the moment?
An Arnold circus stool by Martino Gamper, from Everyday NeedsFor a while I’ve been after some coolie chairs too - either cane or plastic.

A little peek at Juliette's own home

What might find you doing on the weekends at the moment?
Going for a walk to La Boulange on Jervois Road for a tasty sandwich, heading to see a show at the Basement theatre in town, working on my own design projects, going for a run around Cox’s Bay, and curling up in bed with a good book.

My bathroom needs alllll of this


Best-looking lip aid ever. 

A couple of images from the Sans website journal, because, well, they're beautiful.

Ah, Sans, you're doing it so right. 

Sans [ceuticals] is no newbie to the natural/organic wave revival - in fact, Sans was more of a way-paver, launching a few years ago after uncompromising development by NZ health and beauty professional Lucy Marr. 

It's super clean, minimalist brand and packaging (the ideal aesthetic for a range where all the industry-typical chemicals have been consciously excluded - hence the name Sans, French for without) is the work of NZ designers Kelvin Soh and Minna Pesonen of Studio DDMMYY

The Sans website is a little shining light of take-care-of-yourself goodness too, with a journal that's regularly updated with raw and natural food recipes, meditation and yoga how-tos and more.

Sans [ceuticals]   website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

Lobby and Edna.... new from Earnest Workshop


New from NZ designer Dan Gillingham's Earnest Workshop is the Lobby console (with length and style options, and top-come-seat upholstered in a range of colours), and Edna, a dining chair that's the first family member in a coming range named Kin. As with Lobby, Edna's upholstered wool seat is available in a range of colourways. 

Earnest Workshop pieces are always the product of a long process of design-craft-repeat, never launched until Dan is certain he has something that will endure; classic in design with no hint of influence by fashion, with traditional maker's techniques that ensure the piece will stand generations of use.